The Walking Dead 103 – Tell it to the Frogs [TV Review]

He might be a bigoted redneck but I feel sorry for him up there on the roof. Handcuffed to a pipe on the roof besieged by zombies is not the way for any man to go.

Rick meets up with his family and they have a nice little reunion before the tension starts to show. He hints about going back for the man they left on the roof. Deryl the man’s equally socially challenged brother is upset to say the least.

Laurie, Rick’s wife is wishing she hadn’t moved on just now, isn’t she. Rick is grateful, but he doesn’t know anything of what happened yet. The thunder storm in the night reflects the inner turmoil of Laurie and Shane.

Rick is going and Laurie tries to stop him. His sense of honor forces him back to the city while Shane and Ricks son goes and tries to catch frogs.

This pisses of the ladies of the camp who ended up the designated washing crew. “The world ended didn’t you get the memo” one of them says.

Laurie tracks down her son and drags him away from Shane. “That is over too, tell that to the frogs.” she tells him. Shane was the one telling Laurie Rick was dead. Laurie displays some righteous anger at that. Shane takes his anger out on the wife beater instead, beating him to almost pulp.

They find the guys sawn off hand next to the handcuffs.

Gory Days, Gory Days!

I like the way this is progressing, the characters are quite human but in an overall positive way. They all had to make hard decisions to survive and they will continue to do so, I am sure. So understandable that they already ordered a second season!

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