The Tuloriad by John Ringo & Tom Kratman (Posleen)

The Posleen face defeat on Earth when Bane Sidhe takes the long view and offer the Posleen leader a way out for him and a few of his people. In the middle of the final battle Tulo’stenaloor accept and enter a Himmel spaceship to sneak through the Fleet interdiction.

Tulo is a smart Posleen leader, if they continue like this the Posleen are doomed, he wants to find another way for them. The Himmel has been bribed to take them to the derelict Posleen fleet at the first planet they and the humans fought over. They fix a ship and head out, not knowing Bane Sidhe put a virus in the navigational computer. They are taken on a trip into the sad history of the Posleen race.

Meanwhile on earth Father Dan Dwyer and the Jewish Cruiser Sally marry, and it was beautiful. Dwyer’s other boss, the Pope wants to bring religion to the Posleen. Sally gets a reconstruction to space ship. They load up missionaries from all the major religion and set out after the Posleen.

I always get worried when authors start talking about religion. There is Pope smalltalk, Rabbi consultations, Muslim controversy and Guano, a Posleen preacher from Panama in this book. But it never ends up in mysticism. I prefer my hard Science Fiction boiled.

There is parallels to our time in this book. Religion screw up so much and it is still a beautiful thing. Personaly I am a bit ambivalent to the whole “For God and Glory” thing.

Much more is revealed about the Posleen and the whole Aldenata civilization. In all good read, not much fighting, some comedy especially with Sally. You can read a few sample chapters at BAEN.

I wonder how this bunch of Posleen will interfere with the other ones from the end of Eye of the Storm?