True Blood 3.02 – Beautifully Broken

Bill ripping ears off the werewolves was rather gruesome and it felt rather absurd when this fox-hunting-aristocrat-looking rider on a white horse, came riding in. Introducing the King of Mississippi one of the many new characters introduced this episode. The king treats the werewolves as hounds, heal Cooter! Nice name for a biker werewolf (His name is Coot, video interview below), guess he got into a lot of fights as a kid. The king is a ruthless creepy guy but quite entertaining, more so than the Queen.

You remember Tara popping some pills in that locked bathroom and Lafayette walked in on her useless no good mama who left her unsupervised. Lafayette breaks the door down and saves Tara while showing some beautiful righteous anger at her mother who when she sees what Tara has done tells her, you can go to hell for this! Oh man, it is only concern for Tara that keeps him from beating her to pulp right there.

Meanwhile Sookie questions Eric about Operation Werewolf and shows him the sign they found on the dead driver. Jessica is such a hoot, Nazi werewolves? Like that never could exist (but they do). For being a century old vampire Eric is not good at lying to Sookie when he tells he doesn’t know anything about it. There is a video below with background on Operation Werewolf. In the awkward moment that follows Pam tells Jessica, Let’s go to the Ladies room and stare at ourselves in the mirror. They are secretive, vicious and territorial, Eric tells Sookie. That sounds familiar she replies. After that follows a entertaining way of saying I care for you by Eric Northman.

Oh I almost forgot the Ladies room, Jessica asking Pam for vampire advise was one of my highlights this episode. Listen to the heart beat (young grasshopper). But how do you stop? I think of children with soggy dippers, and also maggots.

While Eric advises Sookie on were community. Sookie starts to cry and Eric complain to her, Please don’t do that. It makes me feel disturbingly human.

After Sookie leaves Eric flash back to Augsburg, Germany 1945 when he and Godrick first learned about Operation Werewolf. Who was the vampire leading Operation Werewolf?

Well, the scene shifts over to the King riding his white horse with Bill clinging to his back. Are all vampire royalty gay? Talbot the kings lover meets them with a “you are late” as they arrive in the kings southern mansion. Talbot describes with joyful pride how he redecorated the guest room with a bed that used to belong to a serial killer, creepy. Bill is to be their guest until he hears the offer the King is about to make. After leaving Bill behind silver doors the king and Talbot walks away. I think I have to bring him the girl, the king tells Talbot.

Jessica has a very emotional and sad fallout with Hoyt but she can’t let him in because of the corpse in the basement. Then she has to lie down beside that stinking corpse herself.

Sookie on the other hand is surprised in the dark when she gets home, but not as surprised as Jason when she hits him on the family jewels. While they clean up Sookie tells him about the werewolves and he makes some crack-wise jokes about santa and the snowman. Jason offer to talk to Andy about it and they end up talking about Eggs. Sookie feel bad about helping him remember and Jason because he killed him. But Jason doesn’t tell Sookie that.

Time to switch over to Sam. Who gets poked awake with a shotgun by his little brother Tommy. The family reunion is slightly creepy but emotional. Tommy seems resentful even when they run together. Was he planing to have Sam run over by a truck, somehow I don’t think so as Sam throws himself to safety.

As Sookie arrives at the bar the following morning she hear the thoughts of a werewolf laying in wait but Terry’s arrival interrupt them. They have some tracking moments there in the wood as they search the place the guy disappeared from. Biker boots and wolf tracks, check. Terry gives her a gun to protect her; do you know how to use one of these? I am not that blond she replies as she professionally checks it and put it in the small of her back.

Tara doesn’t want to go to the hospital so Lafayette brings her to see his mother at the Meadowglade clinic. This is where all his income has been going. Ruby’s caretaker Jesus is a hunk; both Tara and Lafajette ogle eye him. I think Lafayette is going to be back at the clinic soon again to see if he can get himself some. Well its been long enough.

Baby-vamp Jessica is the comic relief this episode too as she goes about dealing with a smelly corpse. Better to buy a chain-saw than renting one if you are going to make this a habit.

The food and drinking habits of the vampire kings is really something. Bill is dining in style, cooled carbonated blood willfully given, ate only tangerines for weeks Talbot explains. The king wants to make Bill sheriff of Mississippi two if he helps him marry the queen.

Andy gets celebrated as a hero for killing a serial killer (Egg). Jason has problems with it especially at the bar but they end up drinking themselves more stupid.

While Jessica is fetching that chain-saw, Mr cowboy boots visits the Campton residence and rummage through Bills things finding lots of research on Sookie in a hidden compartment. If you read the books you know why, I wonder if its going to play out the same way here?

Meanwhile Sokie is sitting in the dark pistol in her hand waiting on the werewolf when she gets an unexpected unexpected visitor. Eric is at the door asking to be let in so he can protect her. He tells her about Operation Werewolf. Hearing Godrick and Eric speaking Swedish in German SS uniforms as we learn that there was a vampire behind it was fun. They were hunting the Nazi werewolves. There is more to it than that though, they existed long before the Nazi party.

We switch back to Bill and the King and their delightful macabre dinner. The king is definitely on to something on Bill being sent to Bon Temps by the queen, wonder how Sookie is going to take that? Maybe with some passionate sex with Mr Northman? When Bill refuses to play ball the silk gloves come off.

Arlene is freaked out by being pregnant and takes it out on Terry. He has a heart to heart with her, ten reasons she could trust him with her kids. He continues to recite it outside the bathroom door as she rushes back in to vomit. I am starting to like Arlene again, she was such a bitch before. I even suspected her of being a shifter as she had the hots for Sam. Terry and she should be a good fit.

Lafayette brings Tara to work where she meets Mr cowboy boots, he is a vampire too and no friend of Bill either.

Now when the end is near the scene changes comes quicker.

Jessica finds the basement empty as she comes home with the chainsaw. Fuck, Fuck, she says. Wonder who took care of that? Mr Boots or Pam?

Andy drives Jason home when he gets a call to bring down a meth lab. They introduce Calvin Noris whose place it is and Jason sees a blond beauty in the woods and she runs away as Jason spots a runner. He tackle him and bring him down happy as a rooster he holds up a bag with meth. I got me a drug dealer. Guess Jason found a cure for his shot in the head disability and the lack of attention.

Tara sit outside the bar drinking bourbon by herself when some loud rednecks starts to make degrading comments about race where Egg was killed. When one of them starts to pee on the place it boils over for her and she attacks the two men and floors one with a beautiful swing. Before they can retaliate Mr Cowboy boots saves her. He gets off at her banking the crap out of the one standing. You are good at picking your men Tara.

Bill is hard pressed when the king threatens Sookie. Then Lorena Bill’s maker walks in smug as always. Bill quickly throws a lamp at her and the last we see is her burning, flailing body.

Eric recites mock poetry and Sookie has just started to tell him off when he grabs her and say invite me in and she does. As the episode close we see the wolf inside leap; we see Eric leap and we see Sookie firing her gun.

Wow, that was quite an episode. So first we got closure and the basic plot in episode one; and now we got introduced to most of the new characters Coot, the King, Talbot, Sams family, Jesus, Ruby, Mr Boots, Noris and Girl in the wood. That is not the entire new cast but most. I expect a certain werewolf and his girlfriend to show up in the next episode or so.

Videos are below.

The New Characters and their casting calls (spoiler alert)

TALBOT played by Theo Alexander
Male, 20s – 30s. This “intensely beautiful” male vampire has the buff good looks of an underwear model and an acerbic and sarcastic manner. Full of dishy sarcasm and cheerful prattle, he shows Bill around a magnificent mansion where Bill has been “invited” to stay for a spell…STRONG RECURRING (11) THIS ROLE FIRST APPEARS IN EPISODE 3.02

JESUS VELASQUEZ played by Kevin Alejandro
An attractive Latino orderly in his 20s to 30s. We come to learn he is a gay, Latino, attractive orderly! He’s feeding Ruby Jean at her care facility. As good-natured as he is handsome, he takes his demented patient’s racist gibes in stride…VERY STRONG RECURRING POSSIBLE OPTION FOR SERIES REGULAR NEXT SEASON THIS ROLE FIRST APPEARS IN EPISODE 3.02

FRANKLIN MOTT played by James Frain
Male, 25-mid 40’s and sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy. This tall, dark and handsome vampire seems to have an immediate and torrid connection to Tara, whom he meets in the local bar. He later rushes to Tara’s aid when she faces down a couple of racist rednecks…VERY STRONG RECURRING THIS ROLE FIRST APPEARS IN EPISODE 3.02

CRYSTAL NORRIS played by Lindsay Pulsipher
20s.. Barefoot in a sundress, this mysterious and hauntingly beautiful young woman shares an electric connection with Jason before disappearing into the trees…no lines in this episode, 1 scene VERY STRONG RECURRING

MELINDA MICKENS played by J. Smith-Cameron
Female, 50s, dirt-poor, hung-over, trashy-looking, she wears stained clothes and lives in a shanty house styled in early dumpster. She has a mysterious link to Sam’s distant past…STRONG RECURRING

JOE LEE MICKENS played by Cooper Huckabee
Male. 50s, Melinda’s husband, he’s a dirt poor, poorly educated man who is also amazed when he realizes Sam’s link to his wife’s early life…STRONG RECURRING

CALVIN NORRIS played by Gregory Sporleder
This big, rugged, bare-chested man in his 40s is upset when the police arrive with a warrant to search his rundown trailer…2 lines, 1 scene in this episode; STRONG RECURRING



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