Walking Dead 1.02 – Gore [TV Review]

Seems like this episode is controversial, I have avoided reading any of the many posts but as I understand it is considered racist by some and second rate by others (This could all be a misunderstanding from my side, but that is the preconceptions I have when viewing). I will try to build my own opinion as I go along. I really hope not because I liked the pilot a lot and wish it to succeed. We need stronger genre shows. News came during the day that AMC already renewed The Walking Dead for a second season of 13 episodes that ought to be good news.

Let’s see…

In this episode Rick meets up with some other survivors in the City and they have to resort to rather gruesome gore to fool the zombies and escape from the city. I could definitely live with the characters even the white redneck bigot and the afro American rapper. So what if the characters are a bit stereotypical. It is a zombie show!

I think its way to early to tell who these characters are. Reasonable we meet them when they are in panic over being surrounded by hordes of zombies lured there by Rick’s shooting. It is still one of the best new shows I have seen this year.

We leave Rick and his new friends as they leave town to join up with the people outside, which includes Rick’s wife, son and his best friend who is banging his wife. Next episode should be interesting in that regard.

Keep the zombies coming …

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