The Gates 1.04 – The Monster Within (Review)

This week is the case of the missing hunter and a father-daughter dance with Dylan and Nick.

Last week

The Monahan’s are still clueless to what is going on inside the Gates and last week Charlie hooked up with Andie. She doesn’t know she is a succubus when she kisses Charlie but someone ought to TELL her. Leigh almost lost her heart but killed the thief, what’s up with that? And what is she? You can catch up with The Gates 1.03 – Breach Short Review.

This week

The Teen pack is out running again when they are attacked by a drunken hunter. Lukas is wounded and Brett kills the hunter. Then they all panic and leave the body there in the open. They bring Lukas to the Coach who operates and take out the bullet. But they don’t tell him about the killed hunter, instead Brett goes back (after going to school first) only to find the hunter gone and the police at the scene. Nick is like a bloodhound when it comes to crimes, he knows there is something wrong when they find the hunter’s dead body far away from the Gates. He orders CSI to the scene but we never find out if they found any clues. In the end we learn that the coach, who is the pack’s beta, moved the body before it could be found to protect the pack. Brett is kicked off the team and instead of learning from his mistake he goes running outside the Gates again, and that is the last we see of him this episode.

Andie feels she is a little too old to go to a father-daughter dance but her father convince her to go anyway. But before that she goes to school where she makes out with Charlie and they kiss again. Later Charlie faints in class and Nurse Peggy sends him home. Peggy has another talk with Andy’s father and he promise to tell her after the dance. He wants her to be a little girl just for another night. Thomas has a very frustrating personality. He tells her the truth later that night but we have to wait until next episode to learn her reaction.

Denial your name is Claire. She slips away to meet Christian, the bad-boy vampire while Dylan is at the dance with Emily. Too late she realizes she can’t go on like this and tries to break it off with Christian but only after they meet Barbara, the worst gossip in the Gates.

The other major plot line this week is Nicks past. He shot a rapist in cold blood one year ago but convinced everyone around him it was a mistake; he thought he was pulling a gun etc. Now it is exactly one year since it happened and Nick comes clean about it to Sarah who puts up a brave face and supports her man until he leaves and she starts to cry. It just happens that the father-daughter dance is going down the same very night and Nick has to go there with Dylan as their daughters are best friends. That starts out awkward since Nick has accused Dylan and his family for crimes more than once since he came to the Gates. One mystery gets it solution this episode, Theresa Marcus new girlfriend has always seemed fishy to me and now we learn why. She volunteers to take photos at the dance and with a pretense steps outside with Nick. The way it was set up with Nick first talking to Sarah made me believe they were going for adultery but instead she pulls a gun. Theresa’s real name is Amanda and she is sister to the man Nick killed. She is there to first kill him then the rest of his family. She is about to shoot Nick when Dylan attack and bite her to death. He tells a shocked Nick to drive the girls home and he will meet them there, scene. Nice cliffhanger to next episode.

Things are starting to heat up in the Gates and as surprised as I am about Nick finding out about vampires I like the idea of Nick and Dylan working together. Dylan seems to be a ‘good’ man even if he turned Claire. Wonder how long Nick can keep a secret from his family?

New characters this week

  • Barbara – The gossip queen. She knows everything going on inside the gates.

Said and done

  • Dead people doesn’t get up and walk away
  • The Radcliffs adopted Emily

Next week

The Gates 1.06 – Jurisdiction (ABC)
When a neighbor is murdered inside The Gates at the hand of a vampire, Nick enlists Dylan’s help to find the killer. Sarah organizes a school fundraiser at Devon’s Spa, but finds it difficult to bring bickering factions together. Claire attempts to end her “arrangement” with Christian, only to find him more entrenched in her life than ever. Frustrated by the side effects, Andie stops taking her medicine and tries to control her symptoms, resulting in dire consequences for those around her.


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