This Paper World a Podcast by Jeff Lane review

I got this audio book podcast in a comment to my list of Science Fiction Podcasts and immediate liked the story. This Paper World refer to a thought experiment, if we lived in a two dimensional world like a paper and a three dimensional being visited that world we would perceive it as supernatural.

A supernatural thriller with action and suspense, podcast weekly and read by the author Jeff Lane. Jim Hunt, is an average 18 year old college student…

or he would like to be. He dreams of a door

This is a free podcast you can download from the authors homepage. Each episode is followed by a commentary by Jeff where he discuss the comments from the listeners.

The protagonist of this story is Jim Hunt a college student. He starts to have strange dreams about a door locked with many locks, a door he is not sure he wants to open. There is memories he can’t remember from his childhood. After a fight outside a bar the dreams start to get more menacing and he is not sure he can confine in his roommate Eric. Maybe he should talk to Parks, his neighbor back home.

Then he goes home over Christmas meets a girl and have a talk with Parks. Here its get a bit tricky, I don’t want to spoil the secret. But Jim learns what he is and is given a list of contacts and helpers to learn by heart and destroy before leaving home.

A little warning for chapter 4 the warnings in the beginning of each episode is mostly about this chapter. We get an example of the fight going on concerning saving a little girl that is being tortured.

Jim’s list get stolen and to Jim’s horror it’s used to kill and murder the people on the list. Parks is kidnapped and Jim has to save him.

The characters use inner dialogs a lot which helps to get to know what motivates them. The story has a good pace and the buildup to the end is great with lots of action and resolution.

I was surprised with the good quality of the podcasts not that I know things like that but I felt the music was added really professional and Jeff Lane has a good voice and story telling ability that adds positively to the story.

This Paper World is a free online supernatural thriller about the fight between good and evil and about a young boy coming of age to participate. I would recommend it to anyone who like  supernatural action.