The Gates 1.09 – Identity Crisis [Short TV Review]

Last Week

Nick discovered werewolves in Dog Eat Dog. Dylan finds out about Christian and binds him to a tree facing sun rise.

This Week

This episode was a bit slow or else it was watching True Blood before that made me think so. FBI comes calling looking for a guy presumed to be living inside the Gates, but not everything is as it seems. The FBI agent is a vampire looking for revenge on the vampire who turned her.

The guy happened to be head of the vampires’ identity switching program with data on tens of thousands names on a flashdrive. She is out to kill all the vampires in the world.

Nick has to do it himself with the help of his assistants this time since Dylan in brooding over Clair’s betrayal.

The teen drama was the most interesting this week. Lexi wants Brett so she goes after Charlie to make Andie jealous. Andie is still not taking her pills and she is getting worse and worse until Brett more or less forces her to feed on him. She tells her best friend Mia she hurt when feeding from Brett, because she doesn’t love him. Mia gives her Devils Weed she stole from Devon. Does it sound like a good idea to give a Succubus something called Devils Weed?

The episode ends with a cliffhanger Andie sees Charlie kissing Lexi and Emily gets kidnapped by Christian, who is alive. Wonder how he survived that.

I am a bit unhappy with this episode, too much stuff happening without cohesion I think. We will see next time.

Next Week

Hiatus – The Gates returns September 5

The Gates 1.10 – Little Girl Lost (ABC)

Nick learns more about Claire and Dylan’s vampiric past after a kidnapper snatches Emily; Sarah presses Nick for details about the case; Brett deals with his relationship issues with Andie; Charlie becomes uncomfortably aware of his situation.

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