The Gates 1.07 – Digging the Dirt [Review Recap]

I was short on time last week so here comes a much delayed review of a game changing and swimsuit containing episode of the Gates.

Last Week

Nick with the somewhat reluctant help from Dylan solves a murder involving vampires. But he is making plans to leave the Gates. Buckley blackmails him and Dylan with a video of how they dealt with Tess/Amanda.

Sarah discovers discord among the ladies of the Gates during a charity event.

This Week

This episode is a breaking point for the Monohans, Nick knows the truth and Sarah is starting to learn. I wonder if they will talk about it soon. The only clueless are the kids.

Nick is having nightmares about staying in the Gates and is determined to find some dirt on Buckley to even the playing field. He starts to suspect him of murdering his old partner. The usual detective work commences. Nick and Dylan is an interesting pair but I would like to see more of the ladies. When revealed the culprit surprised me.

Vampires and werewolves doesn’t mix it seems, unless it is against Devon. Sarah’s party is a disaster but Karen (of the werewolves) and Claire warn Sarah about drinking Devon’s tea. Sarah throws her tea in the bin only to take it back up and brew some more tea after they left. Now she behaves like an addict. I wonder what more effects the tea has than making you tell Devon the truth and being addictive.

I must say that the ladies is really convincing as bitching housewives and I mean that with respect they are all gorgeous and talented.

Andie is frustrating but I can understand it is hard to find out that you are different as a teenager but now it seems like she is hooking up with Brett again because he is different to (He showed her his werewolf eyes). I feel sorry for Charlie but I doubt that werewolves are immune to to the powers of a succubus.

I have a hard time believing I felt sorry for Devon and now she is sailing up as the villain of the show. At the end of the show she is casting a sinister looking spell involving the eyes of that young werewolf she killed after seducing him. The spell involved if I am not wrong the face mask of Buckley’s new wife Vanessa. We will see next episode.

I am still not sure Buckley is the white knight he proclaims he is. I foresee a number of changes of sympathy for Devon and Buckley before this is over (I might be totally wrong to).

Vanessa is a vampire. I didn’t see that coming. Vanessa’s talk with Nick explains a lot about the Gates. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I think I am starting to see where they are going with the show now and I like it. It definitely has it own flair.

Next Week

That should be aired already when you read this. A review will hopefully be out tomorrow.

The Gates 1.08 – Dog Eat Dog (ABC)
When Lukas’ father is assaulted and left for dead, Nick must diffuse a potential turf war between Vampires and Werewolves; finding solace in their shared angst, Andie and Brett rekindle their relationship; Mia, upset that Peg won’t teach her the secrets of witchcraft, turns to Devon for tutelage; and Claire reaches a crossroads when Christian threatens to reveal the true nature of their relationship.

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