The Revolution Business by Charles Stross (Merchant Princes 5)

Miriam is back after the cliffhanger battle at the end of the last book. This book is even more of a cliffhanger I tell you.

We left after the crown prince assassinated the King, most of the Royal court and declared war on the Clan. Miriam was on the run after being impregnated. So now she carries the heir to the throne. The US has discovered the Clan and is now scouting out Gruinmarkt with captured clan couriers while they develop the technology of it.

Now it’s time for the revolution, well sort of. New Britannia has a real revolution going on, it will be interesting how that plays out. Miriam born and raised an American has to come to grip with the ways of the medieval Gruinmarkt and her fellow clansmen if she is to prevent the destruction of everyone she holds dear.

Charles Stross has a really annoying way to end his books in Cliffhangers. It doesn’t make him a bad writer though.