Vampire Diaries Season 2 Premiere [TV Review]

It is the return of the overemotional vampires. Last year I put Vampire Diaries on a pile and watched all of them in one go this summer. The finale convinced me I should try to catch it as it goes this season. Now I am not so sure.

The teen drama love triangle stuff starts to get to me. Watching just this show it might not but it is an overused trope. I have to admire the actors though, they play it well.

There is the added spice of Katherine with her hidden game plan. I wonder if it has something to do with the vampires they let out of the crypt? Or maybe the time is right for her to return.

The plot so far is basically Katherine stirring the pot, Damon goes off the rail because no one loves him and Bonnie becomes a contender for his affection. Caroline is snuffed by a pillow wielding Katherine while on Damon’s blood. Congrats Damon, you are a father. That might in fact be interesting to see next episode, I think I changed my mind, I will watch it as it goes. It must be the show that affects me so. The characters are so straight forward and firm in their attitudes.

I was so looking forward to see Elena and Katherine meet but alas not this episode. The show might be a bit racier this season with all the kiss me, ravage me stuff going on but I am jaded by True Blood. Show me some skin or it ain’t so.

The promised werewolves failed to materialize this episode but it is not hard to guess whose family curse is going to be it. Are all werewolves hotheads? Seems true often enough, the only exception so far is Alcide in the other series.

I did like some scenes in particular here, Damon hit by a pile of bricks, the You have feelings brother speech, the Kiss-me-or-kill-me-ravage-me interuptus and the double I don’t love you.

Okay, it was not too shabby, but I still feel a bit guilty for enjoying it.