Warehouse 13 – 13.1 (Review)

Last week

Peter and Myka infiltrated Fashion Week to find a sinister artifact that aged models in hours. When Myka is affected Claudia gets to play with a real huge needle in a suggestive way before they could sort it all out. Claudia went train wreck on her first date with Todd but Artie came to the rescue.

This week

What could go wrong with a computer upgrade in the Warehouse? You are correct, a lot. Fargo arrives on order of the scary lady. He and Claudia bond over gadgets and the it evolution while Artie fuss over every little change they make. Install completed, reboot. No luck there amigos and amigas, Failsafe Activated! Peculiar and sinister looking devices pop out of the floors while they are locked out of the system.

Mika and Pete chase off to fetch Hugo Miller, the retired inventor of the Warehouse system in the hope he could help. But he has gone bonkers and lives in a nearby sanatorium. After a somewhat amusing trip they bring him back.

Meanwhile Artie show Fagro and Claudia the computer lab where the AI resided. It uploads itself into the more modern diggs Fargo installed including some spiffy drones. The AI appears in holographic form as Hugo Miller in some time typical attire from the seventies. The computer declares a new safety protocol and starts to freeze down the Warehouse with its residents,

Claudia and Fargo go off to hunt the artifact Hugo used to create the AI while Artie goes off and challenge the computer at Battlecruiser. One of the coolest scenes in this episode is when Fargo and Claudia combine a laser pistol with Claudia’s extension ring when they are surrounded by drones. What they made? A Lightsaber! Swish swash, Fargo got one down and hand it over to Claudie who first cut off its legs and then impale the drone brrscreech. In a moment of euphoria they kiss. That’s when Claudia realizes she loves Todd and tells Fargo. Fargo had something else in mind.

Artie saves the day when he beats the computer by cheating. He realizes it is not an AI, it is the left half of Hugo’s mind that has been downloaded into the computer. He convinces it to let the real Hugo in. For a while it looks like the computer might win and download Hugo’s mind into the mainframe but our computer wiz locks him out and Artie reverse the process by spinning the artifact the other way.

In the end Hugo goes off to a new job at GD in Eureka while Claudia get shot down by Todd, bummer.

Said and done

  • This is why Jedi turned to the dark side (Fargo)
  • Soon we are in breeding camps wearing fur bikinis (Pete)


The Eureka crossover continues.

Eureka 4.05 – Crossing over (Syfy)
Claudia Donovan visits Eureka to see if Fargo’s promises of wondrous devices are true, but she finds herself in the middle of a mystery suitable for Warehouse 13 when objects begin to appear randomly around the town and GD, and it must be solved before there are deadly consequences.

Next week

Warehouse 13 – Around the Bend (Syfy)
Pete goes undercover and the Relic Hunter is guest staring as one of Peter’s old love interests.

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