Warehouse 13 – Season 2 premiere July 6

I was a bit skeptic at first but Warehouse 13 have picked up and it is entertaining steam-punk science fantasy with some really wonderful characters, especially Claudia and Artie. It took me a while to appreciate Pete and Myka as the dynamic duo of the show but at the end of season one they where getting there. As you might know I am a character person and I love bickering and I might also be weak for goofing and a little bit of fun and humor and they are definitely getting there.  I love all the stem-punk gadgets they have.

Remember the season finale? MacPherson escapes with the help of Leena masquerading as Claudia. Arti is in the entrance to the Warehouse when it blows up. Will he survive? (If you don’t want to know look no further). Will they go after the wrong person? What more did MacPerson do while he was loose in the Warehouse? Warehouse 13 returns Tuesday July 6 on Syfy

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With this show you will soon find it has an extra character, and yes of course that character is the Warehouse itself. Warehouse 13 has a lot of history and in the show it was first build back in 1914 although the previous warehouses go back much earlier, and this is currently the 13th Warehouse of its type (The Library of Alexandria was the first). Warehouse 13 is a home for artifacts which encompass many things, but they usually posses some kind of power or have a unique functions, often the artifacts contains some historical relevance and are almost always supernatural in some form, so the warehouse provides a safe place to keep all the unique artifacts from falling into the wrong hands.

The Warehouse itself is a vast place and in the show we get to see a lot of artifacts that have already been collected, and its Artie who oversees the running while Myka and Pete often end up venturing out to obtain a rogue artifact that is causing chaos somewhere. They neutralize the artifacts by placing them in purple goo.

Warehouse 13 is currently located in South Dakota literally in the middle of nowhere and it was decided this was currently the safest location.

Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) is a Secret Service agent and all-around charmer who is transferred to the Warehouse after a night protecting the President takes a turn for the strange. Intelligent but a bit of a man-child, he is initially more accepting than Myka of the extraordinary nature of their new job. He lives by his own rules and often achieves optimum results by seizing the moment and acting on instinct. He is a sober alcoholic since 2001. He has a deaf sister who taught him lip reading and he has a sixth sense in regards to immediate dangers and a weakness for cookies.

Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) is a Secret Service agent who lives and loves the job, and is less than happy to be assigned to the Warehouse after the aforementioned Presidential strangeness. She operates by the book, and it rarely leads her astray. Her emotional walls are solid and averse to crumbling. She prefers to plan ahead and is not very good at going with the flow. She once wished herself reassigned from the Warehouse but the trinket produced a ferret instead for ‘impossible’ wishes- She named it Pete because they are both ‘cute and annoying’.

Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek) is the current caretaker of the Warehouse. He loves and respects the facility and its relics, and has little patience for those who don’t feel the same. In the past he was a cryptographer, and was charged with treason for selling government secrets to the Soviet Union.

Claudia Donovan (Alison Scagliotti) is a tech genius who breaks into the Warehouse and kidnaps Artie to force him to retrieve her missing brother. She later joins the Warehouse team, often activating relics without permission. Though she and Artie are sometimes at odds, they clearly have a caring relationship. However, in the season finale, she left when Leena and Mrs. Frederic accused her of taking objects in the warehouse and giving them to MacPherson. It was later revealed that it was actually Leena stealing the items, disguised as Claudia.

Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) is the enigmatic government director responsible for assigning Pete and Myka to the Warehouse. Not much is known about her, and she seems to appear and disappear at the drop of a hat.

Leena (Genelle Williams) is the owner of the bed and breakfast where Pete and Myka stay. The B&B has been around as long as the Warehouse, and it’s inferred that Leena may also be much older than she appears. She can read auras, and often helps Artie solves problems with the artifacts. It is revealed in the first season finale that she has been working with MacPherson.

MacPherson (Roger Rees) is a former Warehouse agent and arch-nemesis of Artie. MacPherson was Artie’s partner until he decided to sell or use the warehouse items for personal gain. He has demonstrated a great knowledge of paranormal artifacts and uses them to accomplish his goals. Though numerous attempts have been made to capture him, he remains at large as of the first season finale.

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2.01 – Time Will Tell – Season Two Premiere (Syfy July 6). In the season two premiere, we pick up right where we left off. MacPherson has blown Artie to smithereens, and disappeared. Is Leena really a traitor? Where has Claudia gone? How will Pete, Myka and the Warehouse fare without Artie? What other havoc did MacPherson wreak when he was alone in the Warehouse? And is there yet a new villain on the horizon?

2.02 – Mild-Mannered (Syfy July 13). A masked vigilante with an artifact is cleaning up the mean streets of Detroit. But when the very object that granted this mild-mannered samaritan his amazing super-powers threatens to destroy him and his city, it’s the dynamic duo of Lattimer and Bering who must now come to the rescue.

2.03 – Beyond Our Control (Syfy July 20). When an artifact meant for the Warehouse turns up in the small town next door, the team finds themselves in the middle of a B-movie meltdown complete with cowboys, gladiators, sci-fi robots and beach storming marines. Their only chance of survival rests with the man who invented television, Philo T. Farnsworth.

2.04 – Age Before Beauty (Syfy July 27). When young super models rapidly age 50 years overnight, Pete and Myka go undercover in the glam world of high fashion to discover who – and what – is behind the transformations.

2.05 – 13.1Warehouse 13 Crossover (Syfy August 3). Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston) of Eureka’s Global Dynamics is sent to Warehouse 13 to help update its aging computer system. This triggers a seemingly sentient computer virus that sends the Warehouse into lockdown and traps the team inside.

Warehouse 13 4.05 – Crossing Over (Syfy Friday August 6). Warehouse 13’s Claudia Donovan pays a visit to Eureka, hoping to see some amazing technological wonders. She gets more than she bargained for when seemingly random objects begin appearing around town. Working with Sheriff Carter and Fargo, Claudia has to help solve the mystery before the strange anomalies have deadly consequences…particularly for newcomer Dr. Grant (James Callis). Rene Auberjonois (Boston Legal, Star Trek: DS 9) will guest star as former Warehouse agent Hugo Miller.


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