True Blood a Review of the 3rd Season Premiere

Summertime brings out the vampires on TV they say. This is the third year True Blood comes to comfort us during the dry season of reruns and reality TV. There has been quite a buzz building up the anticipation for the new season; clever Minisodes has entertained us and the baby-vamp Jessica website made me laugh in delight. I recently finished the tenth book in the True Blood series, Dead in The Family by Charlaine Harris to keep the cravings at bay. HBO’s version deviates a bit from the books as it should but it is roughly about to open the third book, Club Dead.

I make sure the heavy dark drapes don’t let any ray of the midnight sun into the room and prepare to start the very first episode of the season – Bad Blood.

It starts with a short recap of last season that ends with Bill’s disappearance just before Sookie returns to tell him. Yes, I will marry you. It was good with the recap I had forgot about the Queen and Eric’s little business venture. It also turns our suspicion just where they want it. One thing that always strikes me when I am watching True Blood is that it has been blessed with an exceptional and talented cast. All the characters are so alive even the dead ones.

Sookie rushes out with a worried waitress in tow. What happened? They took Him. The waitress curse vampires in general and rushes back in.

Meanwhile Sam is out looking for his family, he has their names and last known address scribbled on a note in crude letters.

Then we switch over to Jason as he rushes home devastated by what he has done (killed Tara’s serial-killer boyfriend). As he goes fetal with the fridge door we switch over to a grieving Tara bent over her dead boyfriend. Lafayett takes care of her.

This episode comic relief is Jessica, I love the way she is a teenager in love one minute before she notice she is a vampire and drags her latest victim inside and closes the door.

I am surprised we get to see Bill’s kidnappers before the intro starts. That Everett song is so good.

When we return Sookie is getting pissed off at the police woman’s nonchalance when she takes her missing person statement. But Deputy Johnson get pissed right back. Back in the bar the sheriff takes everyone’s statements which results in some entertaining talk and a racial dispute.

Meanwhile Baby-vamp Jessica is trying to handle her one-night dinner. After being disturbed by Sookie looking for Bill and when her dinner seems to be dead she decides to turn him. She is not the sharpest tool in the shed our Jessica. It is also a little bit funny when she wakes up beside a smelly corpse. Morbid humor.

The kidnappers are having Bill for a dinner party in the car. They seem to be your run of the mill biker vampires having a blow out on Billy’s blood.

Sookie walks in on Eric having bondage sex in the basement of Fangtasia. Holy Ass! Sookie, he replies pleasantly as he turns around. Fun, fun in the dungeon. Great Sookie and Eric moment there with his pointed replies about Bill. For the last six hours, doing this? You seem surprised? Is Bill’s stamina not up to snuff?

Road Trip of the Damned continues as Bill crashes the car and the driver before dragging himself away into the forest.

Seems like Eric was planning to rope Bill too but was beaten to it, now he has to deal with the queen. That is not a happy vampire. Pam decides to hide in case the queen comes after them. Eric and Pam have such a happy chemistry between them.

What is up with Sam’s erotic dreams about Bill? Well I guess that is what vampire blood does to a human. Hmm whoes blood did Sookie drink?

Lafayette is sweet sunshine when he finally can leave Tara in her mother’s feeble hands.

I think Sam  located his brother but he doesn’t know it yet. He later follows him home.

Eric gets his fish warm when the Magistrate turns up at his club with the queen asking questions about the rise in V (vampire blood) usage. We know the queen is responsible. Seems she is broke and needs money. That whole scene was fantastic, it is so wonderful decadent and fierce as she lay out the land for Eric Northman after the Magistrate leaves.

Jason seems to be dealing with his remorse from killing a man quite well. Later the same night he picks up two girls passing through town and forces Hoyt to play along. Being my roommate, you have to deal with some pussy overflow he tells Hoyt as he tries a last time to get out of it. Later he has performance issues even with both of them trying to get it up so he is not over it.

Pam shows up with Sookie’s check. Then she gets ‘called’ by Eric and rushes off which gives Sookie an Idea. She can use Jessica to find Bill and they find Bill’s crashed car but no Bill. The corpse they find have a sign on his neck, one that Jessica’s mobile vampire app tells her stands for Project Werewolf. Pam puts Lafayette in a pinch. He has to sell his last batch of V in a day and when he tries to say no Pam almost rips him a new one.

Lafayett turns up at Tara’s place only to discover that her mother left her alone on the toilet. She is inside jamming all the pills she can find down her throat. Lafayett tries to break down the door.

Bill have himself an old lady bite before venturing out into the Mississippi forest to run with the wolves. Don’t they have big shining eyes? scene.

So what do I think? Great start of the season! Lots of unanswered questions. We haven’t seen much of what’s new this season yet. Some new ruffian vampires and some wolves with shining eyes. But the cast is solid. I love that I have some fun TV to watch again.