The New TV Season for SciFi Fans [Winter 2011]

The Holidays are over and the mid season changes are over us. Some of the season premieres have already happened.

I am excited about Primeval and The Cape. Being Human US version on the other hand will have a hard time beating the UK version (Series 3 is not scheduled yet). Fringe, Human Target, Chuck and Doctor Who are my favorites of the returning shows.

I hear that The Listener will be back on CTV. The two year hiatus had me thinking it was canceled. The first season about the telepathic paramedic was quite good so I think will give it another chance.

What do you think about the new season?

Primeval (BBC/BBCA) [New Season]
January 1

The new Primeval is quite entertaining and most of the old cast is still on, they have a few new photogenic team members, one with borderline NSFW short skirts. There is a new mystery with their team leader, someone might have caused a change in history again. It is still not very original but it is fun lighthearted entertainment.

V (ABC) [New Season]
January 4, 10 episodes

The alien invasion is on again. My sense of disbelief had to work hard on the premiere and the characters still feels a bit hard to root for. I hope for a bit more action this season. V struggle with ratings and I am afraid the new V is going the same way as the old one even with the guest starring old queen.

No Ordinary Family (ABC) [Returning]
January 4

This family of super heroes has at least been entertaining me but it is struggling with ratings and if I am totally honest is a bit bland. I like Michael Chiklis a lot since the Commish and he does brighten up the show here. The show is lighthearted which I like and the assistant chick (autumn Reeser) is cute and talented.

Human Target (Fox) [Returning]
January 5

Hmm, Human Target gets better and better. I like the new boss, she and Chance has good chemistry and Guerrero has his new apprentice Ames played by Janet Montgomery who is wonderful. The format with standalone weekly episodes works well here.

The Cape (NBC) [New Show]
January 9, 13 episodes

This is the latest new show. The critics has not been kind but it is way to early to say anything definite about it. I am pretty sure it can work okay as long as you don’t take it too serious. Some of the stuff in the premiere was hilarious to be honest but it is cheesier than anything I have seen in a long time. But it has Summer Glau in it.

Chuck (NBC) [Returning]
January 17

Chuck continues with mommy issues and girlfriend issues on Monday. I love this show but they should stop messing with Sarah and Chuck’s relationship. I am most interested in Casey and Morgan’s continued adventures.

Being Human US version (Syfy) [New Show]
January 17

The US version of Being Human has big shoes to fill but I will give it a try. I hope they remade the script enough so that we can enjoy both shows. A vampire and a werewolf move in together in a house haunted by a ghost is the same in this Syfy remake.

Fringe (Fox) [Returning]
January 21

Our Olivia is back home but Walternet is still determined to blow up her universe. Peter and Olivia has some relationships issues to work out the rest of the season. How can he explain that he started a relationship with faux-Olivia. By the way, Wonder what faux-Olivia will do back home in her universe? .

Being Human UK version [New Season]
The week of January 22-28

Being Human returning with a third series is great news. The wonderfully wicked Mr Herrick from series one is back alive again! Annie is trapped in limbo and Mitchel has gone off the rails a bit while George and Nina might be starting a kennel together. That is Vampire-Ghost-Vampire-Werewolf-Werewolf.

The Vampire Diaries (CW) [Returning]
January 27

I am still mainstreaming Vampire Diaries but I gather it is doing well. Beautiful teens doing teen things while being vampires, werewolves and witches. Great fun if a bit angsty, at least they don’t glimmer in the sun.

Archer (FX) [New Season]
January 27

Archer is not exactly politically correct but it damn fun. When these secret agents aren’t out fighting other spies they shag and shame each other. Time for some Winter resort fun in the series premiere where Archer is protecting a young nymphomaniac from kidnapping.

Supernatural (CW) [Returning]
January 28

The brothers are back together and Sam has his tortured soul back. So far the season has been pretty good and the opening episode with a dragon kidnapping young virgins sounds like great fun. Is this really the last season?

The Listener (CTV) [New Season]
Januray 28 Season 2 13 episodes

A telepathic paramedic solves crimes and other mysteries while looking for his true love. A quite entertaining little show that returns after a two year hiatus. Only in Canada?

Camelot (Starz) [New This Winter]
February 25 10 episodes

Cable version of the Arthurian Saga with nudity and sex? That is the feeling one gets from the gritty saucy trailers. It might be worth looking into.

The Event (NBC) [Returning]
February 28

The Event didn’t really impress in the first half of the season. My greatest issue with the show is that I don’t care for any of the characters. I love alien invasions and stuff like that but I need someone to root for. It is probably doomed but I will give it a watch.

Doctor Who (BBC) [New Season]
March tbd, Series 6 13 episodes

The Tardis in America and the Doctor in a Stetson looks good. The trailer for the new season also looks good and I loved the Christmas episode. There is something special with the Doctor.

Teen Wolf (MTV) [New Show]
early 2010, 12 episodes

Another supernatural highschool show? Might be watchable but I doubt I get anything more than girls in short skirts out of it and while that might attract a younger audience but I want some fun too like in the original movie. This might get a bit teenage-angsty from the look of it.

Game of Thrones (HBO) [New Show]
April 17, 10 episodes

This is where I put my high hopes this season. A wonderful fantasy story built on G.R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series made by HBO the channel behind True Blood. It feels like a sure thing. Wonderful actors and a feeling of gritty LOTR are my impressions from the material released so far.

Stargate Universe (Syfy) [Returning]
spring tbd, 10 episoder

I love the Stargate franchise and I love SGU. It has been a bit uneven in quality and suffering from characters that might be good and well played but hard to root for. The season has been picking up and I am looking forward to the rest even if Syfy already canceled the show.

Terra Nova (Fox) [New Show]
May 23 & 24 a two night preview

One of Spielburg’s new shows this year is this time travel drama about a colony from 2149 in prehistoric time. Robinson with dinosaurs? I am a bit sceptic about the whole thing especially since it has been moved around quite a bit. It is doing a Glee on us with a preview in May and the rest in Fall.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome
(Syfy) [New Show] tbd

Ensign William Adama, barely in his 20s and a recent Academy graduate, finds himself assigned to the newest battlestar in the Colonial fleet … the Galactica. The talented but hot-headed risk-taker soon finds himself leading a dangerous top secret mission that, if successful, will turn the tide of the decade long war in favor of the desperate fleet.

Outcasts (BBC/BBCA) [New Show]
tbd, 8 episodes

Outcasts and survivors from earth tries to forge a new life on the planet Carpatia in this new series that has a certain western vibe to it from what I seen so far. And it got Jamie Bamber in it, Apollo from BSG. This is the second new show I am excited about this season but it has also been postponed a couple of times which is worrying.

That was all I had until the summer-spring season.  Which show are you most excited about?