The Good Wife 1.12 Painkillers

Awesome series, I am happy it is back.

This episode focuses on the overdose of a high school football player. Alicia have to work hard to clear the doctor from responsibility.

Alicia also hires a nanny. But the nanny discovers what the kids have been hiding from Alicia, and they get her fired before the episode is over.

Zach is almost getting it on with the slutty Becca when they are interupted by Jackie having a stroke. Becca is trying to get Zach into a compromising situation, she can’t be good for him. She is a bad girl. Reenacting his father’s sex tape with Zach was just creepy.

Alicia slips a note to her husband Peter in prison about the wire tap on their home phone.

Something weird is going on with Kalinda, Childs, Peter’s arch enemy hire her to find out if  what Peter are up to.  He also threatens to tie her to the scandal if she don’t cooperate. She visits Peter in prison and he hires her as his ‘double agent’, a role he cryptically says ‘ shouldn’t be new to you’. Kalinda used to work for the DA’s office, but got fired by Peter?

Another great episode tomorrow.