When is My Favorite TV Show Coming Back?

When is that show coming back? or end.

Science fiction and fantasy genre shows are bold


Summer 2016

American Gothic (CBS) new show (13 episodes)
Humans (AMC) season 2 (8 episodes)


Friday, August 12
Outcast (Cinemax) season 1 finale

Fall 2016

Incorporated (Syfy) new futuristic thriller (13 episodes)
The Librarians (TNT) season 3 (10 episodes)

September 2016

Wednesday, September 14
Blindspot (NBC) season 2

Monday, September 19
Gotham (Fox) season 3
Lucifer (Fox) season 2
The Big Bang Theory (CBS) season 10

Tuesday, September 20
Brooklyn Nine-nine (Fox) season 4
Bull (CBS) new show (13 episodes)
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S. (ABC) season 4
NCIS (CBS) season 14
NCIS New Orleans (CBS) season 3
New Girl (Fox) season 6

Thursday, September 22
The Blacklist (NBC) season 4

Friday, September 23
Blue Bloods (CBS) season 7
Hawaii Five-O (CBS) season 7
MacGyver (CBS) new show
Van Helsing (Syfy) new show (13 episodes)

Sunday, September 25
Last Man on Earth (Fox) season 3
Once Upon A Time (ABC) season 6
Quantico (ABC) season 2

Friday September 30
Marvel’s Luke Cage (Netflix) new show (13 episodes)

October 2016

Friday, October 2
Elementary (CBS) season 5
Madame Secretary (CBS) season 3
NCIS LA (CBS) season 8
Shameless (Showtime) season 7

Monday, October 3
Scorpion (Fox) season 3
Timeless (NBC) new timetraveler show (13 episodes)

Tuesday, October 4

November 2016

Unknown date 2016

Beyond (Freeform) new show
Bitten (Syfy) season 3 (10 episodes)
Codes of Conduct (HBO) new show (6 episodes)
Marvel’s The Defenders  (Netflix) new show (13 episodes)
Dark Matter (Syfy) season 2 (13 episodes)
Doctor Who (BBC) season 10
Falling Water (USA) new show
Guilt (Freeform) new show
Iron Fist  (Netflix) new series (13 episodes) – 2016/2017
Killjoys (Syfy) season 2 (10 episodes)
Longmire  (Netflix) season 5
Marco Polo (Netflix) season 2 (10 episodes)
Rush Hour (CBS) new show
Salem  (WGN) season 3
Sense8  (Netflix) season 2
Shades of Blue (NBC) season 2
Stitchers (ABC) season 2
Switched at Birth (Freeform) season 5 – 2016/2017
The Frankenstein Chronicles (A&E) new show (6 episodes) – 2016/2017
The Last Ship (TNT) season 3 (13 episodes)
The Living and the Dead (BBCA) new ghost hunter drama (6 episodes) – 2016/2017
The One Percent (Starz) new drama (10 episodes) – ?
Thirteen (BBCA) new show (5 episodes)
Turn: Washington’s Spies (AMC) season 3 (10 episodes)
Uncle Buck (ABC) new show
Undercover (BBCA) new show (6 episodes)
Westworld (HBO) new drama 2016/2017
Z Nation (Syfy) season 3 (15 episodes)

Heartbreaker (NBC) new show


Altered Carbon (Netflix) new show (10 episodes)
The Expanse (Syfy) season 2
House of Cards (Netflix) season 5
Jessica Jones (Netflix) season 2 (13 episodes)
Orange is the New Black (Netflix) season 5
Shades of Blue (NBC) season 2
The Magicians (Syfy) season 2


Orange is the New Black (Netflix) season 6


Orange is the New Black (Netflix) season 7

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  • chimene

    ALSO… BBC’s PRIMEVAL is returning on New Year’s Day for a new season. Check it out at bbcamerica.com

    (psst, Dec 25, 2010 is a Saturday, not Thursday…)

  • Linda

    I sure hope the closer is not going off I love that show.

  • Cthacker1961

    how about the season premere of 24 is it coming back

  • Iwantohearfromu

    24 didn’t get canceled but they ended the series there are talks of them making a movie out of it though.

  • Bnquinn

    Thanks so much this site was super helpful. Love it!!!!!!!

  • thanks, I mainly keep this to help my spotty memory.

  • Aniokechioma

    haven is jst ’bout d best dere is luv u guyz

  • Lizmurray

    Will “Lie To Me” return and When? Great show!

  • I don’t think Fox have made any decision yet. I love that show. You can track what happens on http://www.facebook.com/LieToMe?v=wall
    It would normally return in September like this year.

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  • gary

    the air date shown both on here and the offical stargate u page say monday syfy but looking at the tv planner it says heroes what is going on when is it airing in the uk

  • I am referring to the US syfy channel http://www.syfy.com/universe/ there it returns on monday

  • ALinktothePresent

    This is really cool. I didn’t know about the Burn Notice movie until I saw this…

  • Barbarita

    I can’t wait for White Collar to return in the Summer. I hope it’s June. Also, love Lie to Me, and hope it will be renewed for another season!

  • ALinktothePresent

    Does that mean that these are the shows you watch? I like a lot of these shows too

  • ALinktothePresent

    I hate to point out mistakes but Futurama season 7 is on here twice and White Collar is displayed as White Collars with an s

  • I sort of do. I don’t watch all of them as they air some of them I collect for a rainy weekend.

  • No problem, fixed now. White Collar premiere this summer and I assume it will air similarly to this year with 7-ish episodes airing next winter. The airdate for Futurama is the latest info I got.

  • Michellekarenwedgwood

    The Event, Royal Pains, V etc all shown in the UK for first season. When are they returning! Why are we being left waiting! Michelle, England.

  • Lindap1990

    I will be following Lie To Me on facebook as we love this show! Very interesting and have missed it…

  • Ccs2703

    We want “V”!!!!!!!!!1

  • ALinktothePresent

    Oh okay thanks. This page is really cool

  • Hector Villeda

    When is “V” coming back? Is it cancled or what?

  • as of now V’s status is in limbo: tbd

  • Hector Villeda

    Thank you

  • Jdm081968

    Fairly Legal is my my Favorite show. USA Rocks!!!! Unless they don’t have another season. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  • Indeed, Fairly Legal is also one of my favorite new shows this year. I do hope it gets renewed.

  • Limoee

    its coming back in 2012

  • Missi

    when is no ordinary family coming back?

  • it is on the bubble, nothing has been decided yet. But it is worrisome that two of the leads has signed up for pilots.

  • loopy

    are all these dates for the uk?

  • No they are world wide, dependent where they air first.

  • Johnburw27

    What happened with the TNT show Dark Blue with Dylan McDermott? Please tell me it’s coming back to TV!! It would be a tragedy to lose that show……

  • I am afraid it was cancelled by TNT on November 16, 2010.

  • Curtis


  • Dexter has been renewed for a sixth season and will probably return the same time as last year which should be September/October 2011.

  • Kelsey

    I would like to know when my favorite show Off the map will be coming back on, you left me begging for more!

  • Hi Kelsey,
    I love OTM too, those quirky sexy doctors need to come back to entertain us again. But I am afraid it doesn’t look great for a renewal. The numbers of viewers kept going down as the season progressed. But it is still undecided so there is hope…

  • Jacobhunter2000

    ok if i dont know when no ordinary family is coming on i will explode

  • Hi,
    No Ordinary Family finished season one on April 5. I like it for what it is, uncomplicated fun but the numbers and the buzz is less than positive for a renewal. Quite a few people that should know what they talk about has counted it out as a sure cancellation. Another thing that points that way is that the stars for the show has started signing for other pilots, which is not uncommon, but they did so quite early.

  • beast

    Harry’s Law, anybody know if this will be a renewal? It’s a great show!!

  • Thompsonmt

    What a bummer:( This was a great show to watch with the whole family! We loved it. Well keep my fingers crossed that it comes back. I don’t care for the reality shows & it seems like that’s all that’s on anymore:(

  • Harry’s Law’s fate is to be decided. I think it will be renewed but that is more like a gut feeling. It is an entertaining little show I would be happy to see return again.

  • ALinktothePresent

    Regarding Psych, I just took a quick look at the official website (Psych.USANetwork.com) and it says that it comes back in Fall, not Summer.

  • Thanks for pointing that out, I have been hinting on that Psych probably will return next Fall but it is good to have confirmation.

  • Rebekahf13

    The damn well better bring this show back! It’s better then most of the crap they show on t.v! I will be sosososo sad if they dont bring the show back for a second season!

  • ALinktothePresent

    Sure thing! Glad I could help.

  • Lolashane

    Love this site! When will drop dead diva, Merlin and vampire diaries come back?

  • John L.

    Bring Back ABC’s “THE GATES” !!!

  • Washingmachine89

    Do you know when Supernatural season 7 is airing?

  • BobbyingforAckles

    Do you know if and when Supernatural season 7 is airing? i think it’s in 2012 sometime!

  • Fairly Legal has been renewed now. No date for its return yet though so probably fall or winter.

  • Supernatural will return Fall 2011 according to the press release. So September is likely.

  • I don’t know about Diva but both Merlin and Vampire Diaries has been renewed and should return Fall 2011.

  • I would if I could. It was a pity they canceled the Gates, but you should check out “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” this summer. It looks promising.
    http://youtu.be/ygU1AHqI3ho http://youtu.be/ygU1AHqI3ho http://youtu.be/HNz_x5_XZk0

  • Theodorachaos

    When is Big Bang Theory season 5 airing?

  • The Networks upfronts are coming mid-May and then we might get more details but it has been renewed until 2013-14 (season 7). It should return in September as usual.

  • Mostly they are US air dates, whichever airs first is my guide

  • Noniroberts

    when is Rules of Engagement third season coming back

  • CBS are running season 5 at the moment. It airs as normal on Thursdays May 5th is next

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  • heheheh :)

    When is the new season of Pretty Little Liars going to start? And do you know when the new season of Grey’s Anatomy is going to start? You also might want to add the Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 finale on here – May 19.

  • Hi, Pretty Little Liars is already on there,
    Tuesday, June 14.

  • Brig1113

    best show on didm’t miss an episode

  • Emily Ousley

    I dont know if i can wait all summer for CASTLE to come back, I’ll go crazy! LOL Yeah when is OTM coming back? I love that!!! shew I hate when they take my shows off I wish they are on all the time! LOL

  • SammyJ

     What about Hawii five-O??

  • we should know soon. 

  • we should know soon. 

  • J48arnold

    when is dexter coming to tv 

  • It has been renewed for next season. Date is to be decided but it is a fair guess it will be late September or beginning of October. 

  •  I feel the same about Castle. What a Cliffhanger! 

  • SammyJ

    I agree!!! An amazing cliffhanger! I don’t know if I can wait all summer!

  • Maria112601

    What about shamless on showtime it’s suppose to be out in 2012 sometime

  • Thanks for the pointer. Second season of Shameless airs early 2012 on showtime 

  • Hainesyjune

    Is Chicago Code coming back on?  Really found this an excellent action packed and intelligent show. 

  • Hainesyjune

    Is Chicago Code coming back on?  Really found this an excellent action packed and intelligent show. 

  • Chicago Code has been canceled. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2011/05/10/fox-adds-four-cancels-five-as-upfront-looms-202125/9260/
    Bummer! It got wonderful characters I will miss.

  • lovestruckaby

     you are sooooo lame!

  • awsomegirl

     i loooooooooved this show, as well as Prison Break.

  • Anjii

    Will ABC’s “Off the Map” be returning?  Anyone know?

  • Lamar

    What’s the deal with breakout kings is there a season 2

  • Sorry Anjii, they canceled it. Which is a sad sad thing. Loved that show.
    Source: http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2011/05/13/v-cancelled-brothers-sisters-cancelled-by-abc-too/92307/

  • Dolphinluvr15

    does anybody know when the television series “the event” is returning 

  • sammyJ21

    Do you know about Human Target by any chance? 

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  • I am afraid they pulled the plug on Human Target. Sorry.

  • sammyJ21

    Does anybody know about Human Target?? Like when is that coming back on??

  • I am sorry but Human Target got canceled. Pity.

  • Missez_brown16

    when dose the Gates come back on?

  • Sara

    How could you end The Gates and it was just getting good!?

  • Sue Donym

    Breaking Bad (AMC) – Returning season 4 Sunday July 17 (13 episodes) (AMC) – Returning season 4 Sunday July 17 (13 episodes)

  • Isabel2038

    :( OMG i loved off the map it was the best my sister and i would always watch it I wannaknow what happened with Lily and her boyfriend also i wanted to see what would happen to Ryan I miss that show(CRY CRY)

  • Sophie

    When will Drop Dead Diva (Channel 4 UK) be back on?
    Im not completly sure its on channel 4, but it was normaly on Saturday afternoons…

  • Twilight92290

    i dont think i can wait any longer for the walking dead im ganna burst!!!!!

  • guest

    Is Off the Map a good show?

  • Ommbomb

    I will be really sick if we dont get a 3rd and maybe final season of The Event..a bit slow to start but by season 2 it ranked alongside Dexter, True Blood etc. Please oh please one more season..or I might just smash my tv.You cannot leave us hanging with the arrival of a Niburu type planet then quit on us…and hope another Spielberg alien series will do…

  • Ommbomb

    Sorry folks..in the uk THE EVENT was split into what we thought were two seasons..now I realise it is only one consisting of 22 episodes. I want more..if it has been dropped then I see the work of the Illuminati afoot trying to cover their plans!!

  • Drumrgirl2

    when is no ordinary family coming back on?????????? it was be a tragedy to lose it.

  • Drumrgirl2

    nooooooo i hope it comes back on!!! i loved that show. so much less trashy than some of the other un-creative stuff people put on TV.

  • John Kewn

    No ordinary family has been cancelled. Just like Brothers & Sisters which I’m still so very upset about :( 

  • Ang3l

    No ordinary family was canceled :(

  • Abdelwahabsoliman

    When Are:
    The CW
    Gossip Girl
    The Vampire Diaries
    The Secret Circle

    Make It Or Break It

    Raising Hope
    New Girl (New)

    Modern Family
    The Middle

    The Big Bang Theory
    How I Met Your Mother

    30 Rock


    i know thats alot :P

  • Most of them are on the list.  I am not following 90210 and 30 Rock though.

  • Most of them are on the list.  I am not following 90210 and 30 Rock though.

  • EpiStrat210

    Off The Map was cancled, i really liked it too. I found a show kind of like it called combat hospital, same kind of quarky characters in another hard place to do medicine.

  • EpiStrat210

    The Event was cancled

  • guest

    when is the listener coming back?

  • theman

    when is how i met your mother coming back?

  • Ostranderp

    Will Southland and Parenthood be returning?

  • Vaquera28

    looking forward to season 3 of justified wish it was sooner that early 2012

  • Thanks for that EpiStrat210,
    I have checked out Combat Hospital. It is quite good really. I will keep watching…

  • It has been renewed for a second season just the other week.

  • You and me both. That is a show i would gladly watch 24 episodes of every year.

  • Soutland has been renewed for 10 episodes and will return in 2012.
    Parenthood returns 13 September

  • HIMYM returns September 19

  • The Listener returns 2012

  • The Listener returns 2012

  • The Listener returns 2012

  • The Listener returns 2012

  • The Listener returns 2012

  • The Listener returns 2012

  • Starwarsmike

    Bring back Chicago Code…….

  • Mary Ann

    I really liked Human Target. The characters were well developed and the plots were stimulating with lots of twists. The stars were a great ensrmble cast, which is alwsays key. Mary Ann from Diamond Bar.CA

  • Liveloca

    Does anyone know when Stargate Universe is coming back?? Thanks!

  • tamy retyk

    board walk empire ? 

  • Shakespeareismymuse

    S*** did Leverage not get picked up for Season 5? I’m going to be soooooo angry if the answer is no. I love that show.

  • Now news on Leverage either way so far. I hope it will get renewed too.

  • Mlittlehottie96

    off the map isnt coming back

  • Frank

    And Heroes? will never return? :'( 

  • patriciawilliams

    Why so few episodes of Cover Affairs, White Collar and ROYAL PAINS!!!  Compared
    to these everything else on TV is pure schlock.  ROYAL PAINS IS THE CLASSIEST

  • Spadekqj10

    Off the map got cancelled. Theythought about bring it back for a while to see if more people would watch it but no dice. If they do bring it back it wont have the same actors anyway. Two of them jumped ship to other shows already.

  • Spadekqj10

    I didnt see spartacus up here/ i read a comment about southland so i know its coming back. But what about the killing ? Is it returning ? I dont watch mad men but i am curious to know if its also coming back?

  • Aimeewarner

    Off the Map Was Canceled

  • Angelsmile4

    I love switch by birth so much!!!! very interesting !!! cant wait too long to c the next show… hope it come back very soon than sooner.  this is the best show ever!!

  • cammie

    When is the nine lives of chloe king coming back?????

  • Iris

    Where is Southland on this list? Didn’t see Desperate Housewives’ last season either!

  • Nine Lives is back next week with the season one finale but its future is still undecided one way or another. I for one hope they renew it.

  • Southland and Desperate Housewives are not there because I don’t follow them. (It is a list of when _my_ favorite shows return)

  • Wolfboy

    Y do I have to wait so long for season 2 of teen wolf lol

  • Gurrgle247

    i know!!!!!!! me too!!!!!!!! im obsessed and everyday i think about it and say “im one day closer to the new episode!!!!! :D” i cant believe im gonna have to wait a year!!!!!!!!! is there gonna b a 3rd season?

  • Katy

    I can’t believe they ended chloe king with that!!!! And now they are going to make us wait for more???

  • Ken

    The Nine lives of Chloe King is soooo good! PLEASE< PLEASE< PLEASE!!!!

  • Kholesinger

    October 2

  • Kholesinger

    sep 23 2011

  • Latisha2031

    is HawthoRNe returning for season 4????

  • private

    i love that show i do to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope they renew it!

  • amanda

    when is hawthorne comin’ back.

  • Hawthorne’s fate is to be decided. It has completed season 3 and the network has not announced any decision yet. I do hope it will be back.

  • Tuti0731

    What is the exact date that Teen Wolf’s season 2 is coming back

  • Tuti0731

    I dont know either

  • The networks usually don’t decide exact air date until a few months beforehand. Teen Wolf premiered in June so it is most likely that it will do that next year too. I expect we will know sometime early 2012 which exact date.

  • Xyz

    Pretty little liars should totally be on this list…

  • You are right. They should be and they are. Now.

  • Helenepps

    IKR that was my favorite tv show ever and it got cancelled after one season how can it end like that??????

  • Helenepps

    ok so its been like a year since it ended and there still isnt the seasons dvd i looked at F.Y.E and every where nobody has it i wold pay $1000 for it and $1.000,000 for it to come back i hope they renew it since it got cancelled i read it on the home page and abc took it off there web site!!!!!!! how rude

  • Helenepps

    the only reason i watched The Nine Lives Of Chole King is because Andie from The Gates was in there and it was actually pretty good but nothin beats The Gates its not possible

  • Helenepps

    IKR  really i dont care bout the brother part but did they die???

  • Helenepps

    is cancelled but i voted to save it on the gates web site it didnt get enough views ;(

  • Ikmovie7

    When Is Teen Wolf Coming Back?

  • Teen Wolf will probably be back in June 2012 but the network has not set any date yet.

  • Greth32

    what about ‘V’?

  • Victoria2003a

    30 Rock should be on that list.

  • flavor

    Lol the whole reason i am on this site is to see when Justified starts :)

  • V was canceled

  • Spadekqj10

    Mad men ? Spartacus and the killing are still up in the air ?? Will they be back ?

  • Gougyuy

    when will no ordianry family be back…..

  • Cairashields406

    when is season 3 of pretty little liars coming back?

  • Katty

    Does anyone know if Make or break it is coming back?

  • Pretty Little Liars season 3 returns January 13, 2012. 

  • Unfortunately NOF was canceled

  • I never watched it, is it any good?

  • Make or break it is still in limbo together with Nine Lives of Chloe King

  • have syfy (us) announced when they plan to show season 1 of Lost Girl yet? i know syfy(uk) are starting showing it soon but a friend of mine in the US really wants to see the show yet doesnt know when it’ll be shown there(or if syfy has already shown it).

  • Cairashields406

    thanks i hope your right!

  • Cairashields406

    thanks i hope your right!

  • syfy cancelled the show and unfortunatly mgm sold all the set props and other stuff earlier this year via an auction so at least for now the stargate franchise seems to be dead on tv :(

  • Neal Caffrey fan

    if 6 episodes white collar come back 2 complete season 3 wil season 4 come out cause that serie rockkksss

  • When is Switched at Birth coming with the next season? I really miss the show!

  • In early 2012. There is a winter part of season one coming up. Great!

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  • Bugsygirl13

    Don’t understand why anyone would want to take The Closer off the air, awesome show, great characters.

  • Ahmad Kaleem

    Aren’t they airing out the next season of Episodes?

  • as I understand it Kyra wanted to do something else. I agree it is an awesome show. There is a spin off series called Major Crimes scheduled next summer.

  • If you are talking about The Closer. Yes they are. The last episode will air the summer of 2012

  • Delaney

    Kyra decided to take time for family – so I heard

  • Delaney

    When does the Killing come back?

  • princess101

    spartacus comes back in january

  • Lauren_h4

    Is the show the Glades returning

  • taline

    When is 90210 coming back on?

  • Gamm392

    Tim is probably too busy making movies. He is a break out.

  • The Glades has finished its run and is in limbo at the moment. I would be very surprised if it was not renewed for another run next summer though.

  • Secmantex

    Will Combat Hospital return?

  • No decision about Combat Hospital yet. Canada is up but US down. I hope for a renewal.

  • Agkretzsch

    The Event…??

  • The Nine Lives of Chloe King cancelled.  Covert Affairs, Royal Pains  and Necessary Roughness renewed for 2012 with 16 episodes.

  • It was canceled as you can read further down. Remember CTRL+F is your friend.

  • Norstar1964

    when isseason 9 of ncis in u.k anyone know just looked on cbs sky channel for 20th sept but ncis not on there help

  • Guest

    No its been canceled, I don’t know about Secret Life though. 

  • m c


  • Natasha Leone

    wish i didnt have to wait a whole ‘nother year for season 2 of Being Human (US Version) and also True Blood 

  • Spadekqj10

    The killing ??

    Mad men ??

    Spartacus ??

  • NowhereGirl

    September 19th, according to imdb.

  • Stephanie82679

    when is the event on NBC starting again?

  • Danlyn

    Best bring the Glades back or we are not gonna make it through. We have to have a season three and many more after that.

  • Latanya Tiffanie

    when is the show the chase on nbc coming back on or is it canceled.

  • Chase was canceled. It was not that bad, I rather liked it to be honest but it never took off in the ratings department.

  • Hi Danlyn,
    I am with you there. The Glades must come back.

  • Hi m c,
    You don’t need to shout! I would love to have a fall/winter season of Suits but I am afraid we have to wait until next Summer for season two to begin.

  • ps

    hey what about “lie to me” ???

  • Lie To Me has been canceled.

  • victoria


  • victoria


  • Mac Anime2012


    The Community Season 3, Parks and Recreation Season 4, The Office Season 8 – all on September 22. 
    Spartacus Blood and Sand Season 2 – January 2012
    Mad Men Season 5 – January or February 2012

  • I am afraid I didn’t.

  • Drizzy

    30 Rock? 
    (Nice work with this site btw)

  • Thanks, I like Californication but don’t have time to watch it. Never started 30 Rock. I try to focus on genre shows

  • Stringbeanhf

    Did the nine lives of chloe king get canceled?

  • Yes Nine Lives of Chloe King was cancelled. A pitty, I would have liked to know how that cliffhanger played out.

  • Layla

    I hate ABC – they always do this.  There was very little hype around it before it began.  I only found it by accident so I watched all the episodes on my computer, I really really hope they bring it back!!!!

  • Layla

    I really like USA’s line up of shows.  They have had some really neat ideas – Suits, Burn Notice, White Collar, and the list goes on.  They have some of the best shows out there.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

  • Rain

    Hey Mr. Jannson, do you know if the Secret Life of the American Teenager is coming back? I thought it’d be December since that was the pattern for all the other seasons (june, december, june, december, etc). 

  • Rose

    thought they renewed it

  • The name is Jansson. Secret Life of the American Teenager returns in 2012 but I don’t have any date yet, probably summer like this year.

  • Xavier

    when the nine lives of chloe king come back on hurry the hell up!

  • Dear Xavier, CTRL+F is your friend. The question has been answered already on the page.
    Dear Troub: Heroes went to the happy hunting-grounds ages ago (eg more than a year ago in TV time)

  • Hope is eternal but the cancellation seems quite official: http://www.deadline.com/2011/09/abc-family-renews-make-it-or-break-it-gives-back-order-to-lying-game-and-picks-up-4-pilots-2-dramas-2-comedies/

  • Lotta_aspen

    it’s a real shame the nine lives of chloe king got cancelled…if they cancel haven I shall personally hunt down the producers and force them to make a season 3!!

  • Mweir49

    Does anybody know the date when Rookie Blue starts in the UK I know it is  in October sometime


    whens rookie blue coming back?

  • Rookie Blue returns with season 3 next summer (2012) date tbd.

  • Dees6671

    is haven coming back?

  • Lovebug

    it does say anythning about the nine lives of chloe king

  • ‘Whitney,’
    ‘Up All Night’ get full-season orders and the Playboy bunnies gets canceled. Can’t see much wrong with that.

  • Ellieharding

    When is Hawaii 5 0 coming back on please thank you! :)

  • Hawaii five-o is running at the moment.

  • Jmiotke77

    Does anyone know what charactors will be on The Closer spin-off, Major Crimes or what he plot will be?

  • 2 Broke Girls (CBS) is rewarded with a well deserved full season order.

  • Strike Back (Cinemax) renewed for season 2 to air in 2012 and Free Agents canceled.

  • Michelle Egan

    Thanks for doing this! I will return frequently for updates to your list. By the way, did my eyes skip V? When will that air again?

  • ‘How to Be a Gentleman’ cancelled

  • Your eyes did skip the comments. It was cancelled way back.

  • Jin

    I would like   LEGEND OF THE SEEKER SEASON 3 BACK because not many TV series acting outside in the forest area and we can see Green color of trees and fresh air With good story and best acting ( all actors) may be remind of Lord of the ring or Harry Potter . please Bring LEGEND OF THE SEEKER SEASON 3 BACK AND FINISH OF AS PROFESSIONAL NOT HALF WAY THANKS

  • HavenFan

    Any news on Haven???



  • Caudill_28

    when is the tv show life on nbc coming back or is it?

  • Haven was just renewed for a 3rd season! Good move Syfy!

  • CW gives full season order (22 episodes) to Ringer, The Secret Circle and Hart of Dixie.

  • Sammysam

    did true blood get cancelled?

  • No, True Blood (HBO) returns with season 5 (12 episodes order) next Summer.

  • xCupcake132

    They cancelled it after the 1st season, so there isn’t even a second meaning they’re won’t be a third to beat down the producers for.

  • Sad news, TNT cancels the charming procedural Memphis Beat.

  • sydney murphy

    all i can say is i like you ad your hot

  • Jboughan

    what happened to Mad Men?

  • Sons of Anarchy has been renewed by FX for a fifth season of 13 episodes.  Air date probably sometimes next Fall. Don’t miss the current season though.

  • maybe I should make a page with canceled shows? making them easier to find?

  • Yeah!
    A&E has renewed The Glades one month after the second season ended. It will be back next summer. That was great news.

  • Budah094

    What about make it or break it?

  • Vchen

    i feel like doing something unwritable to the people who canceled 9 lives. that cliffhanger was amazingly wonderful. cant believe there wont be a next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

  • Frankie

    I miss Mercy :( and Hawthorne. :(

  • Tina_Frederickson

    Just watched the season finale of Against the wall does anyone know if it will be back on?

  • CBS announces that Unforgettable and Person of Interest have
    received full season orders!

  • Showtime renews Homeland for a second season. Maybe I should have a look?

  • A great series I hope get a renewal soon.

  • Gerardweldon9

    Hey Can anyone tell me when the seacond part of white collar is to be aired

  • Cathy2011

    why did they have to cancel Rescue Special Ops it is brilliant and now its over and it was on the best part why did they leve it at that i wish they would renew it :'(


    when is sanctuary season 4 coming to watch in the uk

  • Hannahpenkett1113

    is the lying game coming back

  • Hi Hannah,
    The Lying Game got a full season order with an additional 12 episodes that will air from January. TLG is one of my favorite new shows this year so I am looking forward to the rest. Pity it’s not January.

  • Monday, January 2

  • ABC has
    given Once Upon a Time, Last Man Standing, and Happy Endings full season orders.

  • Can’t wait for SOA, Merlin, Alpha’s, Burn Notice, White Collar, Suits, House, True Blood, Nikita, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Weeds, and more to come out! When is the new season of Dexter (not the current one on right now) and Weeds coming out?

  • Does anyone know if The Secret Life is coming back for a 5th season. I want to know what happens with Ricky and Amy and with everyone after the graduation party.

  • Nancy

    Do you know when Awkward – Season 2  and Drop Dead Diva – Season 4 will be returning?

  • The next 12 episodes of Awkward. are scheduled to air in early 2012. Drop Dead Diva will be airing its next installment of 13 episodes in summer 2012 so it is way to early for an air date.

  • Amy Juergens

    when is the secret life coming back????

  • Babyseblue7

    where is secret life

  • Babyseblue7

    im know right ive been waiting all year

  • Cup-cake

    When is 90210 coming back?  :D



  • Prime Suspect cancelled. That sucks I liked that show. The gender issues felt a bit old fashioned but the cast was great and the characters interesting.

  • Clairebrown_90

    When does pretty little liars come back and on what channel??


    is the Nine Lives of Chloe King comming back

  • Epat

    House, Suits, White Collar and Burn Notice are the best!  Do not cancel. 

  • Jiffy665

    Did I miss it or was Tru Blood not listed. I can’t seen to find info on when and if its coming out with a new season?

  • You missed it. True blood will return next summer.

  • N’Dia Barrett


  • N’Dia Barrett


  • joey

    is chase cancelled ??

  • Anonymous

    wait there wont be any more of nine lives of chloe king ????????????

  • yes

  • NBC has given Grimm an order for an additional 9 episodes, making for a full season of 22 episodes.

  • Camballet

    when does Hawaii Five-0 come back?

  • Stevenlibardi007

    Whats up with No Ordinary Family!!!! How come there is more then a handfull of crappy show that keep coming on and the good shows get cancel. Come on guys reality check!!!!

  • Puppydoglover1

    Switched at birth is back Jan 3 on abc fam

  • Moneybags101

    someone pls. answer the following …
       IS THERE GOING TO BE A 3rd SEASON ON NIKITA ~!!!!!  i love that show and i cant find anywhere if there’s going to be a 3rd season. 

  • Awesome2soccer

    I agree completely but they cancelled it anyway. It makes me sad:(

  • Awesome2soccer

    Am I the only one to ask when Grey’s Anatomy is coming back on after Hiatus? I can’t find it.

  • Londongirl1099

    I just really wanted to know if Nikita is coming back with a third season. I love that show and i really hope it didn’t get canceled. :) It would be really nice if anyone answers me please. (preferably if you actually know :)   ]

                                              thanks to anyone that answers,
                                                                 someone who would like an answer

  • ella taslaman

    omg teen wolf is comming out in summmer !!!!! thats ages away

  • Londongirl1099

     Does anyone have any idea  about the answer to my question ??????

  • Singerrr22

    When is Against the Wall coming back on? And is the Protector coming back on?!

  • Against the wall has finished season 1 and its fate is to be decided. I do hope it will be renewed. There can never be too many spunky women like Abby on TV.

  • As far as I know nothing has been decided on Nikita yet but some buzz hints at a risk for it not coming back.

  • It says The Glades returns Summer 2012 with season 3!!

  • Georgini3797

    Yay being human season 2 comes back on January 16 yes!!!

  • Greta Gledhill

    rookie blue dosent come back till summer!!!!!!!!!!!!GRRRRR

  • Cherrycupcake93

    Drop dead diva?

  • Misscutebeatle

    When is House M.D coming back?

  • House is back on January 23 

  • Marshallhamelin

    it dont rlly say when teenwolf is coming back sean 2 episode 12 its going on edpoode 13 seanson 1 how can it go seanson 2 eposode 12 ?

  • there will be 12 episodes in season 2 and it will start with episode 1 of season 2

  • Dixiesky1

    when does Memphis Beat return

  • Wanderingbean

    She was talking about Haven in the second sentence which has not been cancelled in season 1 or 2, and is already renewed for a season 3.

  • Wanderingbean

    Event is over. Sorry

  • Wanderingbean

    Hawthorne has been canecelled.

  • Wanderingbean

    No worries Glades has been renewed.

  • unfortunately never. Memphis Beat was canceled.

  • iwantsherlock


  • Iamaninja326

    Is it really canceled????!!!!!!????

  • Livvy95

    jiffy665 true blood comes out summer next year! :D

  • Rejoice! Lost Girl has been renewed for a third season. Filming start this in spring 2012.

  • seems like Lifetime quietly canceled Against the Wall according to deadline. see http://www.deadline.com/2011/12/lifetime-cancels-against-the-wall/
    Bummer, I liked Abby.

  • zivapt

    UGH!?!!?! Not fair!!! The Nine Lives of Chloe King is a freaking amazing series!! WHY CANCEL IT!!?!?!?! Please come back for a second season!!!! The Gates too please! Two of the best shows canceled and yet the other garbage is still on. Ugh! 



  • Stephie0989

    What about Revenge on ABC. Best show out right now. Does anyone know? Didn’t see it on this list.

  • ibmelo2

    Did make it or break it get cancelled?

  • It got a full season order earlier so it will return after the holidays. No news of a season two yet.

  • It is scheduled to return in spring 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone heard any dates on Damages or Nurse Jackie?

  • Popcorn676

    When will they stop airing new episodes of American Horror Story for season one?????!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone heard when Damages or Nurse Jackie is coming back?

  • what about drop dead diva season 4?

  • KOTC

    will there be a misfits season 4?

  • Jen

    For Dexter you wrote episode instead of season when referring to ‘seasons’ 7 and 8

  • Zella

    Once Upon A Time, I hope it never cancels. Its so amazing. :’]

  • Jfritsch62

    I didn’t see Merlin from SyFy listed.  I know they are running some of the reruns around Christmas.  I thought I’d heard it would be back January 6.  Is this right?

  • Aileen Gaborro

    does anyone know anything about flashpoint, if its coming back or not?

  • AMIR

    TOP *5 *BEST TV shows out RIGHT NOW 1. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, 2. THE SECRET CIRCLE, 3. SUPERNATURAL, 4. GRIMM, 5. BURN NOTICE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Polly Connor

    So Sorry to see no sign of “No ordinary family” this was such a great and really entertaining show, but people would rather see blood sucking vampires I guess. I know what the world is coming too, do you?



  • Daniel De Rooy2007

    Seriously I love so many shows and have such fond memories of watching them and having the greatest time. Shows like Friends, stargate sg1, Atlantis and SGU, joey, star trek voyager and Ds9 and lost and chuck is ending soon, Farscape. I think that I had to realise that you can have such great times with family and great friends by just hanging out!

  • Anonymous

    What about COMBAT HOSPITAL??? One of the BEST new show’s ever!! I heard that even if ABC cancels it that the Canadian stations will stir air but I don’t see it on the list???  :(

  • Alesha0113

    I don’t think its posted, but does anyone know when Secret Life of an American Teenager is coming  back? Or even what month it might be coming back?



  • Guest


  • CTRL+F Lying Game and all will be revealed … (2nd January if you can’t be bothered)

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna go batcrap crazy, but I can’t shake the feeling that there was some show that I adore starting back up January 13th, but I have no frickin’ idea and the only one listed is fringe. I feel like it was most likely on one of the cable networks and was more than likely nerdy (I’m a whovian and a browncoat).

  • simon4life


  • Turtle97

    is Drop Dead Diva coming back on? I can’t find it.

  • Madfraser

    90210 ?!?!?!?!?!

  • Madfraser

    when or is 90210 comming backk!!!!?!!!?!!!! i need to know i love love love love that show.!

  • NicNoK

    I am still upset FX got rid of Terriers — DUMBER THAN A BUCKET OF HAIR.

    And as I rule I want to reaffirm this truth: I will never let it go that HBO was STUPID enough to cancel Deadwood. Luck is very promising so at least we’ll have some Milch in the future, but I am really astounded they were stupid enough to get rid of that goldmine (pun intended).Life was another show that should have had one more season, but Homeland with Damien Lewis season 1  was fantastic, so I can finally let that go.Again, I wish I knew where the a-holes that cancelled Deadwood and Terriers live, respectively. (And if you are tempted to correct my use of the work ‘respectively’ then you don’t understand what it means.

  • Selenafan621


  • Andy

    ABC is really dropping the ball or maybe I should say the
    shows.  First they drop Off the Map and now Combat Hospital,
    these where both great shows.  ABC you
    should rethink what you are doing.

  • Nicolesm11

    when is secret life coming back on????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  • Girl

    Nobody was really interested in The Nine Lives of Chloe King and that’s probably the reason it got cancelled. But I can’t wait until The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars comes on.

  • Sbrown979@gmail.com

    Uh, someone needs to bring the gates back. That show will TAKE OFF considering this seems to be the season for supernatural shows! I just finished watching the 1st season on Netflix, all of which had a 5 star rating, and thought it was great!!! Now Im waiting to see what will happen with Devon but….alas, it was cancelled. Who was the brain of that operation ABC??….check out the ratings “now” since apparently you didn’t have enough at the time.

  • Claire_jenn

    Where is chase??? Why do all the good series not get a second season, flash forward and now chase :(

  • Amandawatson357

    against the wall when does season 2 start

  • Amandawatson357

    against the wall when does season 2 start

  • Acuna Alex14

    When does the 3rd season of Louie start up?

  • Hi Amanda,
    I am sorry but Lifetime canceled Against the Wall. http://thefutoncritic.com/news/2011/12/09/development-update-friday-december-9-887413/9553/

    A great shame in my opinion.

  • Diane

    Please can anyone tell me when Vampire Diaries will be back on TV in 2012

  • Guest

    What happened to Secret Life?

  • Gummibearz27

    when is The Event coming back????? I LOVE that show!!!!

  • Gummibearz27

    I know that’s coming back but I just don’t know when. Anyone know about The Event?

  • guest

    Wednesday, January 4Revenge (ABC) returns after the holidays

  • Shawnbooters20

    I really love Pan Am.  Is it going to come back?

  • :p

    Is The Nine Lives of Chloe King really cancelled? It is such a good show! :(

  • Dallasstar411

    When is drop dead diva not comin back I loved that show or is it not comin back

  • Tricialyonker

    when is united states of Tara returning ?

  • Merlinftw

    i am just so happy that merlin is still on…. im addicted

  • Merlinftw

    fall is WAY too long to wait for more! COME SOONER!

  • Emmalie ostler

    Does Any one know When Sanctuary Season 5 is coming????!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kalani

    it this foe the secret life of the american teenager

  • Anonamous

    when is make it or break it coming back for season 4 !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • mackiem

    when does season 2 of new girl start?

  • Maggie-30

    when is the nine lives of chloe king coming back on plz tell me it is

  • Darbdoo

    Does anyone know when the show awkward from MTV starts its 2nd season?

  • kirsten

    when is breaking bad starting back on abc ??? in 2012 i mean …..australia

  • Hollie

    I loved that show The Gates! I miss it…

  • Emma Rox Brazeau

    i have no clue ive looked on almost all the websites and i cannot find a date! its killing me!

  • rickyandamy101

    its coming back march 13th

  • Amymcgrerg

    When is the secret life of the american teenager coming back

  • Emma

    breakout kings?

  • Arielle:)

    When is “Weeds” coming back?

  • TayTay-#5

    When is secret life of an american teenager coming back on!!!!! I need to know now!!!!!!!:(

  • Tasha

    Nope, it got cancelled. 

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  • Smurfchoker Nv

    Save no ordinary family! That was the best show ever :(

  • Yellowlady05

    Has The Event and “V” moved to SciFi channel?  Bring them back pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  • Dacunhad

    Event was canceled

  • Kelsey

    When is secret circle back??

  • Niki Shiver

    is the nine lives of chloe king ever gonna come back on

  • Angelbear_1561

    I’m to the point I’m afraid to watch any television series. The moment I start watching a show and start liking it…it get’s cancelled. Ghost Whisperer, The Event, No Ordinary Family….just a few examples. It’s truly sad that most of the networks don’t care about what the viewers think. I’m fed up!

  • Cuteasgold

    one tree hill?

  • Guest12345

    Tonight: New Episode Grey’s Anatomy

  • Kitana

    Yeah! The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle are still on! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :D Can’t wait for The Walking Dead to start again. Well, The Burn Notice was kinda boring the last season i hope it will get better, if not i don’t see the point in watching it anymore..:/

  • red1002

    When does awkward come back on?

  • Obni

    Please when are ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Weeds’ back?

  • patty

    and i would help you hunt them down!

  • Guys if you’re unsure if you show is on the list press Control + F and search your show. Its 10x quicker than waiting for someone to reply. Just saying. 

  • Jason_nolan

    anyone know when breakout kings is coming back on?

  • Aeriel

    that was cancelled, it had potential though.

  • teresa

    the gates was a great show but was up against other supernatural  shows

  • Naya

    When does TERRA NOVA come back on?

  • Naya

    It’s came back on January 4th

  • Russell761

    I want to be able to see Red Dwarf, c’mon… someone bring it other than Dave?  SyFy, Fox…you screwed up with Firefly & Dresden.  Bring Red Dwarf!

  • Spadekqj10

    Mad men !!!! ?? Whens that coming back ?

  • Spadekqj10

    Hell yeah i does. I was watching gramham norton or w/e and he just announced that sherlock is on this sunday on bbc one ( 1/8/12) which means we wont get it here in america for evvvver but maybe u can watch it online ?

  • Spadekqj10

    What about mad men ? Or a date for spartacus ? Or akward ??

  • Bella

    I luved that 2 wuz so sad 2 hear that it’z not comming back

  • Madisonkwilliams

    When is Glee coming back?

  • Keali Wilbur

    when is the secret life of an american teenager comeing back does anyone even know

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for Game of Thrones!

  • It returns March 26

  • Mad Men returns March 25

  • Mz. Toy

    I liked that show, I wish it would come back because the ending really has me wondering: Whats next.

  • Bitesizelu

    When is Law and Order:SVU coming back on?

  • Krishnaaditi

    guys please say that when would combat hospital return

  • Krishnaaditi

    guys please say that when would combat hospital return

  • Lana

    when does the listener come back ?

  • Yasmine

    When does OTH come back on?

  • GPAngel018

    Anybody know when Drop Dead Diva is coming back for 2012?

  • Jasminallwhite

    Too bad they cancelled The Gates, I loved that Tv show

  • Guest

    When does Terra Nova come back on?

  • Klmcvay

    Will Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives return ?

  • Sarajschult

     my favorite show is nine lives of chloe king and i am dying to see the second season soooooooooooooo bad

  • Leslie

    What about Lie To Me!?!?!?!?!? 

  • Hi Leslie, Lie To Me was canceled way back

  • not decided yet

  • Anohiosweetheart

    Whats going on with rules of eng.??? Cant find any info

  • Nickicswright

    Is house Season 9 being filmed or is there going to be a season 9 ????????

  • Nickicswright

     have u found out when Terra Novas back on ?

  • lilmama82

    What about Hawthorne starring Jada Pickett-Smith coming back on?

  • rzezimieszek

    nic konstruktywnego nie ma w waszych komentarzach. Czytajcie czasami swoje comy i stwórzcie coś na wgląd informacyjny. (Piszę po polsku bo internet to ponad kulturowy byt)

  • Ddd


  • Sylvia

    How about Drop Dead Diva?????

  • Oxbowgirl2

    what about drop dead diva??? 

  • Lil Lizzy

    OMG! I can’t wait either! I wanna watch it now, so badly! I wanna see Derek as alpha so bad.

  • Karenclyne

    when is series 8 of greys anotmomy coming back to england. we watched some of seriers 8 then it stopped for christmas, it showing ina ameriaca on cbs why not englad we love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • unknown

    spartacus main actor died so they had to postpone so that they could find a new actor witch they have i heard at comic con this year

  • unknown

    i agree they should not cancel these shows i just watched the season premire of white collar and it was amazing

  • Ttini

    is there going to be 10 things i hate about u on?

  • tirt

    What about 10 Things Why I Hate You?

  • Keep it civil or get deleted. Repeat offenders will be blacklisted.

  • Mhfa

    please update this list! a lot series aren’t here! like Nikita,Fringe,Terra Nova,Spartacus,Alcatraz! 
    Thnx :)

  • Hi,

    Use Ctrl+F and search for your show. Nikita, Fringe and Alcatraz are on the list and have been there for some time. Terra Nova is in limbo at the moment, season one has finished and the network has made no decision on season two yet. Spartacus is not one of _my_ favorites so it will not make the list.


    tru blood june 26th

  • Spadekqj10

    Spartacus is amazing idk why it isnt on the list byt thanks for the MAD MEN i ve been asking about it forever !

  • Spadekqj10

    They ClAIM spartacus come out on the 27 of this month buttt they have posted it up on stars already so u an watch it !! And its playing right now ! ( i think it might have got leaked or maybe they wanted to see how people would respond to the new guy ?)

  • Mary

    Will HOMELAND and THE KILLING be back?

  • Jaidadennis

    When is the nine lives of chloe king and against the wall coming back?!

  • Bettyboop2010

    when is fallen skies coming back on

  • Jen

    Yeah! I really want lie to me to return! It’s my favorite show.. And of you want me to be honest.. That’s the only show I acctually like on fox! So if it ends then I guess you just lost another viewer… Plus all oft friends who LOVE lie to me! Haha that’s how angry i am.. Please return it!

  • Jen

    It can’t be!!!!!!!!! I love that show more then anything!

  • Joe

    I just want lie to me to return!!!!! It’s making me so mad that stupid fox won’t stupidly realize that it’s the best show EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • Kokoloco

    That’s it, I’m not going to watch any more great Sci Fi series like V that only get cancelled before they have an ending. I would rather that these idiots would make a 1o episode series and tell us ahead of time that it’s a one time deal, shoot it finish the story, get it over with. Jeez. We all watch 2 hour movies at the theater that we know are done just after 2 hours, why not do the same with TV series, especially the action packed ones that string out a long connected story like V did. There ought to be a law.

  • guest

    Don’t know if this qualifies for your list (extremely informative and much appreciated, btw)… but there’s an adorable show from New Zealand called “The Almighty Johnsons,” which I believe has finished filming its second season.  Anybody know when that’s coming back? 

  • Nick

    Can anyone find information on season 3 of The Listener? Everything I read earlier said it would return on the 14th of January, but that didn’t happen.

    Thanks for the info on these great shows.

  • Oxbowgirl2

    i know for sure that it will be coming on for season 2 but it was a summer show

  • Nadeshda0404

    Is there going to be a 4th season to Glee?

  • Lindsnikkie

    I was wondering that too.

  • Bp

    The Killing will return Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 8 PM – 7C.  See amctv.com for details

  • Abs

    Anyone know when rules of engagement is coming back on?!?

  • Nick

    Both cancelled.

  • Alexemilyabby

    I cant understand why Person of interest would not be back …..that mine and all my friends favorite show.

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  • Shawna

    Netflix has the BBC Sherlock right now. But you do need a subscription unfortunately.

  • Hilary gaskell

    When is season 5 of fringe airing in the uk

  • Shelby

    when is chuck coming back on tv

  • nils

    is there coming chuck season 6???

  • Hi Nils & Shelby,
    That was the Chuck official series finale. It was so sad to see it go but we have known for almost a year now so there was no surprise. I am surprised you didn’t know.

  • alexer

    When is the best show ever (Blue Mountain State) coming back????

  • Ian

    It’s a good show but I’m still pissed about canceling the showveronica mars a few years back that was an amazing show

  • Anybody know if SyFy is going to renew Destination Truth in 2012? I heard they were but haven’t seen any updates.

  • Any how about more Sanctuary – maybe Summer or Fall, 2012? 

  • Lindal_37813

    when is the best show on tv coming back on, memphis beat is my favorite of all time

  • Susankf6

    When is Showtime’s “Episodes” returning?

  • Sswain15

    I agree about Chloe King, be nice if they could at least wrap it up with a 2 hr.
    Summer 2012 Haven (Syfy) returns with season 3 (13 episodes)

  • Sswain15

    It says if they cancel HAVEN I shall personally hunt down the producers and force them to make a season 3!!

  • Sswain15

    It says if they cancel HAVEN I shall personally hunt down the producers and force them to make a season 3!!

  • Sswain15

    I read somewhere Terra Nova and Falling Skies got picked up, I’ll believe it when I can watch it. ABC is famous for canceling promising shows.

  • Sswain15

    I liked that show too, pity the viewers can’t vote on shows before they cancel them

  • Sswain15

    I totally agree with you regarding V, also The Event was another one that was killled off before its time.

  • Sswain15

    So what if it is up against other shows, thats what TIVO, DVR’s and Amazon Video on demand are for. I personally record them all and watch them later, one day TV Networks will realize there is a HUGE time shifting audience out there. Or we get it off the Internet.

  • Sswain15

    I’ll second that, at least finish the story with some kind of ending not just leave us hanging. Is Chloe dead? I guess we”ll never know, the studio cancelled Chloe to bring back Make It or Break It. I say there was room for both.

  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Renewed for 5th Season

  • Jen Pleasants

    Just letting all know there is A web site called geek town all uk air dates and times shown on there .go to www. Geektown?co.uk/uk-air-dates

  • Whats happened to Revenge?

  • Star2b

    will jane by design be renewed for a second season? because i only see the season 1 ending! :(

  • Kidsmum1234

    Plse cud u tell me wen The Vampire Dairies is bac on in the uk? x

  • Bellaoco

    This was so helpful. I’ve used it Like, 10 times.

  • Spartacus is only just started in the UK so it probs won’t be on in the US for a little while yet!! The new 
    Spartacus is not bad either, I just miss the old one!! :(

  • Urldog

    I agree with you Kokoloco. Ought to be a law to finish a series once it starts. All cancellations should finish with a final movie.
    Earth2, Surface, V, Invasion, Jericho, The Event, Firefly, Terminator:Sara Connor Chronicles,  they all get you hooked and then they cut the line.

  • Realcofiii

    They need to bring back StarGate Universe!

  • Stephanie O’Brian

    Is Supernatural going to have a season 8?

  • Wow. I had never heard of some of these. Primevil spin-off? Dirk Gently? Cool

  • Cheesejerky_25

    Is secret life of American Teenager coming back on air?

  • Saloni Dass

    what about how i met your mother?o.O

  • rogga

    legend of the seeker need to come back

  • Joanneleewest

    Is Pan Am coming back?  Is Terra Nova coming back? My favorits

  • Muffins<3

    when do the secret cirle and nikita go on hiatus.. when do the seasons end?

  • Agaborro82

    there were  2 finales for white collar, does anyone know which one is the end date? 21 or the 28?

  • Swrcheerleader

    i agree there is room for both they cannot just leave us hanging like that.

  • Sam

    Thanks for a very comprehensive list!  

  • the one at 28 is the finale. thanks for pointing it out.

  • Crimelover(:

    when do nikita and the secret cirlce come back?

  • Wjlong

    When is Drop Dead Diva coming back?

  • Ollieg

    StarGate Universe and v wtf yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????????

  • Guest

    Or Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis would be nice

  • Antbuggz

    They need to bring back heroes the tv show that was sooo damm goood!!!!!!

  • Any Stargate series would be great with me

  • Girtie18

    is there by any chance a season 3 for drop dead diva?

  • Dpoe225

    chicago code and against the wall was 2 of the best shows on tv this is part of the reason so many people start watching hbo and showtime

  • Dpoe225

    chicago code and against the wall was 2 of the best shows on tv this is part of the reason so many people start watching hbo and showtime

  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for putting this list of TV shows together to keep us informed of their return date. I love many of these shows and often miss the first show because I did not know when they were returning. This is important information to a big TV fan like me, and I know many others feel the same.  :-)


  • Austin19768

    not bad for an aussie actor  :)

  • Selena

    The Secret Life of the American Teenager comes back March 26th. And I CAN NOT wait!! :)

  • Mister Black

    Stargate? I still boycott Syfy because of it, and I still have hope that another channel may pick up the show. 

  • Davidm

    Any idea on finale dates for The Voice and Amer Idol?

  • Tinajonss

    Regarding Firefly they made a movie called serenity(2005)

  • Bob

    Under “FALL 2013″ the following error was made
    ” Dexter (Showtime) episode 8 (12 episodes)” It should say season 8 instead of “episode 8”.

  • Guest

     I agree completely. I think I’m going to go and re-watch heroes now. I never finished watching the 4th season.

  • fixed, thanks for pointing that out.

  • Tainá

    I’m sure somebody’s asked already, but I couldn’t find the answer, do you know when Drop Dead Diva will come back?

  • Meme

    When is Army Wives or Memphis Beat coming back

  • anonymous

    Suits is not coming back until the summer? WHAT????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariacribb21

    me tooo i love nine lives of chloe king

  • Heartzzz2

    I dont see Drop Dead Diva on the list but i havent heard anything about it being cancelled :(



  • They totally need to bring back Stargate Universe! 

  • neoanakinpotter

    I still feel the sting of “Firefly” & “Veronica Mars” being cancelled LOOONNG before they had a chance to prove themselves…THEY need to come back!  As for Heroes & all the Stargate’s, they were pretty awesome in their prime.
    But if I had only 1 wish for the 2012-2013 season…just 1.  FOX, please…PLEASE renew “Fringe” for Season 5.  Give it a chance to finish the way the creators want/fans will love!

  • Sorry it was cancelled I wish it would come back instead of ending a cliffhanger

  • Chales

    When will Stargate Universe come on. I’m still waiting…..

  • Sexyniq29

    Is the lying game returning

  • JP

    They need to bring back The Event, it was a very good show and always kept you in suspense. I know I’m not alone in wanting it to come back, so please bring back THE EVENT.

  • sweetnurse

    What about Combat Hospital?? I cannot get any info either way with it?

  • it was canceled if my memory serves me right. Pity.

  • sweetnurse

    awww!  I liked that show!  It was different than all the usual new ones!  :(

  • Chayes6232

    Parenthood, A Gifted Man and Harry’s Law are our favorites! 

  • Bridgetteguthrie1986

    has anyone heard of when Drop Dead Diva is coming back on? or Big Brother? 

  • Ozidangermouse

     here here for Stargate!!!!!! the network schmucks arent happy if people like something…. luckily there is lots of survivor garbage and master  whatevas to keep us all groaning…
    they say stargate wasnt rating, but compared to what other sci-fi series??????? 

  • Beardve

    Why is Breaking bad not on the list? Just finished season 4 and can’t wait for season 5

  • lindsg020

    Can someone tell me what happened to Off the Map? Been looking forward to another series but not sure if it got canceled?

  • sadly canceled. 

  • Arwynundomiel

    ABC’s Revenge is on hiatus, with the next episode scheduled to air on April 11, 2012.  The show did so well ABC picked it up for a full first season.

  • Simplyme

    When is Sanctuary 5 coming?

  • Thanks, I can only find a projected return date april 11. Is there any official source?

  • Ostranderp

    I’ve looked back over the comments but didn’t see Person of Interest.  Will that be coming back?  Like that show a lot.

  • ostranderp

    Will Person of Interest be returning.  Really like that show. 

  • ninelivesofcholeking

    What happen to the nine lives of chole king

  • Amberlindsey86

    when does the lying game come back on for a second season? or is it?

  • sam

    They are talking about a Movie to finish Nine live off so they arent leaving us hanging its not for sure yet but they are really thinking about it 

  • Ikitty1

    I think that the networks really hurt their shows by changing the time and day and leaving us in the dark as to when or where to find the shows we love!  I have missed several shows that I really love because they have moved to another timeslot or day.  And why they moved CSI Miami to Sunday night is beyond me!  I have missed most of the season because football ran long and my tivo didn’t record the ends!  I really don’t know who does the schedualling but they are soooo wrong!  Also, what’s with the half seasons?  They really need to run the show straight through, without the reruns and breaks.  Fill the space between seasons with new shows, not reruns!  Seriously :-(

  • js123445

    when is lying game coming back

  • Bridgetteguthrie1986

     it comes on every 3 weeks that is how they scheduled it for some reason…..

  • Bridgetteguthrie1986

     have you heard of when Drop Dead Diva is suppose to be coming back on?
    or if Big Brother has released when its coming back on in the Summer?

  • Tiffany :)

    Do you know if they are cancelling the lying game?? like is there going to be a season 2 or was that it because i heard somewhere that was the series finally not the season finally :( i would be soooooooooo sad if that was true! please tell me if u know anything about it!!! thanks :)

  • Karicom333

    Psych came back on febuary 29th 2012! I love this show! Whens doctor who coming back?

  • Fireandicecolide

    i didnt see the lying games. does anyone know when ABC Family has to make a decision on if they are giving it a second season or not?

  • JordanNicole98

    Is there going to be a third season to the lying game!?

  • Molittleton

    When is Strike Back returning?

  • UNKNOWN ;)

    Um i research it a bit and read about it. They say most likely they will shoot it in may but  not offically.

  • UNKNOWN ;)

    Um i research it a bit and read about it. They say most likely they will shoot it in may but  not offically.

  • Jrosegroup

    does anyone know when “Damages” is coming back on the air for 2012???

  • Lukeyy

    Is Merlin definitely back in the falls? Because i haven’t read anything on the BBC site to indicate so :/

  • Dermarnp

    Bring Revenge back. Best show series on TV followed by Alcatraz and Blue Bloods. Enough reality shows!

  • Lailapuckett

    Anyone know when greys anatomy is supposed to come back on?

  • Sue Donym

    Jesse Ventura keeps saying that his Conspiracy Theory series is coming back (and already filmed) on the Alex Jones show, but i still haven’t seen any promotions for it.

  • Demi

    is there going to be a season 2 of revenge

  • Stef

    I’ve heard that they are making a Chloe King movie ! Better then nothing right ?

  • Mommy23boysJIN

    Very informitive thank you! Especially when you need to make room for new shows in the que but dont want to delete ones you already liked if they are coming back soon.  

  • Arianaroosen

    When is the lying game coming back?

  • i like the show dr. who , but im mad!!!!!! it’s not coming back till fall!!!! i can’t go that long without watching matt smith (dr. who) battle monsters without using vilonce. he’s HOTT!!!!

  • Greeko

    Jordan season 3 of the lying game? hmm would help if the had season 2 first no?

  • Ayla16

    the mentalist when?

  • Kilombazo

    Is “The River” coming back for season 2?

  • Ohhh lovely list!!! Thank-you so much for it!!!! 

  • Blamcam

    i cant wait till summer when my two fav tv shows come back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps i love this website it is so handy! it has such a wide variety of shows!!!!!!!

  • Hkgrocks

    suits comes back on june 23rd.. if you google it it’ll pop up(:

  • CrimeLover<3

    oh and the secret cirlce comes back today and nikita tom…

  • CrimeLover(:

    The books are really good too…

  • Sara

    Yes they are definately back .. They just got the first script like less than a week ago :)

  • Thanks, you made me look, but I am afraid both imdb and epguides say July 16. It did start June 23 last year though. This year June 23 is on a Saturday which I doubt very much as very few series air on Saturdays. 

  • Has there been any news about the 2nd season of The Lying Game, I really hope it gets picked up!

  • eugenegerard

    When is the Finder coming back

  • Alicia

    when is the lying game season 2 coming back?

  • wens the lying game season 2 coming back

  • Dialsandhya
  • CrimeLover(:

    oh.. I’m so sorry. it must’ve been the wrong season I was looking at. Oh. lol.

  • Brooke M. Henn

    I want Nine Lives of Chloe King

  • Zack

    Will The lying game or The River have a secon season ?

  • gisabun

    Hilarious how American sites call the series “Being Human US” when it’s filmed in Montreal [Canada].

  • lyingame.

    When is the lying game season 2 going to come out?

  • Angelamazun

    when will season 2 of Revenge premiere? and when is lying game season 2 premiering?

  • Lying Game  – no decision yet, same goes for Revenge and many other shows at the moment. We might have to wait until the upfront week in May until we know but I hope for early renewals.

  • Ribbit_86

    When will the River on ABC return?

  • nathi

    When is suits season 1 episode 13 coming out?

  • Terry

    will The River be back or was March 20 the end

  • Peaceluvhate

    When will sseason 4 of pretty little liars coming on ?

  • guest

     Person of Interest has been renewed for a second season.

  • Rachael Sholl

    they canceled that show:( i liked it to

  • Runnindeer1971

    Anybody heard anything about Haven?

  • -A

    What about Jane by Design? No season 2??

  • Kelkiss23

    is drop dead diva coming back

  • Not yet but it returns this summer for the rest of season one (date in the list)

  • Daydreaming

    does anybody know something about sanctuary season 5>

  • Booka Ddf

    rookie blue only in summer?? aww man.. do you know the dates?

  • Dancerocky13b

    What about Jane by design season 2

  • Wynd_jsmith

    Any information on Southland (TNT) ?

  • Bigjonswift

    In April, according to info broadcast at end of the “hurricane” episode…with 6 episodes.

  • The Finder returns April 6 and the season ends May 11

  • Jane Sharp

    Finally – someone has made some sense out of Holywood’s chaos!! Thanks a million!!!!!

  • eugenegerard


  • eugenegerard


  • Lisamiller447

    After May when will Secret circle and vampire diaries be back on? I didn’t see it on the list..

  • AHHH YEA, this is like the best list IN THE WORLD! 2 More seasons of Son’s of anarchy!!! Thankyou for scouting all this knowledge, helps alot….

  • gp65

    is law and order svu  coming back on. or is it on hiatus

  • Spatwater

    when is terra nova coming back out

  • Becky Spear

    What about  The Nine Lives Of Chloe King!?

  • Alicia

    isn’t there only 2 seasons??

  • Xshakirax123

    When is the lying game back on?

  • Tumbled

    I heard that the Lying Game finished and isn’t going to come back anymore.


    i need to know when is The lying game and switched at birth’s season 2?????

  • I think it ws cancelled

  • Peaceiem

    I still didn’t get the answer on why Harry’s Law has disappeared????

  • poølmhø pokjøkl

    wow this list went far, 2013 will be the year big bang theory ends, cant belive how many years ago since the show started

  • over 50

    They always cancel the good shows (Alkatraz, the Cape, Chaos, Human Target, Nine lives of Chloe KIng, Terra Nova, Jericho, Against the Wall, Commander in Chief, Journeyman, Knight Rider 2008, No Ordinary Family, Off the Map, Outlaw, Rubicon,  and keep the trash or the stupid reality shows. They worry about the 18-49 age range who all seem to be brain dead when it comes to good clean shows. 

  • Julia

    what about Californification? Is it true that it will be seson 6?

  • alice

    what about Camelot?

  • Samira4

    When does (The River) coming back? i really loved that show and it was making my heart beat go fast!    please could anyone tell me when is it  coming back?   i hope that they didn’t cancel it.!!!

  • Luna Defrancoise

    i need to know when the river is coming back and if its coming back?   please bring back THE EVENT.

  • Dwslim1

    do you know anything about the nbc show Bent?

  • Falyn Wolf

    being human isnt gonna start again fr a while :'( the season finale killed me! cant wait fr the 3rd season :D

  • Nascarfanjoy_12

     June 2012

  • redwolf6911

    I loved Terra Nova and Alcatraz.  They were both unique.  Both cancelled.  I hate FOX.  They just leave the stories hanging then cancel.  If you become invested in their shows you are wasting your time.

  • redwolf6911

     Sorry, Alcatraz was cancelled.

  • llsymo

    Inside Men started in February this year.  Your page states starting in June.

  • llsymo
  • Percy401

    When is Body of Proof coming back out? The season finale yesterday left me obsessed with this show and I want it to come back out this year and not in 2 or 3 years. Body of Proof is my favorite crime show and I want to see what happens to Peter after the finale. When is the season return?

  • Shorty14720

    when is the lying game coming back please tell me i really need to know

  • Hannah

    wh6en the fuck is the lying game coming back on god it doesnt fucking say on this picie of shit of a web site

  • ABC haven’t told the world yet, watch your language. It is wait and see

  • BoP is undecided, but the buzz has not been optimistisk, personally i like the show

  • Emilee

    cant wait for switched at birth (ABC) to be back on in season 2!!!:)

  • Boolittle

    Person of Interest is returning in August for season 2

  • Paul Duffey

    When is “Damages” season 5 (2012) scheduled for Direct TV?

  • I have found no confirmation on the airdate, which source do you have?

  • Hiltk

    Does anyone know when the Lifetime show “Against The Wall”  is coming back on?

  • passion


  • It was unfortunately cancelled. 

  • it is still airing season 1

  • Ericka

    what about the lying game?! i didnt see it?!

  • Mercan Gunsiray

    ooohhh i hope it comes back i really love that show.. welll.. fingers crossed

  • Suziepugs

    What happen to the Lying game

  • Chloeee

    There is a season 2 , its not finished yet! i watch it on 5* in UK

  • Maureen

    Why is it that every show that I LOVE seems to go by the wayside?! When is Body of Proof coming back!!!???!!! I want it back!!

  • Diacula

    What is CBBC network?

  • Diacula

    Tera Nova has been canceled

  • Tessa

    OMG please don’t tell me you have axed ‘Ringer’… We LOVE this show in Canada… aside from the stupid lesbian affair with Andrews ex and his office co worker (totally unbelievable)… I mean seriously, how many people can this woman screw around with… and killing off Malcolm (one of the most interesting characters, what were they thinking) which were thrown in to mix things up even more… this was a very interesting show and we watched it religiously each week and I know a lot of other people who did.  I can’t believe they are going to just leave the show hanging re the finale as theyended it tonight without ordering some more episodes… come on NBC Canadians want to see what happens to Andrew and Bridget… and of course Siobhan and her twins and her lover, etc. etc.  Bring it back, stop the crazy dramatics and give a it a solid foundation and we’d love  to see more…. PLEEEEEAAAAASE BRING IT BACK… Incidentally we Canadians also love love love ‘Parks and Recreation’, funniest show on television.  30 Rock is stupid and boring, the Office has had it’s day and it’s getting increasingly maudlin, but ‘Parks and Recreation ‘ is hilarious and we love it… please bring this show back next season as well… 

  • a BBC channel


  • Kathynyc921

    You’re not alone, I loved The Event and would love to see the next chapter. 

  • Kathynyc921

    At this point, I’d settle for any Stargate.

  • Sarah772

    i would like to know this as well!! It was a great show!

  • anon41

    I’ve given up starting to watch new stuff after having been stung too many times with shows being cancelled. It started with Farscape and in recent years I really enjoyed V and Caprica only to have them cancelled too. I’m so sick of low 18-30 viweing figures getting good stuff cancelled, people don’t stop watching scifi when they turn 30 and some of us even have disposable income for the advertisers too…. I stick to films now, at least I know I’m going to get an ending that makes sense.

  • Anon41

    Oh and The Lost Room – forgot that one, now that was a great show that had at least one more season in it.

  • Killerbunnyrabbit11

    Wait when it says that Jane by Design is returning with season 1 what does that mean ?

  • As more and more common they divided the season into two parts. In this case spring and summer. So it is still returning with season 1.

  • no news yet

  • Tucsongameboy

    Why don’t you have walking dead dudes that show is so PIMP that’s my most favorite show and I can’t wait till it comes back that’s why you need to get that show, ok, cause that show is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Vnbrkm

    hi, any body know when “the walking dead” will return? thanks

  • most likely in October like last year.

  • The Walking Dead is one of my absolute favorites. So it has always been on the list. You find it under FALL 2012 (date tbd but likely October) 

  • Peaceiem

    What is going on with Harry’s Law?  Its been moved,put on hiatus, back and the finale is late.
    Will it be renewed?

  • Mommy2braedon
  • Mommy2braedon
  • Mommy2braedon

    Winter 2012 *Sorry lol

  • Thanks, that was good news. I love that show.

  • ROOKIE BLUE  May 24 not so bad!

  • yea love Ringer too! 

  • guest

    I love most of those shows accept that i’ve never seen Ringer, Broke Girls, Unforgettable and person of interest. Besides that I LOVE ALL THE REST!!!!!

  • guest

    What???????? are u serious. One of the best shows ever.

  • Victoria

    Does anyone know if Hart of Dixie is returning?? I love that show :-)

  • Guest

    I can’t wait til Raising Hope be back on again this Fall.  I just wish they would stop that retarded show Glee.  It’s stupid and who cares about that crap anyway.  Music been going down hill since the beginning of 2000’s anyways and the only best music out there right now is the Rock-N-Roll.  Like Aerosmith, Hinder, Nickelback, and Others in that nature.  Rap is Crap and so is Hip-Hop!!

  • Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries has been renewed by the CW.
    Good news, I hope.

  • best site/post

  • someone tell me when So You Think You Can Dance is going to premiere?

  • Indigo Star24

    Enlightened? Awkward.? Switched at birth? The lying game? Will ringer have a season 2?

  • Switched and Lying game are on the list and will return with new seasons, Ringer has not been decided.

  • Ostranderp

    Will GBC be returning next season? 

  • Fox cancels Alcatraz and the Finder, renews Touch …

  • Fox also canceled 
    Breaking In and I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

  • twissis

    I cannot see any recent info on these shows:  Body of Proof, CSI Miami, CSI – NY, Unforgettable & Up All Night. Can anyone enlighten me … Pls.

  •  ABC renews Castle, Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23,  Modern Family, Suburgatory, The Middle, Happy Endings, Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy

  • Bynot

    Alcatraz and the Finder are confirmed cancelled. Shame about Alcatraz another show we won’t know the whole story too!

  • I like Ringer too, but it just got canceled. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  • Awake canceled too, bummer. I liked it.

  • Sherine Joanne Roberts

    Sherine Roberts
    I love The Secret Circle Season 1 :) I can’t wait to see Season 2 of The Secret Circle starting I am looking forwend to seeing Teen Wolf Season 2 I love this show it is the best Werewolf series ever :)
    I can’t wait to see True Blood Season 5 I am a big fan of Vampires Series :) I think there should be more Vampire Series I love Merlin I have seen Series 1-4 I am really looking forwend to seeing Merlin Season 5 :) I can’t wait for Lost Girl Season2 to come back :)
    I love Supernatural :) I have got Supernatural Series 1-4 boxset on DVD I can’t wait to watch Supernatural Season 8 I love Supernatural  :)
    and there is alot more Series that I am looking forwend to watching again but I can’t think of them right now.

  • Npanther23

    Did they cancel Secret Circle? :(

  • Unfortunately the ‘breaking’ news that it was renewed was wrong. TSC was canceled.

  • Eureka_Havenlover

    they need to bring back Chase on syfy that show was my highlight it was amazing…..they need to bring that and keep HAVEN and bring back eureka I DONT WANT EUREKA TO END!! At least have a spin off or something with Jo and Carter and Allison and Fargo and bring Holly back from the dead lol

  • Sue Donym

    Breaking Bad is supposed to return Sunday July 17, 2012.

  • Lotta_aspen

    YAY NIKITA SEASON 3! Too bad Ringer got the axe though, really liked that show…and when exactly is Haven coming back? Couldn’t find it anywhere…

  • Guest

     Terra Nova has been cancelled… :/

  • yes vampire diaires coming back on in fall

  • Nene

     As a fellow Canadian, I LOVE Ringer as well! I watched every episode and was completely sucked in on each cliff hanger until the next episode.. You CAN’T cancel Ringer, it’s such a fantastic show! I wanna see more of Andrew and Bridget!!!!!!

  • FavShows<3

    I can’t believe the lying game isn’t coming back t’ill September! and what the heck ? Next to the secret circle it said that was the SERIES finally, i thought that was just the SEASON finally ? please tell me this isn’t true!

  • Ecollins520

    When does parks and rec come back? I’m in love with that show.

  • TVD lover

    Apparently The Secret Circle isn’t making another season which sucks because they left it on a cliffhanger :(

  • K Russell96

    me either but it did and that sucks

  • Seannybonny

    Do people really watch SMASH? It was about to be canceled!

  • Seguin Claude

    Damn Alcatraz and missing does not return its been cancelled   

  • Zipped_freak

    are you SURE!? just found out about this series and been watching season one ever sense, would be sad to know theres no more of it…

  • Andresdarcila

    it sucks from may, 13 to october just to watch season 2 of once upon a time.  It sucks to wait like 4 months for a new episode.  People just bring back the event because the last episode left us in space and seeing the aliens to com and this is 2011 or 2010

  • Nikreed12

    What ever happened to a gifted man?

  • Ostranderp

    Watched Criminal Minds last night.  Said it was the season dinale but seemed more like a series finale.  Will that show be back?

  • Criminal Minds was renewed so it will be back.

  • It was canceled

  • I know Body of Proof, CSI NY was renewed. Unforgettable was canceled, which was sad. CSI Miami was canceled too.

  • Stephanie

    U guys messed it up The secret circle is still coming back of u would listen to the tv

  • Rebecca-a

    winter 2012

  • Guest
  • Thanks, it has been real hard finding anything about Noir. Sad that it is uncertain if and when it will air.

  • Guest

    Does anyone know when psych season 6 is out in the UK

  • Guest

    when does ringer season 2 come out?

  • Watergirl44




  • Harpreet364

    when does vampire diaries come out season 4?

  • s.w.g.s.


  • s.w.g.s.


  • I awoke to sad news this morning. Syfy has cancelled Sanctuary. 

  • Darlene725

    i better buy another DVR !!

  • margaret mondoker

    when is the show once upon a time  coming back on the aer and on what channel ,please let me know would not what to miss any of the new shows.

  • Nicole fermin

    but where is  HEROES.!???!! i couldnt finish it.!!!!  i stayed on volume one and i cant find volume two…..someone knows when the tv is COMING AGAIN.’?!?!?!

  • CrimeLover(:

    what?! it had great viewings.. I can;t believe they cancelled the secret cricle too.. ringer was kind of like a knockoff of the lying game… did they cancel Heart of Dixie?

  • Heart of Dixie will be back! Something to look forward to.

  • CrimeLover(:

    I’ve actually never watched it.. it sounds pretty good.. is it soapy? like really soapy or just sweet? maybe I’ll check it out..

  • Asashii


  • And now make it or break it is cancelled

  • b.

    do you know the exact day of merlin coming back?

  • Kmwright925

    Nooooooooo!!! I was waiting for that to come back!

  • Madison

    On Jane by design is it season one or two thats playing on June 5th 2012 @ 9

  • bk

    does anyone know when will merlin season 5 be shown? 

  • Hershee(:

    Why is CW cancelling so many good shows with many viewers (ringer,the secret circle..)and high ratings? It doesn’t make sense. Is the budget too high or something?

  • TJ


  • Brittie7645

    There is no shows that can beat Shameless. Best show ever!

    And then Sons of Anarchy and American Horror.

  • Korkazki

    I agree

  • delane

    when does season 2 of hart of dixie start

  • delane

    when does the new season start

  • Sherine Joanne Roberts

    Sherine Roberts
    OMG I love a log of TV SHOWS Merlin,Teen Wolf,Lost Girl,Revenge,Supernatural,Nikita,Switched at Birth,Being Human US,Being Human UK,Ringer,The Vampire Diaries,Secret Circle,Secret Life Of The American Teenage,Gossip Girl,The Big Bang Theory,Heven,The Lying Game,Dexter,The Client List,Hart Of Dixie,True Blood  there all of my Favourite TV Shows to watch on the internet I love all of the shows I am really looking forward to seeing True Blood Season 5 and Teen Wolf Season 2 all of the rest of my favourite shows :)     

  • Rajbitter

    how about “how i met your mother?”

  • Chanel163rd

     Nope secret life is not cancled look again





  • Madfraser


  • Laura19960307

    Bring The secret sircle back 

  • Laura19960307

    Bring The secret sircle back

  • Lovebeingamom292012

    It sucks that you are getting rid of ringer. You left the end of ringer wide open. You should at least tell us what happens with everybody. You guys make me mad sometimes.

  • Lovethehippiechic3

    whan is switched at birth coming back on i want to know what bay is going to do cuz she found out that emmet cheated on her i cant beilieve he did that though he f***ed up big time

  • Sarahberah1121

    When is Revenge coming back?!?!?! I NEED it!!!!!

  • Guest

    june 28th 

  • M Blevins17

    when is new girl coming into the picture??

  • Mike

    what about The Killing on AMC? It just ended, wrapped up with a bow, so I was wondering if it’s done…

  • Thee person

    When is MTV’S Awkward coming back?

  • wlc1999

    When in 2013 will Switched At Birth be coming back on with season 2? It is my favorite show and I can’t wait for it to come back on!

  • smmdakota

    Terra Nova and Alcatraz have been cancelled.

  • Nikki

    Can’r believe Ringer has been cancelled! and the secret circle;/ they were two of the best shows!

  • aliza25

    I don’t see Harry’s Law!!

  • Whey Qi Teo

    Wow, this list is phenomenal..

  • Erika

    when does revenge come back on?

  • The CW Network

    Sherine Roberts
    OMG please I don’t it to Finish for good I went the Series to come back don’t end there just when it was geting very good I am looking forward to The Secret Circle Season 2 I am number 1 bigest fan ever of The Show and The Series and The Actors too When Is The Secret Cirle New Series coming back on The Internet I am a big Fan Of The Secret Circle I can’t wait to watch and find out the Date of when it will Start at I went more eries of The Secret Circle it can’t stop there The Series is geting better and better it is just geting good So I went the Show borted back on to TV on The CW 10/10 for the best seeries and Show I have ever seen in my life The Actors are really Good at what they You keep us in touch with us The big Fans Of The Series let us know what Date & The Mouth too next Year The Secret Circle Season 2 We are looking forward to seeing it and when it comes out and we can watch it on The Internet will start at do :)

  • The CW Network

    I don’t went it to finish I went a New Series of The Secret Circle to Start next Year and What Mouth

  • The CW Network

    will it Start on

  • does this get constantly updates? BOOKMARKED!

  • Abed Nadir

    Don’t let Community die! SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE!

  • Lost Girl isn’t comming back until winter 2013! Bummer!

  • Sherine Roberts

    I am very Angry at The CW Channel they Cancelled The Secret Circle Show and Ringer I am not happy at all Why is it that we the fangs allways get our shows cancelled it is not good I went The CW network to make more of The Secret Circle Series and make more of Ringer Series back on The CW network I am voting yes being The Secret Circle and Ringer back to make more Series keep us happy the Fans of there’s Shows :) We have lost too many Shows other ready don’t take there’s away from us the big Fans
    your bigest fan Sherine Roberts
    from Liverpool

  • N.L

    Does anyone know when Torchwood season 5 will be returning?

  • chickita

    your website URL is misleading. This doesn’t tell us WHEN my favorite tv show is coming back.

  • i cant beleive they took out the secret circle just when it was getting good too wanted to know who are all the brother and sister

  • it tells when my favorite show is coming back :)

  • loveonceuponatimepleasewatch

    I ABSOLUTELY love one show——ONCE UPON A TIME—– returning September 30th! It’s like a drama, love, action, mystery, fairy tale…..and so much more. It’s like everything in one! It may sound Like a fairy tale stupid thing, but it’s the best show I have seen in a long time. It left me on a cliff hanging so many times and it…..I can barely explain it! I wanted to watch it every week! every week I waited. Wow. I cried, I laughed. Wow. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! PLEASE WATCH IT! I AM SERIOUS IT IS A MUST-SEE!!!!

  • Ash

    I agree as well. I loved that show, and I think it would be great to see more.

  • Stacey

    does anyone know when suits will be returning?

  • In January according to USA, updated the page to include it too. Great series!

  • nora

    They cancelled the killing.

  • nora


  • nora

    Murphys law,jane by design, ringer, the killing cancelled.

  • nora

    Sep. 30

  • NL

    Does anyone know when Torchwood will be returning?

  • Fan

    What about the secret life of the american teenager

  • nora

    I want to know about enlightened, and when in october will american horror story premieres.

  • nora

    Oh also hot in cleveland season 4 premiere.

  • Paula Nash

    I was really upset when I’d heard they cancelled The Event! What were they thinking?? Also I wish they would bring back Chicago Code, I loved watching that one. That was also one that had good ratings, just no reason why they didnt renew it.

  • they need to bring back Charmed,Buffy the vampire slayer and Blood Ties That would Be Pretty Awesome

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  • LM

    Can not believe they cancelled ringer. Every episode something happened with a twist. ??????????

  • Shaye

    I’ve seen so many previews for new tv shows starting this September 2012, but I don’t want to start getting into a new show and then find out it gets cancelled like all my other favorites. (Secret Circle, Ringer, Missing,Terra Nova and many more)

  • JJ

    Why do they cancel great shows, like the Jane by Design on ABC, thtey always kept their audience hanging. Also Ringer, just watch the full season one, i thought there’s a next season, yet it’s cancelled. Even the Secret Circle, I never thought I can’t watch anymore the season 2. But I’m glad for the return of The Vampire Diaries, Lying Game, Hawaii Five-O, and NCIS: Los Angeles. Can’t wait.

  • JJ

    Yes! Ringer is awesome! yet they canceled it!

  • Dial Sandhya Jobs

    I agree as well.

  • nat

    Just watched the season finale of Rookie Blue. Amazing stuff. Cannot believe the show has only 13 episodes and it goes on only once a year. Frustrating. I´m gonna be holding my breath for season 4 a year from now. This sucks.

  • mokona

    when will be the air date of lost girl ?

  • gcg

    What happened to Jane By Design????

  • gcg

    I KNOW!! I loved secret circle!!

  • gcg

    I think its November…isnt it?

  • gcg

    U watch it before its finished?

  • gcg

    They already gave the spoiler for what would have happened, its not coming back:(

  • gcg

    They left it on SUCH a cliff-hanger!!! I was so mad for like a month!!

  • gcg

    WHAT?!?? Since when?? I hope they dont completely ruin the show!

  • gcg

    nov 2012 i think

  • mayray

    you forgot 90210 it premiere’s October 8th

  • How/Why

    How can we get CW in our area on Direct TV?

  • stef

    The Lying Game is coming back in January

  • nora


  • since syfy got into it, it’s been postponed until mid season probably January

  • christina

    why did they get rid of secret circle thhis sucks so much it was just getting good i hate that if your gonna cancel a show atleast show a few episodes of an ending i hate this its so annoying you take away good shows terra nova the river gates the ringer my mom is gonna be pissed

  • Shazza

    When is supernatural season 8 uk start date please.

  • Nina

    What about pretty little liars ??

  • does anyone know when major crimes going to end…. i don’t see it up there on the list?

  • Major Crimes season finale is October 15

  • bony

    when is coming back Necessary Roughness?

  • Natalie

    When is Pysch coming back on!??!?

  • logan

    The show Merlin is going start October 6, 2012 not in September

  • ailyn

    does anyone know when merlin really starting there are 2 dates up there… one on Sept 29 and in Jan 2013????

  • Cin

    When does drop dead diva come back?

  • Thanks, updated.

  • anyone now is there going to be warehouse season 5

  • xk

    Bring back the ringer !!!!

  • Ukamey

    it is coming back January 1

  • Zylice

    When is Once Upon A Time Season 2 and Merlin Season 5 comming to Australia??

  • wheres drop dead diva?? :-(

  • Chris

    Is breaking bad ending season 5 or ending the whole series?

  • Chris

    Is breaking bad ending season 5 or ending the whole series?

  • kim m.

    Is Psych ever coming back?

  • Nora

    Update november. I wanna see what shows premiere in november.

  • Nora

    Once upon a time season 2 premiered sept 30. And merlin premieres oct 6.



  • DEVI


  • Nora

    I read on enews that the premiere dates of whitney and community were being pushed back.

  • Nora

    Feb 27

  • That was unexpected, thanks for pointing that out. I found the source and have updated the page.

  • I am afraid there isn’t any more that I know of.

  • does anyone know if legend of the seeker is coming back or has it been really cancelled

  • Nora

    I thought that was cancelled, unless theyre showing it on netflix BUT, i could be wrong im not to sure about that!

  • Pat

    What happened to Made In Jersey? It was on a couple of Friday’s and then it disappeared.

  • “The Borgias”
    will return for a Season 3 full of sin on Showtime. The cable network
    has ordered a third season of 10 episodes slated to premiere in 2013. -Huffington Post 10/23/12

  • nora


  • nora

    Animal practice cancelled. Made in jersey cancelled

  • nora

    Smash feb 5

  • Any idea when/if? Drop dead diva is coming back for season 5?

  • Musiqsoulchld21

    The Event!!!!! Please bring back The Event!!!!!!!!

  • nora

    Spartacus: War of the Damned premieres Jan.25 2013.

  • nora

    February 20.-my bday.

  • Nora

    Will Lost Girl premiere on syfy u.s on jan 6th as well?

  • Lost Girl Season 3 will be airing on January 14th at 10pm on Syfy

  • Nora

    Thanks so much

  • Heyyy

    What about GRIMM?

  • Giya

    What about grimm

  • Anon

    It is boardwalk empire season 3 that is finished in Dec. NOT season 2. This threw me off, but I have checked the episode guide to be sure. Just wanted to let you know in case someone else is confused.

  • Where is “The Event”? I’m contacting NBC!

  • Thanks, I have corrected it.

  • nora

    Isn’t it the walking dead season 3 fall finale in dec 2?

  • This is absolutly the BEST place to find my fav. shows—Thanks for this schedule. I have been looking EVERYWHERE…& I have finally found YOU.thanks soooo much.

  • brandy

    they need let us now if they are bring back hollywood heights back

  • nora

    The mindy project starts jan. 8

  • nora

    American horror story returns jan. 2

  • does anyone now if there is going to be The secret Circle season 2 or more

  • SkippyDooDah

    ***Thanks*** for putting this together…I note that Warehouse 13 should be in Bold

  • Thanks, recrified

  • Mark Gambony

    You did not include Merlin in your list. … It will be returning January 4th at 10:00 on SYFY.

  • av17

    Is Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated coming back on January 27, 2013 with season 2 episode 16 Aliens Among U?

  • Nora

    American horror story returns today….

  • mmmmmmmmyum

    They need to bring back “u need to suck the nutt out my wee wee” back. It was a great show!

  • ShadowReaver

    they need to bring back Legend of the seeker and The secret Circle those are very awesome shows i hope someone will pick em up

  • ShadowReaver

    yay alphas will probably continue for season 3 they are making the decicion in sunday hope for the best i got proof if you need some

    That’s the word coming out of Sunday’s TCA press tour. After much speculation, second guessing and general confusion, BermanBraun executive Gail Berman told The Futon Critic that a decision on the future of Alphas would come sometime ‘this week’. So it looks like we’ll finally have official word over the next 7 days.

    We’ll let you know what happens.

    BermanBraun produce Alphas for Syfy.

    Originally posted: http://seriable.com/alphas-season-3-decision-this-week/#ixzz2HfOmP7QY

  • ShadowReaver

    i just send a message to syfy about LOTS And TSC i hope they got it

  • KiwiEater

    Just saw a message that Showcase has removed XIII from their schedule and it was not shown on Jan 4th as stated. Any ideas when it might be on?

  • ShadowReaver

    i heard that Disney will make Legend of the seeker S3 but the date is unkown

  • ShadowReaver

    yay legend of the seeker is coming back woohoo

  • ShadowReaver

    When does Legend of the Seeker season 3? Official release date is known?

    We remind, what the last episode of second season of the film «Legend
    of the Seeker» was issued in far 2010, in May. After that all started
    talking about the date of new episodes issue, but there was no exact
    answer from the creators. It became known, that there are simply no money for «life prolongation» of the legend, ABC Studios refuses to fund the project.

    The reporters of «Entertainment Weekly» managed to know, that Sam
    Raimi, the producer of this serial, started looking for a buyer for this
    film after the syndication refused to continue takings. Resent year
    some information appeared, that Disney channel has bought back all
    rights on the project. It will present continuation «Legend of the
    Seeker» season 3 already in 2013. Date of issue will be defined, but now
    the translation of previous seasons is on air.

    The second part of this serial was founded on the chapter one of the
    books of the writer Terry Goodkind. Audience of the serial counts more
    then 2 millions of people.

    Legend of the Seeker season 3 release date – in 2013
    yay i hope it’s true

  • ShadowReaver

    Is it true that Disney is going to make Legend of the seeker season 3 ????????

  • ShadowReaver

    anybody there ??

  • nora

    The killing will be returing for season 3 production begins in feb. 25

  • Sherine Roberts

    They need to bring back The Secret Circle & The Ringer back on The CW there ‘s are really my Favourite Shows I am so Angry that they got Cancelled I think they made Mistrick that they need to make it up to The Fans of there’s best Shows ever I miss The Secret Circle and The Ringer Just make us happy think about doing more of The Secret Circle & The Ringer too Please just let us know I really hope that it is a hell Yes :) I don’t went anymore No’s

  • Sherine Roberts

    That could cost them

  • Sherine Roberts

    Just bring The Secret Circle & The Ringer back on The CW

  • …Will Made in Jersey be back on TV ?…

  • ShadowReaver

    i got several new tv-shows/spin offs to add your list here goes they are all coming with in 3 years
    the Originals(CW)The Vampire Diaries Spin off in developement
    The Embrace (CW) Buffy the vampire slayer Remake/Reboot In Developement

  • ShadowReaver

    The Originals” is an all-new supernatural drama, brought to you by The CW. The show is a spin-off from hit TV series The Vampire Diaries,
    another supernatural drama surrounding the town of Mystic Falls and its
    inhabitants. In The Vampire Diaries, 17-year-old Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) is torn between her love for two brothers – Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley)
    Salvatore. But they are no ordinary boys – they are vampires. As the
    narrative develops, more supernatural beings enter the scene and wreak
    havoc in the town and in Elena’s life. In Season 2, we are introduced to
    Original vampire Klaus (Joseph Morgan) who is eager to break
    the curse that has bound him for over 1,000 years. If he succeeds, his
    werewolf gene will be activated, making him the Original
    vampire-werewolf hybrid.

    “The Originals” spin-off will center around Klaus and his family. The Vampire Diaries introduces us to Original Mother Esther (Alice Evans), and Father Mikael (Sebastian Roche) who have seven children – Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Finn (Caspar Zafer), Rebekah (Claire Holt), Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), Henrik (Devon Allowitz)
    and a 7th child, whose name we assume is Aaron. It will also showcase
    the mystery werewolf who fathered Klaus. Where The Vampire Diaries does
    not address the finer points of how the Originals came into being, nor a
    detailed history of what has happened in their unbearably long lives,
    “The Originals” will take us back to how it all began.

    taken from http://tvafterdarkonline.com/2012/07/the-vampire-diaries-original-spin-off/

  • nora

    Ben and kate cancelled. Drop dead diva cancelled. Dont trust the b in apartment 23 cancelled. And alphas cancelled.

  • cmc

    Left out SPARTACUS that premiered yesterday: Jan. 25 9 PM.

  • I’ll wait until they got a series order, tracking pilots and shows in development is just too huge an undertaking.

  • ShadowReaver

    ove do you have any news about Legend of the seeker Season 3 or The Secret Circle season 2

    i found some info about Legend of the seeker Season 3 on a site that says like that but im not sure if its 100% accurate

    Legend of the Seeker season 3 release date – in 2013

  • ShadowReaver
  • Hello, as far as I know it was cancelled.

  • shadowReaver

    ok Thanks for the info all i know that Legend of the seeker is’ not cancelled yet they are looking for new network to run the show same goes for The Secret Circle at least that’s what i was told yesterday

  • Nora

    Do no harm was cancelled after two episodes and the killing returns in may for a third season.

  • nora

    When does the big c premiere?

  • PeruGirl16

    I just read Drop Dead Diva was coming back with Seaon 5 – Do you know when?

  • nora

    Zero hour cancelled after 3 episodes

  • ratchet

    torchwood season 5 a.k.a Torchwood:Exoduscode is coming in 2014 woohoo

  • ratchet

    and i had to save the best for last THE SECRET CIRCLE SEASON 2 in Fall 2014 same goes for Legend of the seeker Season 3 that’s as far as i know right now

  • Deborah Aldridge

    Ripper Street did not come back on March 9.

  • URmom


  • WeeBoo

    you have THE BEST list of tv shows and what’s happening…THANKS!!!

  • nora

    when does continuum season 2 return on the syfy channel?

  • Tracy

    21st April I believe :)

  • nora

    Theres a few shows posted here twice for there season finales with two different dates, cult suburgatory, red widow are just some examples.

  • thanks, should have been corrected now.

  • NoraLee

    Which is the right date for cult season finale? The 24th or the 17th cuz there both posted?

  • nora

    The Killing june 2nd uncancelled for season 3

  • nora

    When is the season finale of the mindy project?

  • theclique

    Awkward is coming back on April 16!

  • Red

    WTF? Lost Angels isn’t airing until Feb 2014?????

  • nora

    cult cancelled

  • Reena

    white collar SEASON 5 is going to air on Oct. 13 :)

  • thanks, putting it on

  • Nlee.

    the killing season 3 next sunday..

  • Torq

    Supernatural Comes back October 1st!!! WHOOO!!!

  • Thanks Torq, added it to the list. The only confirmation I have found was http://countdown.teamfreewill.net/ but that will do for now.

  • ShadowReaver

    does anyone know if Primeval or Primeval:New World are coming Back that would be Great

  • MR<3

    Sunday June 23, 2013 – Drop dead diva returns with season 5

  • Rhys Glover

    So glad Micheal J Fox is making such a remarkable comeback, to have been diagnosed but then actually embrace his unfortunate disease as the main subject for his comeback series is absolute genius and tbh he’s the only guy who could ever pull it off [so well..] I love this guy, wish the characters from spin city would be in this show, i’ll always remeber the time when i sat down and watched nearly all of the series back to back. Is literally one of the most funniest show’s i have ever seen in my life…

  • shadowreaver


    5 Seasons, 37 Episodes Network: Watch (UK)

    Airs: Saturday 20:00 on Watch Runtime: 60 Minutes

    Show Status: Returning Series Premiere: February 10, 2007

    Genre: Drama Sci-Fi Mystery

    i took this From btvguide.com and it says Returning and it’s 100% accurate so it might be coming back

    and as for the spin off it show it like this:

    Primeval: New World

    1 Season, 13 EpisodesNetwork: SPACE (CA)

    Airs: Monday 22:00 on SPACE Runtime: 60 Minutes

    Show Status: New Series Premiere: October 29, 2012

    Genre: Adventure Sci-Fi Action so anaybody wanna tell me if they are returning and what year ??

  • shadowreaver

    is CSI:NY returning for 10th Season coz i just looked from btvguide and there it says the Show status is Returning Series

  • ShadowReaver

    does anyone know if The Listener is returning for season 5 and if CSI:New york is returning for season 10 and what about Primeval New World season 2 and Primeval Season 6 i anybody knows something let me know :)

  • Jeremy Toeman

    this is a pretty straightforward plug, but my company’s new site http://www.nextguide.tv allows you to sign up for reminders about when shows come to Live TV or Streaming. Would love any feedback from this community on how we can make that feature work great for your needs!

  • Sherine

    I am really looking forward to watching all of my very Favourites Shows coming The Tomorrow People,The Vampire Diaries,The Hart Of Dixie,Lost Girl,The Originals,Supernatural,Witches Of East End,Beauty And The Beast,Arrow,American Horror Story,Reign,Once Upon A Time In Wonderland,Grimm,Dracula, I am very much looking forward to Teen Wolf Season 3 Returning after Christmas :)

  • Sherine

    To starting very soon

  • alley

    veronica mars movie in production now should be out in 2014!

  • Eloise Higgins

    what about the listener

  • amanda jean

    Just a little courtesy note for everyone… hart of dixie comes on oct. 12th, not 7th :)

  • noralee rosas

    When does lost girl and being human u.s premiere on syfy ?

  • ShadowReaver

    Woopii NetFlix is going to Bring Back Buffy the vampire slayer and making Twin Peaks Reboot

  • ShadowReaver

    and there maybe Twilight tv spin off on the way

  • jen

    what about the lying game i love that show..

  • noralee rosas

    It was canceled sweetie i kno i was disapointed too.

  • Sherine

    I am looking forward to a lot of shows are coming back like SWITCHED AT BIRTH,

  • Sherine

    The 100 New Show looks Amazing to watch

  • Sherine

    There is a lot of Shows that I am really looked Amazing to watch once they all start I am really looking forward to TEEN WOLF Season 3 returning in 6th January 2014 it is on MTV :)

  • genretv

    “The Returned’ premieres 10/31/2013 on Sundance Channel in the US. It was a big hit in France and the UK and has been renewed for a second season.

  • genretv

    How strange, My comment seems to have been deleted though it contained nothing controversial. I can only theorize that the comments have a limited number of slots allowed and once the threshold is reached then any new comments are deleted? I can still see a history of the comments in recent comments though over to the right of the page.

  • I see it and thank you.
    There is a short delay before new comments are shown.
    I vill add The Returned

  • Paul London

    At least wrap up the event. In the uk the started broadcasting it at erratic late times so I missed loads but I’m not selfish and believe all cancelled shows should get an ending no matter how rushed it is.

  • genretv

    “Bitten” premieres January 13 at 10/9c on SYFY in the United States.

  • Thanks, added

  • noralee rosas

    Does anyone know when revolution comes back?

  • noralee rosas

    Cant wait for hemlock grove on netflix. and premiere date of game of thrones.

  • tiff

    what about revolution ?:(

  • Bryan

    The EVENT is a good tv show they should bring back …. Who is whit me

  • nora

    I dont see lost girl premiere date? is it the same as the being human premiere? also dont see the american horror story coven premiere? posted on here. ps. when does crisis premiere?

  • AM

    Very helpful. Thanks!

  • Lisa

    Is some girls coming back?

  • Lisa

    Is some girls coming back?

  • gaelyn

    when is revenge coming back on

  • noralee rosas

    March 9th

  • noralee rosas

    Does anyone know when salem and the strain premiere?

  • lm

    WHAT no more WAREHOUSE 13 after this season??????????????? Dump all the vampire & werewolves and put the SY back in SYFY ….. PLEASE!!!!!

  • Dani

    Is there gonna be a new season in 2014.

  • noralee rosas

    Ravenswood cancelled.

  • Sherine Roberts

    I love Bitten Season 1 al Episodes I really want there to be more Series o be made of this Amazing show oh and keep all of the same Actors in it please bring back The Secret Circle made a Season 2 of the show with the very same Actors in it

  • noralee

    Are u sure from dusk till dawn premieres on the 15th? on facebook it says on march 11th?

  • ShadowReaver

    does anyone know if there is Dracula season 2 and if Almost Human and Primeval new world are getting more seasons as well ??

  • Hi,
    Almost human isn’t decided yet, and I am faily sure Primeval New World was canceled.

  • Stephanie M. Stafford

    Couldn’t of said it better myself!! + I’m still saying that stuff to this day.

  • Brenda Rose Stahl

    that would be great!! When and where did you hear that? I haven’t heard that yet? they need to renew The Nine Lives of Chloe King! It only got one season, not fair

  • Brenda Rose Stahl

    yep Secret Life is cancelled

  • Christabel Smith

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  • season 6 of leverage pls

    Bring on more seasons of “Leverage” PLEASE!!!

  • precious kiara

    They need to bring back The Lying Game and Nikita

  • noralee

    Once upon a time in wonderland is the series finale this Thursday.

  • V4customs

    I think its Season Finale. Have heard rumors of a Season 2. may be unfounded. The Main OUAT series has hit almost every Storybook character I can think of.. but I’m sure they will pull something out of their hat for Season 4

  • V4customs

    Nikita isn’t quite over yet. They still hathe 2nd half of season 5 which will be the last season. Most of the Actors have other things on there plate. Like Maggie Q doing Divergent, and Lyndsy Fonseca Finishing up “How I met Your Mother”.

  • V4customs

    I’m with Ove on Primeval. The UK version was great but died out. Canadian vers was barely good in today standards, but may be saved from views on Netflix or Hulu. Dracula was kinda iffy IMO, I could see that as a mini-series, but nothing more. I know Almost Human was a great new show. would love to see that come back.

  • V4customs

    Completely agree here. great show. alas I think they retired it.

  • sam

    what about greys anatomy

  • sam

    is it cancelled

  • Deborah Wilson

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  • Samsi

    I was so sad for Being Human (US), it was a great serie. <3

  • noralee

    When does the strain premiere? What date specifically?

  • Fedup

    Are they doing another season of MI five on BBC?

  • Sherine Roberts

    They need to bring back The Secret Circle,The Ringer,The Tomorrow People,Star Crossed on The CW Nenwork

  • Daniel Bryan

    Watch New TV Series 2014 Online @ http://www.fullshow.us/

  • Sherine Roberts

    There’s All look Amazing new Show I am so looking forward to watching all of them once they all start

  • Sherine Roberts

    They need to bring back The Secret Circle and Ringer both back please there are great shows all the way they made the worse thing ever I want them to bring them back please make more Series of The Secret Circle and Ringer too

  • noralee

    Seriously? may is over.

  • noralee

    The leftovers premieres on hbo on June 29th in the us.
    But I don’t kno about the 15th maybe if u live somewhere else i dk??

  • Cindy Stark Dailey

    This is a bunch of bullshit, Why get rid of Believe?

  • noralee

    In the flesh season 3?

  • Start date soon on http://date-release.com/

  • MappahPrincess

    I want Hawthorne!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherine Roberts

    I am so looking forward to Supernatural returning Season 10 starting and Bitten Season 2 and Lost Girl and Nikita and Bates Motel and The Vampire Diaries Season 6 and Once Upon A Time Season 4 The Originals Season 2 and Beauty And The Beast

  • Sherine Roberts

    Teen Wolf Season 5 to start there’s are all my favourite shows there are more I just can’t think of them right now

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    Are Intelligence and almost Human coming back or are they cancelled??

  • noralee

    Intelligence was cancelled

  • noralee

    It was cancelled

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    and what about Almost human was it cancelled aswell

  • Unfortunately it was canceled too.

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    The Listener Has Been cancelled Final Episode aired August 18 And as far as i know there is no season 6

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    CBS is working on Charmed reboot yay
    Netflix Might Bring Back Buffy the Vampire slayer Double Yay

  • nora

    When does lost girls 5th and final season premiere on syfy?

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    Lost Girl Season 5 will premiere on Sunday, December 7, 2014, at 9 p.m.

  • Thank you, added.

  • Darryl

    Is Drop Dead Diva coming back ever?

  • nora

    But on syfy not the showcase premiere

  • According to facebook that is the showcase premiere, do you have a source for syfy’s premiere

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    Syfy hasn’t announced Lost Girl season 5 premiere date yet
    from what i’ve heard there’s just Lost girl Season 5 Premieres in 2015 at Syfy

  • noralee


  • noralee

    I just lost trueblood. Even tho the last 2minutes were a horrible disaster. But now im going to lose more beloved shows like hemlock grove, boardwalk empire, falling skies, lost girl and also the killing aired it final season on Netflix.

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    yay i just heard that NetFlix Resurrects The Carrie Diaries and The Secret Circle double woohoo

    Premiere Dates are Still unknown

    Here’s what i’ve Found out about those 2 so far

    The Secret Circle (NetFlix) (Complete Reboot of the Series)

    The Carrie Diaries (NetFlix) (Will Also Be Reboot of the series)

    also here’s a little more info for both series:

    “The Carrie Diaries” has thrived so much online and is one of the most watched Teen Shows onNetflix and Hulu. For a while, it’s been speculated that The Carries Diaries was going to becanceled because even though the show was thriving via online streaming, it was lacking in TV ratings. It was officially announced today that The Carries Diaries has been canceled, however Netflix will allegedly ‘resurrect it from the dead’ and will also allegedly reboot the highly successful show “The Secret Circle”, which ended because of CW’s alleged budget.

    The Carrie Diaries will start off where they left off in its last season, but The Secret Circle will get a complete reboot. Similar to what Netflix did with the show “H2o Just Add Water”.

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    the Listener Has Already Ended There’s no Season 6

  • nora

    Wow really?

  • Hearn

    Bring Back Longmire

  • Lisa Jesse Kortea

    When is season 3 of “orange is the new black” coming out on Netflix?

  • noralee

    When does atlantis season 2 premiere on bbc America here in the usa?

  • nora

    Theres two premieres for the walking dead Feb 8 and march 5?

  • nora

    According to facebook shameless premieres on January 11th

  • nora

    I doubt shameless and house of lies are gonna be on lifetime.

  • A somewhat amusing misswriting:)

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    ove you got 1 tv series miscalculation
    The Good Witch Premieres in 2015 and not in 2014

  • nora


  • nora

    Helix premieres on January 16th

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    i keep hearing that CBS is making Charmed reboot
    and Neflix is going to make Carrie diaries Reboot and The Secret Circle Reboot does someone know if it’s true if it is then tell me ??

  • nora

    When does pretty little liars, chasing life, switched at birth and finding carter return does anyone know?

  • im_2_b

    I have a suggestion, maybe have two list for the TV shows, one for season premiers and one for season finales.

  • christina

    what happened to Finding Carter? I’m not seeing where it is coming back anywhere!!

  • bud lee

    Is V ever coming back

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    ove you got wrong air date for Agents of shield it’s not January 6
    Agents of shield returns March 3.2015

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    Current Confirmed/Estimated release dates:

    Bitten season 2 – February 7, 2015

    24 season 10 – spring 2015

    Under the Dome season 3 – June 2015.

    Agents of shield Season 2 Spring Premiere – March 3rd, 2015

    The Witches of the East End Season 3 – Summer 2015.

    Blacklist season 3 – September 2015.

    Wolfblood Season 4 – September 2015


  • Aubuchon

    iZombie makes its debut March 17 at 9 PM Eastern Time on the CW.

    Apocalyptic new drama “The Messengers” set to air on Fridays at 9 PM Eastern beginning April 10.

    Following is The CW’s midseason premiere schedule:

    Wednesday, March 11
    8:00-9:00pm Arrow
    9:00-10:00pm The 100 (Season Finale)

    Tuesday, March 17
    8:00-9:00pm The Flash
    9:00-10:00pm iZombie (Series Premiere)

    Wednesday, March 18
    8:00-9:00pm Arrow
    9:00-10:00pm Supernatural (New Night)

    Friday, April 10
    8:00-8:30pm Cedric’s Barber Battle (Series Premiere)
    8:30-9:00pm Whose Line is it Anyway? (Cycle Premiere)
    9:00-10:00pm The Messengers (Series Premiere)


  • Aubuchon

    Although there is a petition to renew Witches of East End, it is officially canceled.


  • mistress cara

    Legend of the seeker was so good…………. :'(

  • Sony Paul

    I am waiting for the Flash and Arrow.

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    i hope someone Brings Legend of the Seeker Back i liked that 1

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    good new Dracula Might Come Back for season 2
    Netflix Might Bring Back Dracula for 2ndseason in

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    it’s official There’s going to Be SuperGirl TV-series made by CBS it’s coming next year

  • jasena

    Where’s the nine lives of child king and when do teen wolf come back on? what date? And bates motel coming back on turn up and finding carter yasss

  • Sakcpb

    CW: Please bring back The Secret Circle and make a second season!! Thousands of fans would watch, I promise you!!

  • Hi

    Bring back the secret circle and your profit will skyrocket!

  • gumbee

    Covert Affairs is cancelled and it would be season 6 anyway

  • Thomas Brown Esq

    I am soooo sorry to hear backstrom wont be renewed i for think its superb along with longmire

  • Anna

    Please bring back The Secret Circle I love that show and I tried reading the books but they were too different. Also bring back The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. I hated the way that ended after all Ricky and Amy went through not to be together! Please bring them back!

  • ostranderp

    I heard they cancelled Battle Creek. Bummer. I really liked that show.

  • ostranderp

    Did anyone else watch Battle Creek? I liked it but they cancelled it. Bummer.

  • Enola Cabrera


  • Tony

    is this page/site no longer receiving updates for TV series dates?


    {Cough~Cough}, Hames Of Thrones?

  • Ventura8020

    I’m still mad, honestly how could they not do at least a show or two more to wrap it up? The lead actor was good, but now in a crappy trash show… (Satisfaction)

  • nora

    Nine lives was cancelled since 2011

  • noralee

    Plz update

  • noralee

    Please update

  • done

  • noralee


  • Sherine Roberts

    I am so looking forward to The Originals Season 3 The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Haven Season 5 Hemlock Grove Season 3 Rush Hour New Show South Of Hell New Horror The Big Babg Theory New Season Luke Case I really want Paul Wesley to be in this new show Aah Vs Evil Dead New Drama Grimm Returning Show Supergirl New Series Jane The Virgin Season 2 Arrow Seaaon 4 Supernatural Season 11 iZombie New Zombie Drama The Flash Season 2 Sleepy Hollow returning Show Marvel’s Agent’s Of SHIELD Season 3 Once Upon A Time returning Show Heroes Reborn New Show Gotham Aeason 2 Extant Season 2 Lost Girl Final Aeason Part 2

  • kowgirl

    shows are having such long hiatus’, that I lose interest in them! I understand if stars want a break or have another project, but a hiatus shouldn’t be more than 3-6 months long. Waiting until the following year to see a show return is ridiculous!

  • Aaron Lavigne

    I love this page. So convenient!

  • Freda King

    the new season of big bang theory comes back on this week on Monday or Tuesday ,

  • Sherine Roberts

    I am really looking forward to watching Lucifer New Show it looks so funny
    2016 I so can’t wait to start watching all Episodes on the Internet

  • Sherine Roberts

    Childhood’s End,The Expanse,The Librarians,The Martian,The Man In The High Castle,Jessica Jones,Into The Badiands,Flesh And Bone,Angel From Hell, Elementary,Haven,Hemlock Grove,Rush Hour,Shades Of Blue,South Of Hell,The Big Bang Theory,The Girlfriend Experience,The Living And The Dead,The Ghost Hunter,The One Percent,The Refugees,Titans,Westworld,Hunters,Iron Fist Legends Of Tomorrow,Luke Cage,Lucifer,Once Upon A Time,Supernatural,Lost Girl,The Originals,Arrow,The Vampire Diaries,Ash VS Evil Dead,Grimm,Supergirl,Da Vinci’s Demons,Jane The Virgin,The Walking Dead,Fargo,The Last Kingdom,Red Oaks,IZOMBIE,The Flash,Finding Carter,Madame Secretary,The Affair,The Good Wife,Sleepy Hollow,Bones,Marvel’s Agent’s Of SHIELD,The Grinder,Heroes Rebourn,Nashville,Rosewood,The Mysteries Of Laura,Limitless,Scream Queen,Gotham,Minority Report,Extant,The Bastard Executioner,Longmore,Continuum,Hand Of God,He’ll On Wheels,Switched At Birth,Teen Wolf,Wayward Pines,Royal Pains,Welcome To Sweden,Atlantis,The Strain,Ray Donovan,Scream,Zoo,Falling Skies,Humans,American Odyssey,Salem,Between,Graceland,Rookie Blue,Olympus,Under The Dome,Killjoys,Proof,Hames Of Thrones,Defiance,Bitten,Beauty And The Beast,The Fosters,Turn,

  • Sherine Roberts

    There’s are all the shows I love And Want there to be more of Bitten to be made and soon please

  • Sherine Roberts

    Ash Vs Evil Dead New
    Grimm Returning Show
    Supergirl New Show
    Da Vinci’s Demons Season 3 Final Season
    Jane The Virgin Season 2
    The Last Kingdom New Historical Drama
    X Files New Show
    Thunderbirds Are Go Season 2
    Colony New Show
    Red Oaks New Show
    Lucifer New Show
    Shannara New Show
    The Vampire Diaries Season 7
    Turn Season 3
    The Frankenstein New Show
    The Big Bang Theory New Season
    The 100 Season 3
    The Originals Season 3
    Stitchers Season 2
    Shameless Season 6
    Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 2
    Luke Cage New Series
    Haven Season 5 Final Season
    Legends Of Tomorrow New Show
    Iron Fist New Series
    Hunters New Alian Hunter Drama
    Beowolf New Drama Final Season
    Westworld New Drama
    Supernatural Season 11
    Titans New Drama
    The Refugees New Time Travel Drama
    The One Percent New Drama
    The Living And The Dead New Ghost Hunter Drama
    The Girlfriend Experience New Drama
    South Of Hell New Horror Series
    Shades Of Blue New Cop Show
    Rush Hour New Show
    Hemlock Grove Final Season 3
    Childhod’s End New Miniseries
    The Librarians Season 2
    Jessica Jones New Series
    The Man In The High Castle New Drama
    Elementary Season 4
    Angel From Hell New Show
    Arrow Season 4
    The Flesh Season 2
    IZOMBIE New Zombie Drama
    Finding Carter Season 2B
    Bones Returning Show
    Sleepy Hollow Returning Show
    The Grinder New Show
    Marvel’s Agent’s Of SHIELD Season 3
    Grandfathered New Show
    Once Upon A Time Returning Show
    Heroes Reborn New Show
    The Mysteries Of Laura Returning Show
    Rosewood New Show
    Nashville Returning Show
    Empire Season 2
    Scream Queen New Show
    Limitless New Show
    Scorpion Season 2
    Minority Report New Show
    Gotham Season 2
    Blind spot New Show
    Extant Season 2
    Lost Girl Final Season 4 Part 2
    Hand Of God New Show
    Continuum Final Season 4
    The Player New Show
    Heartbreaker New Show
    Agent X New Action Show
    Apocalypse New Drama
    I want there to be more Series of Bitten to be made soon please

  • Sherine Roberts

    Arrow Season 4
    Ash VS Evil Dead New Drama
    Agent X New Action Show
    Apocalypse New Drama
    Angel From Hell New Show
    Blindspot New Show
    Beowulf New Drama Final Season
    Bones Returning Show
    Childhod’s End New Miniseries
    Colony New Show
    Continuum Final Season 4
    Da Vinci’s Demons Season 3 Final Season
    Extant Seaaon 2
    Empire Season 2
    Elementary Season 4
    Finding Carter Season 2B
    Grandfathered New Show
    Gotham Season 2
    Grimm Returning Show
    Hunters New Alian Hunter Srama
    Hemlock Grove Final Season 3
    Hand Of God New Show
    Heroes Reborn New Show
    Haven Season 5
    Heartbreaker New Show
    Iron Fist New Series
    IZOMBIE New Zombie Drama
    Jessica Jones New Series
    Jane The Virgin Season 3
    Limitless New Show
    Lost Girl Final Season 4 Part 2
    Lucifer New Show
    Luke Cage New Series
    Legends Of Tomorrow New Show
    Marvel’s Agent’s Of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 3
    Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 2
    Minority Report New Show
    Nashville Returning Show
    Once Upon A Time Returning Show
    Rosewood New Show
    Rush Hour New Show
    Shades Of Blue New Cop Show
    Supergirl New Show
    South Of Hell New Horror Series
    Stitches Season 2
    Shameless Season 6
    Shannara New Show
    Scream Queen New Show
    Supernatural Season 11
    Sleepy Hollow Returning Show
    The Mysteries Of Laura Returning Show
    The Player New Show
    Thunderbirds Are Go Season 2
    Turn Season 3
    The Frankenstein New Show
    The Big Bang Theory New Season
    The Originals Season 3
    The Vampire Diaries Season 7
    The 100 Season 3
    Titans New Drama
    The Refugees New Time Travel Drama
    The One Percent New Drama
    The Living And The Dead New Ghost Hunter Drama
    The Girlfriend Experience New Drama
    The Librarians Season 2
    The Man In The Castle New SCI FI Drama
    The Last Kingdom New Historical Drama
    The Grinder New Show
    The X Files New Show
    I want there to be more of Bitten Series to be made soon please

  • Sherine Roberts

    Please bring back The Secret Circle Series

  • Raymond Krugel

    When does PLL start?

  • Sherine Roberts

    I am so looking forward to watching Shadowhunters New show it looks a lot better then the film

  • Sherine Roberts

    Teen Wolf,Lucifer, and there is a lot more shows that I am looking forward to seeing

  • claudette


  • Nora

    Update it’s April

  • Sherine Roberts

    They need to being back The Secret Circle,Ringer please I am so looking forward to all New Shows very much

  • nora

    Update update update!!!

  • Nora

    What’s new for May and summer??

  • Sherine Roberts

    I want them to bring back The Gates for a Season 2 I loved❤️Season 1 was Amazing show I love❤️Vampires marriaged couple are both really good actors in this show please renew it

  • Johnson Rose

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  • noralee rosas

    Whats new for july?

  • Sherine Roberts

    I want them to bring back The Secret Circle and Ringer

  • noralee rosas

    Sweetheart thats not going to happen sorry.

  • Demilee Paynter

    why isant the walking dead or vikings here

  • ajax

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  • noralee rosas

    Whats new for october and November??

  • noralee rosas

    The walking dead returns the 23rd of october and vikings returns november 30 in the u.s

  • Nora

    This website is dead