Torch of Freedom by Eric Flint & David Weber (Wages of Sin 2)

This is the second Wages of Sin book and it takes place during the same time as At All Costs, Storm from the Shadows and Shadow of Saganami.

I identified the following main storylines:

  1. The Alignment leadership under Collin Detweiler back on Mesa
  2. Hugh and Queen Barry’s love story
  3. The State Security renegades preparation to attack Torch
  4. Rozsak and Govenor Baregos plans to build their own fleet and take over their own sector
  5. Security chief Jack McBryde and Slipdrive researcher Herlander Simões fall to grace
  6. Anton Zilwicki and Victor Cachat mission to Mesa

As always another great book.

Afraid I haven’t been reading much this week due to weakness after the fever I had last week.