The State of Books November 20, 2010

This is my semi-regular series on the state of books in the making.

A favorite new writer (for me) from this year is Colin Harvey (Winter Song, Damage Time). He turned in his next novel Ultramassive to Angry Robots in August and it is taking place in the same universe as Winter Song. According to an interview with Colin on A Cup of Coffeeand a Good Book … it “has space pirates, romance and black holes — though not necessarily in that order!”. At the moment it is going through revising. That is a book I am really looking forward to.

Karen Miller has received the copy edit of Blight of Mages and are busy with that. That is a prequel to The Innocent Mage and the other books in the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series and centers on the origin story about Barl and Morgan. The book is scheduled for release in August 2011. It is definitely on my son’s list of most anticipated books of the year.

Dorana is a country ruled by a rigid class system based upon magical aptitude and the right pedigree. While all Doranens have mage ability, some are more blessed than others.

Morgan is one of the powerful ruling elite, fanatically devoted to enforcing the regulations and maintaining the purity of mage bloodlines. When he falls in love with Barl, a woman of inferior breeding who possesses astonishing mage powers, he sets himself upon a dangerous course.

A terrible mage war erupts when Morgan becomes unstoppable, driving Barl to lead a small pack of survivors into the distant mountains. When they arrive, their welcome is not what they expected, and Barl must embark upon a desperate course to protect and preserve her people until they may be needed once again…