True Blood 3.09 – Everything is Broken [Review Recap]

Last Week

Russell and Debbie tries to take Sookie and then when all was lost Russell had to fly like a superman when Eric staked Talbot. Then Sookie and Bill have reunion sex.

This Week

True Blood continues in the same insane tempo as last week.

Eric has just returned when the V-Feds rounds him up for questioning concerning a certain Magistrate who has gone missing. The feds are seriously outfitted and the whole thing reminds a bit about Blade. Eric spills his beans about the whole thing to the Authorities. They put him on ice so they can decide what to do about him and Russell especially now when there is about to be a vote on Vampire Rights.

Russel was not particularly sane to begin with but now he really goes around the bend. He shows up with Talbot in a crystal jar on a roof overlooking Fangtasia. He gets a little upset when he sees the V-Feds ‘protecting’ Fangtasia so he decides to get even with Everyone. As the high representative leaves in her limousine he appears on her television ripping the backbone out of the anchor person. He then has a little talk about vampire superiority before he turns it over to the weather girl. That’s about it.

There is more?

Okay you know Bill and Sookie? They are on again with some steamy sex in the shower and a body to dispose. Sorry I forgot to mention it when I violated you yesterday.

Normal couples don’t do this, Bill Compton

You nailed it in one Sookie.

Keeping a file on the woman you love is creepy

But I only wanted to protect you and find out why Eric was so interested in you, Bill replies. Do vampires dream of faeries? Bill does, and he gets a bit hands on on Claudine to but she flashes him right back. Then they talk. Now Bill knows what Sookie is but we don’t get to hear it this week.

And Sookie’s cousin turns up with her son and reveal she got involved with the vampire queen and she is the reason they are interested in Sookie. She told them about Sookie’s ability and now she is afraid her son has it to. Sookie has a short telepatic exchange with the bemused kid before the cousin drags him away to people she knows to protect him.

Lafayette and Jesus are really sweet together, but not much happens except some pda.

Tommy has slight attitude problems but Sam is riding it out (putting it inside). So what if he must go out in the middle of the night and tell his brother to keep the woman he fucks quiet and let the other tenants sleep.

Jessica is in this episode and it seems like she and Hoyt might get back together again. If Tommy could keep out of it.

Tara goes to group therapy and meets Merlot’s newest bartender there, Holly. Holly also comforts Arleene after Tommy was mean to her and there is talk about alternative means of dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. I think Holly is a [witch].[ And btw I think Lafayette also has magical powers]

Jason on the other hand has his hands full with Crystal. Her designated husband is there when he returns home and she has a real twisted way of getting him to attack Jason so she can whack him on the head. They tie him up real well at the roadside before calling the police. The next day when Jason walks in with Crystal in tow at the Police station, a woman is there crying. Her husband was called out last night but was almost killed. If you haven’t realized it before you should realize it now that Crystal’s folks are not ordinary folks. I won’t tell you now what they are, but if you read the books you should know.

Jason and Crystal don’t let that affect them to much what I can see. Crystal gets upset when Jason proudly tells her they are going to raid the place. By then they are in Merlot and Crystal’s daddy walks in and want to drag her ungrateful ass home. Jason tries to intervene but he gets beaten by… Sam who goes almost berserk beating the guy almost to pulp. Everyone in the place gets really quiet. Crystal leaves in the car that takes her daddy to the hospital while Jason stays.

Luckily he did because Mott is back with a wicked dialog and a wish to mourn Tara but Jason makes Vampire-Jello of him. “Shoot me all you want it’s not going to kill me” – BANG – “It will if I use wooden bullets”. Jason we love you.

Excellent episode, can I have another? Now Please!

Post mortem

Next Week

True Blood 3.10 – Smell a Rat (HBO).
A reluctant Bill warns Sookie about the dangers she will face. Jesus is intrigued by the mysterious qualities of V. Sam’s recent fit of rage triggers dark memories. Eric takes precautions and fulfills a wish; Arlene turns to Holly for help with a pressing problem; Jason deals with the unexpected, with both Tara and Crystal; Jessica is torn between Tommy and Hoyt. After communing with Talbot, Russell promises to extract vengeance on his enemies.

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