The Gates Returns Darker [TV Review]

Two weeks ago feels like a long time in the world of television, that’s so ironic when you compare it to reading books where you sometimes have to wait years for the next episode. The Gates left us with a cliffhanger Dylan and Claire’s daughter was kidnapped by Christian who somehow survived the morning sun Dylan planted him in. Let’s see what happens …

Nick gets the shock of his life when he wakes up with Claire looming over him, hand on his mouth. “We need your help, Emily has been kidnapped”. I am impressed that he doesn’t freak out. He takes on the case with his usual cool, calm and collected (ccc) way.

Oh, Sarah is drinking Devon’s addictive tea again, that is not good. It is charming the way she tries to get Charlie to talk about girls with her before he leaves for school. I am getting curious now, Andie saw Charlie kiss another girl last time and she is taking Devil’s Weed that her friend stole from Devon. I wonder if we are going to see Succubus jealousy manifest itself?

It almost looks like real police work when they search their database for Christian’s aliases. Somewhat surprisingly he has been seen with Buckley’s wife Vanessa? Wonder what they have been up to.

Charlie and Andie’s meeting in school was kind of a letdown, why must teen love be so complicated. She gives Lexi a talk down but ends up speechless when her own motives are questioned.

Claire is left alone with her angst while Dylan and Nick go after Christian. To her surprise the doorbell rings and she opens the door with apprehension but it is only Sarah wondering where her man went without telling her. Nick, you are not being a very good husband! I guess being woken up in the middle of the night by your neighbor vampire can be some kind of excuse. Claire drop that Emily has been kidnapped just before we switch to the guys.

They are at Christian’s place where they find some corpses watching TV when Christian calls Nick and tells him to keep out of it.

Meanwhile Claire explains to Sarah without telling which is quite clever. They go to the police station together where Sarah is surprised that there is no amber alert and more activity, Nick brushes her off before sitting down with the vampires to ask them about S:t Louis like Christian told him to. That’s when we learn the chilling truth about Emilie’s real parents. Claire killed them before they discovered that they had a child.

Lexi tries to warn Brett about Andie doesn’t love him but he doesn’t want to listen.

Then they discover that Christian was calling from inside the Gates. They capture him and then they sit down and talk about who is the worst vampire.

Then Lexi warns Charlie about Andie making him sick but he doesn’t believe her either. But Charlie asks Andie about it anyway but she doesn’t answer. Instead she rushes to Brett and accuse him of telling on her and she never want to see him again.

Interrogating Christian doesn’t lead anywhere but Nick figures out what he has done to Emilie. He takes the Radcliffs back to S:t Louis and the scene of the crime. Emilie is in the house where her parents were killed by Claire staying with Uncle and Aunt. Things start to get ugly when the relatives want Emilie to stay. Claire almost crushes their table before Nick reads the law to them that the Radcliffs adoption is valid and that there is nothing they can do. They take Emilie and leave but not before her relatives promises to come and visit. This is typical situation on the Gates all involved are flawed in some way.

Back home Andie is waiting on Charlie when he gets home. She tells him the truth but Charlie turns her down any way.

Brett goes running in the night.

Sarah is waiting on Nick when he gets back to the office.

The Radcliffs night their daughter and then mommy goes and stake a vampire.

The Gates is getting darker …

Good episode, what’s next?

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