The Short Victorious War by David Drake (Honor Harrington 3)

Honor Harrington and her new command HMS Nikeis sent to Hancock as Flagship to Admiral Sarnow’s Battle Group as the Republic of Haven decides to launch a short victorious war.

The commander of Hancock, Admiral Parks makes the mistake of dispersing his forces to protect Manticores allies, not knowing the Peeps have a new secret sensor system that reports that he only left 8 ships to defend it.

Lord Young (the officer that tried to rape her at Saganami Island arrives as reinforcement to Honors dismay.

Lord Young’s former CO Paul Tankersley enter her life in an unexpected fashion.

It’s in this book Anton and Helen Zilwicki looses their Navy wife/mother as she defends their convoy with her life. Anton is the spy master in the spin off series (and short stories).

We get to see a lot more of the inner workings of politics in Haven.

A good read after yet another day of manual labor. It’s hard to be on holiday. Friday is soon here. I might not update this blog as often when I’m in London.