True Blood season 2

Spoiler alert!

True blood should get a price just for the starting minute of season 2. And the intro is so perfect. This is my absolute TV favorite!

The cliffhanger body from season 1 is not Lafayette. Thank God!

There are a lot of toss ups already:

  • The Voodoo Priestess with her heart torn out
  • Eric’s prisoners in the basement
  • Bill has a vampire in training, Jessica as part of his punishment for killing a vampire.
  • Sookie’s brother Jason find God or goes to vampire hunter summer camp?
  • Who is the mysterious woman that has taken Tara in? And Sam know her from his youth. Serpent naturalist sorceress?
  • Sookie’s learn that Bill killed her uncle (the one with impure thoughts about Sookie)

What I have seen so far promise a hot and sexy season.

Welcome back Sookie and Bill!