The State of Books December 4

This is my semi-regular series on the state of books in the making.

Jaine Fenn emailed Bringer of Light off to her agent at 11:55pm on Tuesday evening, technically meeting the November 30th deadline. I am happy it is coming along, and I really like the cover too.

Neal Asher is back on course with Zero Point (Book two of the Owner’s Trilogy, The first book The Departure will be out next summer). Some neat little plot elements beginning to tie off. One character, created in a Chandlerish moment of ‘this is getting slow, need to walk in man with gun’, started to turn into a bit of a loose end. This was, until I realized that he fits into the story like that dusty old jigsaw piece you find under the sofa.

Sometimes I wonder about books I know nothing about but seems reasonable to expect. Tony Bellantyne is an awesome author and his Penrose / Robot War series (Twisted Metal and Blood and Iron) blew my mind. Blood and Iron is among the best books I read this year. I do expect a new book 2011, but there has not been any news about it. The robots of Penrose is about to enter space. Do anyone know his plans for book 3? Do tell.

Elizabeth Moon wishes us all a happy December and she is just one month from finishing the first version for the publisher of book three of Paladin’s Legacy. Elizabeth, I know your fantasy books are doing great. How about some science fiction sweetness next? I wouldn’t really mind another fantasy either…

Whatever the weather where you are, and your attitude about the holiday season…for me it means only three more months until Launch Month (not Launch Day, but Launch Month) for Kings of the North.

It also means only one month left before turning in Book III, which is ambling along towards the version the editor sees, still untitled. So unless there are major changes, I’ll be scarce on the blog while keeping the already abraded nose firmly on the relentlessly turning grindstone.

That is all for now.