The Heart of Valor by Tanya Huff (Confederation of Valor 3)

Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr doesn’t  enjoy being famous, especially when she is forced to stay at Ventris Station. Her old nemesis General Morris have her holding endless briefings about the Silsviss.She get to meet some old friends though. She is delighted to meet Staff Sergeant di’Allak Beyhn her old drill instructor. She also catch up with Major Goran Svensson, who spent the last two years in regen.

There is something going on with the alien escape pod. Her boy friend Craig Ryder is looking for the alien escape pod he escaped from Big Yellow in. He feels it should be his salvage. But nobody except Torin and him seems to remember it. She meets more people from Berganitan, and not even the vacuum jocks remembered any more, and their squadron brought the pod in.

She doesn’t like being sidelined like this so she jumps when the opportunity for some field work comes along. She is going with Major Goran Svensson to Crucible, the final training ground for new recruits. He is there to test out if he is combat ready after two years in regen. With them is also Dr Kathleen Sloan, his physician, since Goran was so extensively damaged, he had to be repaired with a new untested method using organic plastic. Big Yellow, the alien ship was also made at least partially of organic plastic.

Not surprising they end up with Staff Sergeant Beyhn and his recruits. But it looks like there might be something wrong with Beyhn. She was no longer attracted to him.

The cold march to the pick up zone starts and everything comes apart …

Tanya has written another solid military SF. But I have to say I’m not really as satisfied with this one as the previous books. Afraid I can’t put the finger on it.