Treason by Orson Scott Card

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go to link I read it and it is good SF with a background that in itself deserves its own book. This book deserves so much more than what I write now. I will be back, count this as a placeholder.

payday loans in northern va A planet called Treason is one of Orson Scott Cards first books. Treason is a rewrite of it.

jumbo loan interest rates colorado In a distant past, the elite of the galaxy where defeated by a revolution or when they tried to take over the power. As a punishment they were banished to the planet Treason, a planet devoid of metal. Now their descendants have distilled their respective expertise into tools for survival. The objective of any group Treason is to amass enough metal to build a starship and leave the planet. Lanik Mueller is banished from his home and birthright when he becomes a rad, a radical regenerative. His people can regenerate from almost any injury. His problem is that he continues to grow limbs …

Instead of sending him to the pens where other Rads are harvested for limbs, to trade for iron through the ambassadors, he is sent on a mission to a rising power. His travells turn into an exodus of discovery and self improvement as he adds power to power. Until …

Card weaves an interesting background, I would like to read the back story, but I haven’t found any. The story in itself is intriguing and I like Lanik. It wouldn’t hurt if it had another 200 pages or so, the shifts are a bit abrupt at times, and the explanations brief.