The Walking Dead 1.05 – Wildfire [TV Review]

The aftermath of the zombie massacre takes its toll on the weary survivors. It is a gruesome cleanup as they have to impale each head with a pick to stop the body from reanimate. They pile and burn the zombies but burry their own in the graves they dug last week. Wonder how that crazy guy could know, I guess he was losing it a bit seeing all that death around. It was only a matter of time before zombies would wander into their area, since they were camping within sight of the city.

Amy was killed in the zombie attack but her grieving sister refuses to let anyone close. It is very emotional as she begs her for forgiveness for all the birthdays she has missed and then in the end she has to blow her mind out. Emotional but gory might be more correct. That part affected me more than the other stuff.

Abused wife asking to use the pick herself on her husband almost sounded sweet until she could not stop herself from hacking him again and again while weeping her eyes out. It is a wonder no one is getting infected by all the blood, gore and brain matter they tore into the air.

It is when they decide it is too dangerous to stay that things start to get interesting. Crazy guy from last week got bitten and are now slowly turning into a walker. Rick makes an argument that they should try for the CDC in Atlanta. Shane is arguing that they should head for a military base far from the city. They both try to convince Lori they are right but she only tells them that either isn’t totally wrong. The triangle drama continues to heat up as Rick and Shane walk the perimeter. Shane contemplates shooting Rick, he even aim for him when the old guy walks in on him.

After that he supports Shane’s suggestion to head for the CDC. But one of the families head off in another direction to look for relatives before they leave. Crazy guy gets worse and he begs them to leave him there by the roadside, so they do. They are probably going back for him next episode since the guy that hides all alone in the CDC needs freshly infected tissue.

There is a lone not particularly sane researcher in the CDC. He is conducting some kind of experiments with zombie tissue. But he might be infected himself after the lab accident earlier. I guess we will see next week.

I wonder how it is that I love that this is more about the personal drama than about the zombies in this show but I have such a hard time taking it on other shows. It might be something special with zombies. What do you think?

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