The State of Books December 11

This is my semi-regular series on the state of books in the making.

Christmas is around the corner and the book scene calms down a bit. Here are some of the news I managed to pick up.

David Weber has been dealing with all sorts of computer issues, but he finally managed to get the manuscript of “A Rising Thunder” off to Toni according to Sharon. It is the the next Honorverse book, which will tie several of the plot strands together. It is due to be released in January 2012. That is really good news! It is amazing how fast he can put a book together.

Jaine Fenn has news since handing in Bringer of Light, of the need to refocus on the next novel, the Queen of Nowhere the next Hidden Empire book (2012).

I start off by creating ‘support files’ – notes on plot, character, timeline etc (see this blog entry, and those following it for more details). Actual prose comes later. … less pants, more plot…

These first steps are one of the most exciting experiences in the writing process: there’s so much potential! But they can also be the most nerve-wracking, because that includes the potential to screw up badly right at the start.

Queen of Nowhere follows a new character, very different from the trio of mystic, fool and crusader who’ve been centre-stage in the last two books (though they do turn up in this book – probably). Still, there are ongoing elements of ‘my’ universe that’ll be coming into play here, some of them growing from seeds I planted in earlier books. (post)

Elizabeth Moon is adding a new Kuakkgani character and tell us about the process in this Where did this new character come from post.

And why, once she arrived, didn’t she behave like a normal character (if Kuakkgani are ever normal, that is?)    Not only do I now know a lot more about how someone becomes a Kuakgan (some of it I knew years ago, but I’ve learned more in the past couple of years) but I just found out what can happen to a young (in experience) Kuakgan during his/her first spring out in the world.

“The green blood is strong in this one…”

I would also like to recommend Un:Bound Video Editions as another great resource for the state of genre books. Adele presents the hottest genre news in the UK with a great deal of humor and fun. I can’t wait on the next installment.

Harbringer of Storm is about to be releases at the beginning of next year. It is a sequel to Servants of the Underworld, one of the most interesting fantasy books of 2010.

Have a nice weekend, that was all for now.