The Gates 1.08 – Dog Eat Dog [Review – Recap]

Last Week

In Digging the Dirt Nick started looking for dirt on Buckley but ended up saving his life. Devon showed the dangers with Internet dating; you can meet a witch that need your eyes as ingredients. Sarah is addicted to Devon’s magic tea that makes her tell Devon all the little dirty secrets and Andie choose Brett because he is different to.

The most interesting thing is that Karen and Clair (Were & Vamp) joined together to warn Sarah about Devon’s tea.

This Week

My first reaction to Dog Eat Dog is if the title gives away the ending? Let’s see.

We start with a meeting of the home owners association after a “what has been going on before”. Sarah warns Nick that functions like this gets clicky in the Gates (If only she knew).

Like High School but with money (Sarah)

A fist fight breaks out between Mr Were (Lukas dad Simon) who has his sprinklers on in the morning and Mr Vamp who has his sunscreen on when he goes to work. Tell me kids what are you really fighting about? There is bad Blood between those two. Bad blood? Nick is confused and looks at Dylan. “He is not one of us” . Nick doesn’t know about the werewolves yet, this is going to be fun. Evil of Dylan not to tell him, but I guess that is male bonding for you.

Simon is a real bully. He refuses to back down and is awful with his family. His son Lukas is a hothead to while his mother is meek (signs of abuse in the family?). That made me think.

Sarah is hot and sexy when she is jogging; I just wanted to pass that along. She also spots Simon lying like he crash landed among the sprinklers. He is still alive but looks a bit mangled so she calls for an ambulance. Nick visits Simon at the hospital but he has not come around yet. His wife makes it clear that it is Mr. Vamp who did it. She is backed up by the Coach who is there to.

In another part of the Gates Peggy is having flower trouble, Devon it cultivating ‘Devil’s Weed’  used for the darkest of dark magic. Peg warns Devon to get rid of it. It doesn’t look like Devon agrees. I foresee a battle of wills and maybe more here. It gets better, Devon had a visitor back there Peg’s daughter Mia, there to learn about magic since her mother refused to teach her. More blackmail material for Devon, this doesn’t look good for Peg.

Dylan is not worried about what happened to Simon when he talks to Clair. “They always fight among themselves”. That’s vampire love for weres.

Mia is clearly interested in Charlie while being best friend with Andie. More teen drama. All the wereteens gather around Lukas. Brett and Lukas have a weird conversation about Brett running by himself and leaving the pack before Lukas leaves. I guess that is about him running by himself.

Nick interviews Mr Vamp about his alibi. He says nobody likes this guy, they were afraid of him. Interesting enough he tip Nick off that Simon hurt the Coach who is supposed to be his best friend. Nick is still a bit intimidated by the whole vampire thing. Apparently Simon beat the Coach unconscious outside the country club once but the Coach never pressed charges.

Clair gets a surprise visit from Christian. He just sits there playing with Emily. Clair is furious and makes him leave. But he threatens to tell Dylan unless she has dinner with him tonight.

Coach explains his fight with Simon as over him taking Simon’s parking space by mistake. Nick is not buying it.

Andie is a bit disturbed by the change in behavior from Brett’s teenpack friends. They started to treat her well now all of a sudden after Brett leaned about her being a succubus. Brett and Andie talk about it and it looks like they are hooking up again. But it worries me that they talk about being careful as a way of protection from their nature. It’s like not using contraceptives, kids.

Nick goes to the hospital when he gets news Simon is about to get better but Simon is not there anymore. His window on the third floor is open and it looks like he left that way. Nick is confused.

Later that night Christian is having a drink all by himself when Clair walks in. She tries to tell him she doesn’t want to be with him. When she walks away he assaults her and starts to feed on her. That wakes up Dylan who rushes out of bed but apparently not all the way.

Meanwhile back at the hospital Nick gets a surveillance video of Simon running across the parking lot. That’s when the spooky music starts.

Charlie tries to find out what he did wrong with Andie. She is in tears when she breaks up with him.

Dylan is waiting up on Claire when she returns home in shame. Dylan is shocked when he learns Christian feed on Clair breaking Dylan’s bond with her. He is devastated when he learns the full truth. He doesn’t look like he will ever forgive Claire but he takes here cellphone and leaves.

Nick and Marcus go looking for clues on the parking lot and they find Simon’s clothes and cellphone.

Mia is worried about Andie so she confronts her about breaking up with Charlie and being so weird. Andie comes clean with her and shows the black veins on her back. She is clearly afraid Mia won’t stay her friend if she knows who she is. I am wondering why Mia doesn’t tell her she is a witch. Mia goes directly home to her mother and gives her grief for not telling her. Peggy claims patient confidentiality but we learn that Andie will die if she doesn’t take those pills. I got a bad feeling about this, I think Mia is going to tell Devon what Andie is. And since Devon collects ingredients from rare creatures I am worried.

Dylan is as I suspected using the cellphone to lure Christian into a dark alley where he jumps Christian and hit him on the head.

Nick finds out Karen helped Simon escape the hospital from the cellphone on the parking lot. Now is when it gets interesting. Nick tries to sneak up to her house where the Coach is lecturing her for helping Simon. Simon has been pursuing her and the whole pack thinks she already slept with him. They hear him as he approaches. Nick is surprised when the Coach drags him through the window also slightly shocked; well maybe a little more than that, those yellow eyes are spooky. After sprawling on the floor with his gun drawn, things calm down when they see he is no vampire. They tell him the truth. We are werewolves. Nick is still a little windy but dare to come up with a new theory “So that’s what this has been about vampires and werewolves.” They explain that with Simon attacked by a vampire, the peace between vampires and werewolves in the Gates is over and not even the humans will be safe.

Nick convinces them to sit down and talk to Dylan. Then they talk about Simon’s family and Nick realizes that Lukas must have been lying about not hearing his father being attacked. The coach had no trouble hearing him through the wall. He is right. Lukas was the one that attacked Simon. We can see that Nick can relate to the story. He will do nothing but there is a problem. Simon was the Alpha and Lukas defeated him. If the rest of the pack knew he would be challenged by them all. Simon has run away. The Coach takes the blame for defeating Simon and protects Lukas. They like Nick because he treats them with respect.

Andie and Brett is hanging out in her bedroom. This time Andie have the talk with Brett before they try to kiss (about safety). But we don’t get to see how it goes.

Dylan didn’t just kill Christian. He has him bound at a tree, facing east I assume. They have to have the talk while Dylan washes all the sunscreen off him. At dawn Dylan drives away and Christian turns crispy. I feel with Dylan as he arrives home. Dylan and Clair are still married but they have a lot to mend.

Nick chill with a beer at the pool when Simon returns with a chilling warning about not trusting the vampires.

Vamps and wolves weren’t meant to live side by side

The day will come, yada, yada. Tell my son I am proud of him. Then he runs away.

This is another great episode. I am most curious about what Devon is up to. Maybe we will learn something next episode. And I can’t wait until Sarah finds out. Until next week.

Next Week

The Gates 1.09 – Identity Crisis (ABC)
FBI Agent Kat Russo arrives at Nick’s precinct in search of a criminal who may have taken refuge in The Gates. But the deeper Russo digs, the closer she comes to uncovering the community’s dark secrets, and Nick finds he must balance the demands of the Bureau with preserving harmony within The Gates. Elsewhere, Andie’s “hunger” leaves her weaker by the day, and Brett is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her sated; on the rebound from his recent breakup, Charlie finds himself with an unexpected new crush; Behind her mother’s back, Mia seeks Devon’s tutelage in the ways of the Craft; and still reeling from Christian’s betrayal, Dylan and Claire struggle to repair their bond.

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