True Blood 3.04 – 9 Crimes – The List

True Blood continues strong with sexy, fun supernatural action. Here are the crimes I saw.

  1. Stealing – Sam has his hand full with his no-good-stealing-drinking family, but he is a decent guy so he let them stay even after they BBQ a dog on his parking lot and his brother breaks into the bar.
  2. Kidnapping – is only one of the tings  Mott is doing to Tara. She has a thing for bad boys but Mott is over the top and then some, talk about creepy guy. They go and visit the king, but he is out eating with Bill and Lorena.
  3. Blackmail – Jason, Jason when will you ever learn. Blackmailing the new sheriff so you can become a cop?
  4. Dealing V – Lafayette got his new ride but no one to tell; because Tara is tied to a toilet in Sookies house and can’t come to the phone right now. Then he goes to Norris and tries to convince him to sell V only to be roughed up by his cousin-brothers and saved by vicious new buddy Eric. The king is also a dealer but to a more select clientèle – biker werewolves, that’s culture for you.
  5. Treason – is what Bill commits  when he breaks Sookie’s heart and when he tells the king about Eric’s and the Queen’s little drug dealing business
  6. Snitching is what the King does when he tells the Magitrate about Fangtasia.
  7. Framing – But Eric doesn’t snitch he tells it is Bill who is behind it instead, that is not snitching that’s framing.
  8. Mind Control – Jessica gets a job at Sam’s but is recognized. Mind Control is what baby vamp Jessica does to that nice young man from bible study. Pity young Hoyt is watching.
  9. Bloody murder – is what three vampires does to that poor stripper in the back of that limo, dripping blood all over that street. Bill got his old job back, procurer.

There is also a case of branding a skanky bitch but that’s has more to do with Alcide’s ex and the Nazi werewolves.

Said and done

  • It’s a were thing, we run hot. (Alcide to Sookie)
  • Eric has an interesting day dream of Sookie seducing him. Bad Sookie is a nice girl.
  • I kill all your brother-cousins first (Eric)
  • Love is a hell no one get out of alive (stripper to Bill)