The Walking Dead (AMC) – Returning Season 2 This Fall

The Walking Dead (AMC) – returning season 2

Premiere: Friday, October 16   Order: 13 episodes

This was one of the great new shows last year. Now it is back with more than the double number of episodes and zombies. Season 2 picks up about five seconds in an overlap with the first season’s finale according to what we learned at Comic Con. The group has just left the CDC.

Rick, Lori and the other survivors leave Atlanta for a more rural setting in season 2. Things are going to get though as they start to run out of food, ammunition and other resources. The group is threatened by inner strife.

For fans of the graphic novels I can reveal that Michonne wont be appearing until season 3, but she is officially in the series, which is good news. Hershel’s farm will most likely be in this season and maybe we will see the Prison and the Governor too.

Excited? Pity it is not October yet.

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  • Kcallred0917

    My fiance’ and I LOVE, LOVE this show~~~!!!  We caught up on Season 1 just before Season 2 started on Oct 16th.  Great scenarios and on the edge of your seat action and suspense.   Can’t wait for next Sunday’s show!!

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  • Hummer197876

    This and American Horror Story are by far my 2 favorite shows on TV & there is unfortunately not anything close to them. Im hoping something new will come out. I just watched the midseason finale & wish it was Feb. Cause the way it ended with the zombie massacre outside the barn. Im anxious to see how Hershel handles what just unfolded in front of his eyes watching in his eyes his sick family get blown to smitherians. Im like a junkie with these 2 shows when im watching it I can’t get enough & as soon as its over I can’t wait for the next one. For fans of this show watch the Talking Dead on AMC its live show talking about that nights episode. Its cool. Also AMC if you don’t have one make an HD Channel if you do have one get Charter Communications to pick it up! I want to see some Zombie bashing in HD!

  • Tkdaniel1

    hope they show season 1 again i just stared watchin it

  • Comic Book Guy

    I as well as the rest of you, thought this show was flipping amazing when i first saw it. Bringing back the zombies, alright! Yet the whole time I spent watching it, I was always wondering what the comic book was like (It’s based off the graphic comic book “The Walking Dead”). So after the last episode of the second season, I got into the comic. Holy Jebus, the comic book is probably 100-infinite times better, more in depth with the characters, more gore, and more survival techniques (just incase). The show has totally gone off script, I mean, it’s typical for these things to happen, but to keep characters alive in the show that were probably in the comic for 5-7 pages is upsetting. Also adding new characters that weren’t in the comic is horrible as well. If you are a true and serious fan of the tv show, then trust me when I tell you to buy the comic. There are about 96 issues out, and if you have Ipad, or kindle i suggest you download X-comics, and if you live near a comic book store, then pick it up. 
     Comic Book Guy

  • Romanpolitics

     Learn how to spell, moron.

  • banananananannna

    Hey what happend on the last episode I missed it 

  • Pennytuppencecharity

    fantactic show its the characters in the show who make undead seem alive best show ive ever watched its the truth when they say in the bible why seek ye the living amoung the dead for we as sinners are dead while we live