The State of Books

This is my semi-regular series on the state of books in the making.

I got an update on Michael Cobley who is busy writing on the third volume of Humanities Fire, The Ascendant Stars due out next year. He is hoping to bring us some excerpts soon. The two first books in the trilogy Seeds of Earth and The Orphaned Worlds are among my most memorable reads. I like the world where three split human cultures comes together threatened by a cosmic war by ancient enemies.

Chris Wooding is “back on The Iron Jackal, which is rocking along now. The release date is still officially August next year, but we’re gonna re-evaluate in the New Year depending on how far I’ve got by that point and how quickly Production can turn it all around. Otherwise it’ll probably be knocked back to October-ish, as I mentioned before.”

“Oh yeah, happy Hallowe’en. I shall be camping by my door with a flamethrower waiting for witches.” He also has curios traditions.

The EARC to In Fire Forged by David Weber is out. That is a collection of short stories set in the Honorverse. I assume his second book A Beautiful Friendship is being edited and David himself is writing on the yet unnamed fifth Safehold novel.

Elizabeth Moon has been blogging about plot bubbles and might be brewing another origin/prequel story beside Kings of The North. That is great news, I love Pak’sworld.

Psst, Elizabeth, I long for some of your special brand of science fiction too. I need another dose of those feisty elderly ladies you do so well. Any chance of that?

That is all for this time.