Voice of the Gods by Trudi Canavan (Age of the Five 3)

This is the final volume of the Age of Five Trilogy. Auraya have refused to kill Mirar and are punished by the gods. She elects to resign from the White and takes up residence in the land of the Siyee. Ella, a healer at the Hospite is elected the new White.

Mirar travels to Drekkar, and asks Emerahl to teach Auraya to shield her ming from the gods. Emerahl travels to Si where she lure Auraya to the magic-free zone and teaches her mind shielding.

Rumors about a scroll describing the war of the gods and maybe even how to kill a god  surfaces. Both the gods followers and the immortals set out to find it.

Auraya learns more than mind shielding, she also discover she can hear the gods. She learns that the goddess Huan plots her demise. Huan order the Siyee to attack the Black birds breeding ground in the South. Auraya is forbidden to help them in the fight. She still follow them.  Auraya lost her immortality when she resigned as a white now she become immortal again this time by herself.

Meanwhile Mirar decide to make his identity known to his fellow dreamweavers.

The Pentadians continue their infiltration in Circle lands with an elaborate plan of the first voice killing dreamweavers to get new disciples. They also target dunaway servants who are not more than slaves and are easily swayed by the pentadians ways of only making slaves of criminals.

The book eventually becomes a race between the gods and the immortal as the forces of the north and the south prepare to battle again.

A worthy finish of the trilogy. Trudi Conovan wraps up the story in a satisfying way.