Vigilante by Laura E. Reeve (Major Ariane Kedros 2)

Laura is very influenced by her Greek heritage. This time Ari and Matt goes back to the G-145 system they found in the beginning of Peacekeeper. Terran State Prince Isrid Parmet, with family are there too. He who tortured Arianne and blackmailed her to sign a contract for Terran companies to exploit the alien ruins found on a moon in the system.

At the same time it is discovered that a Terran temporal bomb has disappeared, propably stolen.

Also set on G-145 are a cult of isolationists. Their hero Quesan Douchet once destroyed a Minoan ship. The Minoans hunted him down and killed him and made all his relatives barren. Now the isolationists are back for revenge and the fulfillment of his prophesy. They have infiltrated sleepers all over the system when their leader Abrams Hadrian Rouxe take over the generation ship in charge of the temporal buoy.

Another excellent book by Laura E Reeve. Musa 3 might not have as much personality as David Weber’s Dahak but she is getting there

Greeks in space, what will they think of next …