The State of Books October 30 2010

This is my semi regular post on the State of Books I am waiting on.

David Weber’s new young adult novel A Beautiful Friendship is planned for October 2011, according to David himself in an Interview on the Dragon Page Cover to Cover Podcast this week. David also confirmed that Out of The Dark officially is a new series (it was intended as a standalone but his publisher convinced him to make it a series) where humanity is going to go out in the galaxy and kick some Hegemony ass. We know since last week the plan was to start writing the next Safehold novel this month but it sounds like he has been out promoting his new book most of the time.

Cherie Priest has finished the very first draft of next year’s Clockwork Century book Ganymede. She is now in editing mode according to where you also can read  her rebuttal to being unscientific in her approach to making things up and order her new book Dreadnought.

I got a nice surprise from yesterday, they were glad to inform me that Elizabeth Moon’s The Kings of the North will dispatch sooner than expected November 4-10 2010 already. I believe it when I see it, there is nothing about it on Moon’s blog or any of the publishers’. Must be a glitch in their system. Though no one would be happier than I if it was true.

Dreadnought, the new Lost Fleet series Beyond the Frontier by Jack Campbell will be out in May next year according to an interview on chicago-sf. He has almost finished the first book in the other series The Phoenix Stars also but no official date on that one yet.

That is all for now.

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