The Gates 1.06 – Jurisdiction (ABC)

Last week

So Devon’s old man is a blackmailer and Andie suffers for her second demonic nature and ends it with Charlie while Marcus and Leigh looks into Tess'(Amanda’s) disappearance and finds her notes on Nick. Marcus thinks her a stalker and asks Nick for forgiveness for letting her get so close. Frank adds a Nick and Dylan tape to his collection as the episode ends.

This week

A woman is killed by a vampire and Nick is the first man at the scene. Guess where he goes next? To neighbor Dylan who is just about to have a happy ending of a night out with his wife. Since they had 300 hundred witnesses or so for alibi, Nick is willing to let that slide for now. Claire’s reaction makes me think it can be Christian on the prowl.

The dead is gossip-girl Barbara. Surprise?

Dylan joins Nick at the morgue for a sniff at the victim. It is a vampire but its bite is to narrow to be me he tells Nick. So who was it , Clair? She was with me. Nick has to face he has a little vampire hive living in his precinct, joy. I don’t know if it feels any better for Nick that they don’t hunt inside the Gates. I foresee a moment of chock for Nick when he realizes vamps are not the only ones living inside the gates that are outside the normal world. For now I think he takes it pretty well.

Since Dylan won’t give out the names Nick is on his own to find the culprit. Nick has second thoughts about their choice of a ‘safe place’ to raise their children. He calls a friend in Miami and asks for a job. Will the show change name to Miami Vice now?

Andie gets advice and medicine from nurse Pegg. The medicine comes with a warning of side effects that makes her reluctant to take them in the first place. It’s like birth control pills all over, but worse.

Oh, man. Nick brings out the cross before interviewing the victims and when Barbara’s best friend moves her hand out of the sun he draws his own conclusion and tries to maintain his cool and finish the interview.

The good wifes’ meeting in Sarah’s kitchen seems to be at ends with Claire and her friends and now they drop Sarah in the middle of their ongoing feud. On the other hand when ever have vamps and weres been friends?

Nick continues to the ex husband whose alibi is sleeping at home but he learns that Barbara was ‘free spirited’ and hangs out at… the same club Christian and Claire hangs at.

Clair finally gets a hold of Christian and they meet … at the club … Christian denies any involvement and it breaks down in Clair wanting to end it and Christian wanting her …

Devon and Sarah have tea (what did you put in it Devon?) and talk about the feuding groups. Sarah can’t understand why the two groups can’t get along. Devon offers up her work and shop for the charity event.

Nick has done some solid police work and found out the names of the men Barbara dated from the club and shows their DMV cards for Dylan who recognizes … one Christian Harper, but doesn’t tell Nick.

Self control becomes foremost in Andie’s mind when Charlie invites her to a study date. But even then she doesn’t take any medicine. What is it with her family and responsibility?

Dylan ‘run into’ Christopher at … the club and warns him he is on the suspect list. He seems totally unaware of Christian’s feelings for his wife; in fact they seem like old friends and Dylan invites him to dinner. Clair gets so … ‘happy’ to see him.

Nick checks the surveillance tapes from the club and discovers a black sedan following Barbara and the ex husband tops the list of owners of black sedans inside the Gates.

Andie gets found out by Pegg on the next examination. Self assured teenager as she is she found her own way of control – self control without even trying the drugs. Because her father lied to her she believes she can use self control like her parents did. It’s just what caused her father to kill her mother in self defense… That will be fun for her when she finds out, not.

Having Christian on dinner is testing for Claire especially when he talks about how he meet his love in the grocery store and saved her when she felt trapped by the frozen vegetables.

Oh, sneaky Nick I know why you got your deputy a camera now. He had Dylan followed around the Gates. Now he has photos of all the vamps. Good job! Gloria, Barbara’s best friend is one of them, but you already suspected that didn’t you Nick?

Devon uses a new facial to ‘take years off’ her customers. I would not be surprised Claire’s blood is one of the ingredients in that. The good wife is worried about the cost of doing this on Devon’s property. Devon never does anything for free.

Nick confronts Gloria about her nature. She and Barbara used to be lovers until it became obvious that she was just an experiment and Barbara started to date men again. Nick goes good cop on her and she fesses up to have tried to turn her after she was attacked, thus biting her. But it was too late.

When Nick tries to arrest Gloria she is abducted and Nick calls Dylan to tear him a new one by phone (smart Nick, I would not do that face to face with a vamp either), but he is as unknowing as Nick. I was a bit suspicious before about the lady calling about her car being hit, and now the deputy is on Nick about it.

Andie practices self control with Charlie over love poems … just studying .. until they kiss and she drains him. He faints again. She tries to explain to Charlie it is her fault before running off, but I doubt he got it.

Nick puts the facts together and confronts the ex husband whose car was outside Barbara and Gloria’s shop of the night of the murder. The husband claims it was an accident but he killed Barbara. Nick calls Dylan to let the vamps know he got the culprit.

Sarah and the good ladies are happy with their successful charity when Devon decides to rant off about her ex husband’s infidelity paying for her shop, in entertaining detail. I doubt the new Mrs Buckley enjoyed it though.

Afterwards Devon explains herself for Sarah. The show-off shows Sarah the deep split in the Gates which makes her throw a pool party (next episodes: Babes in bikinis).

Nick has reasons to feel good about himself as Gloria thanks him for saving her life. He also realizes what Dylan risked by saving him from Amanda. HE would be killed if the others found out he killed inside the gates.

Creepiness, Devon has a collection of facial masks in different stages of decomposition. And a list of her husband’s liaisons?

Nick confronts Buckley when Dylan walks in. He shows them the video of what they did last week. Scene.

Damn good episode

Things we learned of this episode

  • One out of ten inside the gates are some kind of supernatural creature. I wonder if that includes people with magical powers?

Next week

The Gates 1.07 – Digging the Dirt (ABC)
Finding themselves blackmailed by Frank Buckley, Nick and Dylan set out to dig up a secret on him that is equally damning; Sarah throws a pool party for the neighborhood women, but social politics threaten to spoil it; at Gates Academy, neither Brett nor Charlie is willing to give up on winning Andie’s affection; and Devon tries internet dating, but her motives are anything but romantic.

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