The Gates – an update on ABC’s New Supernatural Summer Show

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New ABC drama The Gates fleshes out to what might appear as an Eureka for supernatural beings or Desperate House Witches. It’s about Nick Mohohan, a cop who gives up his job in a major city to be the chief of police in a planned gated community. But there is more to the residents than meets the eye. There is a werewolf football linebacker (hello Teen Wolf), a vampire housewife desperate not to fit in and even two magical tea shops at war with each other. I foresee a busy 13 episodes for our dear chief of police as he tries to keep order in this supernatural mess.

Marisol Nichols (24, In Justice, Blind Justice) has been cast and is believed to be playing Nick’s wife, Sarah who relocates to the community looking for a fresh start not expecting anything out of the ordinary. She is the ‘girl next door’ who grew up into a real beauty. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago. A survivor who’s been through a lot. Chief of Police Nick Monohan is played by Frank Grillo (Blind Justice, Prison Break). He was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and is driven by his fierce commitment to justice. Is it only I that see the resemblance to sheriff Carter in Eureka? I love that show and it might be wishful thinking seeing this as some kind of supernatural Eureka?

I also imagine his family and kids having trouble fitting in at first. Travis Caldwell (Lately from Parenthood) play their 15 year old son Charlie, who is very cute in an offbeat way. Usually the smartest kid in the room, but not from a neighborhood where that’s a good thing. Yet to find his place in the world. He quickly falls for a local girl Andie Bates played by Skyler Samuels (most famous for playing the snob on shows such as That So Raven, Wizards of Waverly Place and Drake and Josh). I wonder what kind of supernatural she is? The casting says she Mixed race, exotic, 15. Seems human…at first. Even more intelligent than she is beautiful. Quick witted and unafraid of confrontation. Guys want her, girls want to be her.  Has a dark secret… A normal American teenager landing in a supernatural community can have all kinds of wonderful and entertaining plot possibilities. Andie’s boyfriend Brett Crezski is a star linebacker for the football team who also happens to be a werewolf played by Colton Haynes. He is not a dumb jock, though. He is genuinely smart. Usually highly successful in his love life too. Struggles with his anger occasionally, which has serious implications since he’s a werewolf. I am pretty sure there is a jocks versus Charlie senario coming up. Justin Miles is on board as Brett’s best-friend Lukas Ford, a surfer dude who likewise is a werewolf.

We also have some interesting drama with the sexy beautiful proprietors of the towns two competing exotic-slash-magical tea shops. Peg Mueller who is believed to be played by Victoria Platt (she is known for Guiding Light, but she also played a uncredited brothel madam in the soon to be premiered supernatural western Jonah Hex) is the owner of the original shop but now her less-than-scrupulous pupil Devon played by Chandra West (She recently played Maggie Vega on my favorite non SciFi show Castle) sets up her own shop across the street. Devon is a witch and much more dangerous than she looks. A “Queen Bee” type. She will do anything and everything to gain power over those around her. She knows everyone in The Gates and as many of their secrets as she can acquire. She lures you in with her charm and empathetic ear. I think we have a villain here!

Other members of the cast include:

Luke Mably (The Prince and Me) as Dylan Radcliff the mysterious owner of a bio-tech company. Am I wrong if I sense a villain here? Did I mention he’s a vampire? He is extremely handsome and put together, late 30s. Even keeled with an exterior that’s hard to read even if you know him well. A brilliant and strategic mind. Beneath his cool front is a passionate and deeply emotional man. Would do anything to protect the life he’s built for his family at The Gates. Has a real soft spot for Claire even though her addictive personality continues to put their family at risk. Maybe not a villain then but a keeper of secrets. My photo of Luke is a bit old but I haven’t found any better new ones, only ones where he has beautiful girls draped on him.

His wife Claire is played by Rhona Mitra (SGU, Nip/Tuck, Boston Legal, The Practice) a vampire housewife not as keen on assimilating as her husband. I love her acting since The Practice. She is so hot. Here she will play stunning in a tasteful, suburban way which should be easy for her. She is deeply devoted to her husband and adopted daughter. The kind of woman who cleans the house, drives her daughter to school and makes cookies for the bake sale…all before Noon. Behind the perfect exterior though, she’s falling apart inside. Unhappy constantly subverting her Vampiric impulses, Claire struggles to stay “on the wagon”. Her addiction to hunting humans is a perpetual source of tension between her and her husband, Dylan.

Janina Gavankar (The L Word) plays Leigh Turnera, a “sexy and cool” cop that works for Nick.

The pilot expected to air this summer will be directed by Terry McDonough (“Breaking Bad”). Grant Scharbo and Richard Hatem co-wrote the pilot and are executive producing alongside Gina Matthews. Filming has begun in Louisiana. Latest news I heard was that the actors had strict safety procedures to follow since they where using real wolves at the shoot and Colton Haynes had an outdoor nude scene they shoot in an ordinary neighborhood with a girl hanging out of a window to watch. I hope the first photos will be out soon not of the nude scene.

You can follow the cast on twitter #thegates or the cast members that tweet @janinaz@ColtonLHaynes@Travis_Caldwell and @OfficialSkyler. Marisol Nichols have also joined twitter  @marisolnichols. Justin Miles joins the tweetverse with @justinbmiles@andipowell joined May 3.

I must say I really look forward to this show, way to go ABC. The Gates will premiere Sunday, June 20 this summer.

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