True Blood Season Finale Review

Episode 3.12 – Evil Is Going On

There is no dying in silence with these vampires. Godric comes as some help-Messiahs preaching peace and forgiveness in bad Swedish. But it is pretty cool anyway. Eric and Russell are the two most interesting vampires in this series. What are the odds on the network killing them both off? Yeah. Let’s see how they are going to solve this conundrum.

Slap number one. “You fucking betrayed me, again!”. Bill is having girlfriend trouble. “You don’t own me” she says as she walks out to save the crispy Viking. Russell has to do a “I will eat your babies” before Sookie finds her power and propels him into the building next over. She then drags Eric into the shade. And that is just before the intro.

Meanwhile in a slightly more downbeat part of town Tara is watching a Vampire Rights debate on TV. She turns it off in disgust. She then has a doormat discussion with Sam involving barking in your sleep and repression. “There is a reason I bark in the night”. “Don’t tell me you are a werewolf”. “No I am not”.”Thank God! I have enough supernatural shit in my life”. “I am a shape shifter”. Those are big eyes you have there Tara. Are your eyebrows naturally that high? First pile of bricks coming up.

Eric is suffering from a severe case of sunstroke, which I sure can happen if you spend a thousand years out of the sun and then decide to tan-up. He wants them to bring Russell inside too. Pam is crisp “Eric, do the world a favor and let that little fuck fry”.  While they guys compare fangs Sookie takes a chain and runs outside. Russell is a bit beyond well done while she drags him inside.

Sam is having trouble with his ‘girlfriend’ too. Seems she expect a guy to say he is a shape shifter before he goes to bed with her. Tara wants a reboot. I would be careful with what I wished for if I were you, girlfriend. You are from a magic family.

Mr Russell doesn’t seem fit for pole dancing but they chain him to one anyway before going down to sleep. They leave Sookie to watch over him. Bill wants to stay but she can’t stand to look in any of their sorry faces. Shoo! You creepy cold freaks.

Old lean guy is riding chief of Police Andy about their V epidemic and then a sea of DEA jackets appear just as Jason walks in. He is here to stop the raid. Andy drags him away and let it slip that they will go in today. Jason freaks and leaves to warn them.

Tara freaks and leaves Sam’s house only to have flash backs to Egg and Mott’s deaths.

Hoyt is taking his car to work but he is a bit surprised to meet mommy, Summer and his guidance councilor from school there. I am sure I would too, Hoyt. Their intervention is hilarious. Summer is reading her lines from a paper clearly prepared by his mother. Hoyt gets the last word and walks away, disinherited by his poor mother. Good for you Hoyt. I thought Summer faked it all the way but she seems distraught.

Lafayette sees Sam with bloodied hands when he unlocks the doors to Merlotte. “Cross me and you are a dead man”. Is it a precognition or is it something Sam has done before? Sams psycho brother robbed the place during the night but Sam doesn’t know that yet.

Mr Russell is complaining over the lack of service at Fangtasia but Sookie is not particularly impressed. I have not heard the expression  “Your words is worth as much as sits on a turtle” before, is that local? After a long haggle over different items like his house, whether to kill or not kill one or two vampires sleeping in the basement and five million dollars they seems to have come to an agreement. “What do I have to do?”. “Release me!”. “No” she says and continues to read the paper nonchalantly. In that moment I love Sookie with all my heart. Russell turns to threats. When he becomes nasty she picks up Talbot in his crystal bowl. She smiles as she pours him into the garbage grinder while Russell curses her in multiple languages. That is unnecessary cruelty and she laughs gleefully too while Russell moans and holds his head. I know that felt good but winding up a 3000 year old vampire you are going to let live might not be beneficiary to long time survival.

Jason and Crystal arrive to warn the Norris clan. Calvin is not happy to see Jason there and tell him so. Jason rants back about them being dirty, poor and in need of dental care when a boy returns with a can of gasoline. “Here you go uncle daddy Calvin”. Priceless.  Crystal’s ex boyfriend stops the old chief with a bullet. He is high on V.

Sam is out driving his car when he comes across a crying Terry. Or so we thought, he say he is happy but his face say something else. Tommy’s digs looks like shit; Sam has no idea what Tommy did last night but pile of brick number two just arrived.

Lean old DEA guy leave for the raid while Phil continues to threat the clan. Phil leaves with Crystal as hostage and Jason in charge of the village. Jason seems to grow with the role.

This is a day of unwanted revelations for Tara. She walks in on her mother and reverend dressing after an interrupted session of humping. That is big eyes number two; I think she is a bit more nauseated this time though. The mother daughter talk afterwards is interesting. Her mother believes she will be a minister’s wife. Tara is a bit more skeptical.  Then she looks at her mommy, hugs her and wish her luck. That’s the moment I realize what Tara is about to do.

Sam is about to find out about Tommy’s night job. He howls in anger as he does. Arleen hopes Sam will not be mean to her again but Lafayette sees the father of her child strangling her. Someone is having emerging powers. Lafayette calls Jesus freaking out over what he sees.

Come night Alcide arrives at Fangtasia. Sookie is very happy to see him, very happy. She is a bit disappointed that he wasn’t there because he suddenly became telepathic and arrived to rescue her. Instead Eric called him there. Seems Debbie has gone missing. They talks sweetly to one another. “I dreamt about you”. Russell make a face and look up the ceiling disgusted.  That’s when the vampire squad walks in. Sookie and Alcide eye fuck each other as Eric eloquently put it while Eric drags the king to the truck. Sookie rescind all the vampires’ invitations to her home before leaving.

Pam is being sassy with Eric, that’s a new one. “Don’t bring that thing back inside this bar”.

Andy is about to drink some V when lean old guy returns with a cuffed Jason. Lean old guy leaves muttering something about hillbillies. Andy and Jason have a falling out after that.

Lafayette is freaking out and he freaks out more when Jesus tells him he is a witch a Bruh. Lala, Tara got nothing on you. Big eyes number three. But brother Tara might need you tonight, she is having a stare down with a pair of scissors. Oh no, she cuts her hair instead. I mean, that’s good. Tara meets Sookie on the way out. I have read the books so I know what I am expecting right now. They hang out as friends again for the first time in a long time before Tara leave for Merlotte. She needs to see Lafayette about something. Hmm, I still think she is planing what I thought she was, that looked like a final goodbye to me.

At a construction site in another part of town two vampires case Russell in concrete and silver chains. Then Bill turns the table on Eric and dispose of him in the concrete too. He orders Pam put to death in Eric’s voice before he runs away.

In yet another part of town Hoyt is bringing baby-vamp Jessica home. That was a sweet scene, why the sinister music and that doll on the floor? Switching over to mama Hoyt at the gun store buying hardware. That is one mean lady.

Bill is invited in and starts to explain what he has done to Sookie. I ended Russell. Good! I ended Eric too. Why? He tasted you. He is creeping me out. He is about to go after the queen when Eric comes knocking. Okay, he almost unhinges the door but he can’t enter. Eric tells Sookie the sordid truth about how Bill had two men beat hear to an inchof her life the first night they meet only to feed her his blood. Eric looks good in concrete by the way, angry but good. Sookie rescind Bill’s invitation and he lands on the lawn. “I want my phone back”. Sookie bang the door on both of them.

Switching back to Merlotte’s and Tara passing it by after a short stop to look around.

Pam cleans up good after a cement bath. Eric’s comment on her killing the vamp Bill sent to kill her. “Great, now I am down one assassin”. Pam’s reply is great “I have zero tolerance for that shit”. Eric only looks at her with sad eyes and a tilted head.

On another road Tommy is walking along as some headlights turns to him, it is Sam. After a short hunt and a brotherly talk Tommy walks off and Sam’s gun goes of in his general direction. Is True Blood building up to one of those cliffhangers? Say it ain’t so.

Sookie is sad but then something changes and she runs out. We switch over to Bill’s where there is a knock on the door. It is the Queen. I thought it was Sookie. The Queen is her usual snotty self until Bill admits he brought her there under false pretenses. Sookie arrive at the graveyard while they are doing the matrix. She sits by her grandmother’s grave complaining about being all alone when Claudine calls her name. “You are not alone, come with us.” They light their light, touch hands and are gone. Scene and End.

That was different, not exactly as I expected. So we have the first True Blood cross season cliffhanger. Nine months to see the end of this, thats rough man. The season has been great and the ending was everything we have come to expect from True Blood. I am a bit unhappy with the final episode it was not as great as I expected. I miss a feeling of accomplishment and cohesion. It was not a bad episode but far from the best this season. Maybe my expectations was way to high.

I love you True Blood! Until we meet again!