True Blood 3.03 – It Hurts Me Too

Last week Bill got a proposal from the sophisticated and blunt king of Mississippi; Sookie learned of Operation Werewolf; Jason saw an electrifying woman and caught himself a drug dealer. At the end Eric Northman was invited in; Sookie fired her gun, the werewolf leaped and so did Eric. Now this week’s episode.

Before Eric gore himself in the werewolf’s blood (where are your table manners Eric? that was disgusting, at least you where sorry for messing up her rug) Sookie ‘hears’ he is from Jackson and declare she has to go there and save her man. But before that she has the time to pay for Egg’s funeral where she reconciles with Tara and asks her to move back in while she is gone.

Jason is so excited about the drug bust that he realizes he was meant to be a cop, he got ninja level marksmanship skills so he don’t need to study for the test. It is quite amusing how he goes about it, cutting corners and being clueless and charming. But pay attention Jason that naked dream you had is a warning.

Bill is having a rough time this episode first he flames Lorena which leads to a amusing scene where they roll her in a rug to put out the fire and the king dismisses her and Talbot with “Let the cooler heads prevail” and then goes on and threatens Bill in a chilling kind of southern charm way – It was quite funny the way Lorena wanted us to make you watch while she killed your human. Bill would do anything to protect Sookie even swear allegiance to the King. To make us understand how much he hates being a vampire and Lorena we get a flashback to 1868 when he returns to his home only to find his son dead. His wife Caroline is first happy to see him but she soon realizes something isn’t right. In the end he has to make her forget he was ever there.

Tara went from suicide girl to rolling her eyes with Mott in the bed pretty fast. That girl has issues as soon as he starts to ask about her she is out of there. House sitting for Sookie doesn’t go so well for her when Mott come calling she lets him in pretty fast to even if she rants off quite good first. If you let a vampire stick anything into you, you are his to command, is that it?

Sam‘s new family is giving him trouble; first his brother almost had him killed and lies about him leaving. Then they come and sponge on his hospitality in the bar which with their obvious alcohol abuse eventually leads him to ask them to leave. The same night Tommy tries to burglarize the bar but Sam arrives in time to see him flee through the open window.

Pam is eating the help when Jessica calls. She has lost the body in the basement. This is a great scene, Pam is so witty and in a hurry to end the call. Lie back Sweetheart and think of Estonia and the scene switch to pies? Ok now I get it. Eat pie.

Franklin Mott aka Mr Cowboy boots gets off at violence and don’t want to bite Tara during sex because she wanted him too, maybe not the kind of guy you should get involved with. He is obviously there to stake out Bill, but why? He is the one that took Jessica’s house corpse and placed it headless in a draining pipe (causing the Sheriff to quit) so he can blackmail Jessica about information on Bill, wonder if he is a corporate spy? Jessica and Mott’s fang-off and the subsequent questions and showing of head is a highlight.

Arlene visits the doctor and learn to her chock that the baby is two to three months old making it Renee’s? When she starts to tell Terry he gets so happy that she can’t tell him. That is going to hurt down the road.

Alcide Herveaux was a welcome sight, Sookie pegged him for another wolfman sent after her but he convinces her he is sent by Eric. Good plan Eric, send a hunk to protect your love interest, but I guess good werewolf help is hard to find. He seems bitter about his ex (Debbie Pelt) banging the Nazi Pack leader (Cooter). He escorts Sookie to a biker bar where the weres hang out. Wolf is a name quite far from Club Dead, at least Sookie learns the pack was involved (but she already knew that?). Alcide also learns that Debbie is going to get engaged to Cooter tomorrow night.

Lafayette has cahonas to to talk back to Eric when he gives him a blood red sports car. The whole thing is a bit mystifying, why does Eric give him the car? He is his best pusher but why resort to bribes when threats worked so fine before? Eric delivered some good lines about plywood hut not going so well with the new car, gift tax and such. Wonder if the queen made him do it? She seems a bit weak on reality.

Bill raping Lorena and twisting her head halfway around while doing it ends this episode on a twisted note. Or is it that she tells him to make love to her that makes him do it while saying I will never love you. At least she seems to like it, she declare her love while he twists. That is one twisted relationship.

Things are really starting to happen in this Southern Mystery but now we have to wait for two whole weeks while America celebrates it’s Birthday.

New Characters & casting calls

CAROLINE COMPTON played by Shannon Lucio
20’s. Seen in 1866, a lovely, very strong, brave, well-bred and well-spoken Southern woman, Caroline pulls a shotgun on the intruder into her house–clearly prepared to use it–till she realizes it’s her husband Bill (Stephen Moyer), whom she was sure had died in the War.

ALCIDE HERVEAUX played by Joe Manganiello
This good looking, rough looking but articulate and basically decent man is not what he seems. He is a heroic type and he and Sookie get along really well, and it’s possible there’s even an attraction between the two..VERY STRONG RECURRING

40s, African American, this bouncer in a bar looks like he either was an NFL lineman or has just eaten one. A nice guy who knows Alcide well (though he’s suspicious of Alcide’s guest, Sookie), Hollis bursts in to help when Alcide is getting the crap beaten out of him, and then gives him some unexpected bad news about his fiancee, Debbie…2 speeches & 7 lines, 2 scenes

GUS played by Don Swayze
Another of Coot’s biker thugs, he gets crazy high on V blood…2 lines, 2 scenes (3)


Inside this episode

True Blood 1.04 – 9 Crimes returns July 11

Sookie joins Alcide at a raucous engagement party for his former fiancée, Debbie Pelt; Eric is given a deadline to locate Bill; Andy gets a promotion and draws Jason’s attention; Franklin takes Tara on a road trip; Arlene is irked by Jessica’s arrival at Merlotte’s; Sam brokers a deal with Tommy and his parents; Bill “procures” dinner for Russell and Lorena. This episode introduces Debbie Pelt, Janice Herveaux and Felton Norris.