Warehouse 13 2.03 – Beyond Our Control (Review)

Last Week

Last week Pete and Myka tried to make friends with the town’s people with little success before going off dealing with a ‘superhero’.

This Week

We start to see more of the season arc promised by McPherson and H. G. Wells and their big plan. Mrs. Fredric arrives with a couple of agents to check Leena’s symptoms. It is all a bit creepy especially when they use the Pearl of Wisdom to examine the residues left by McPherson in her mind. Mrs. Fredric ‘smooths over’ the residue but there is always  some little echo left behind as one of the agent says and in the final scene we see the hair of someone? or a wig? or some really poorly drawn headphones drawn by Leena.

The town people’s failure to warm up to Pete and Myka get its explanation. The Warehouse’s cover story is that they are an IRS warehouse thus the cold shoulders. They go to the post office to check if Pete’s parcel with personal effects has arrived only to meet the post lady on her way out, the post is closed and she is retiring, going home to eat popcorn and watch movies.

Dr Kelly Hernandez is the local veterinarian and she doesn’t like IRS or Pete for that matter. The sparks makes me believe this is Pete’s love interest this season, besides H. G. Wells.

Claudia got the original Farnsworth communication device, but she is not happy with the old tech so she sets out to modify it so it can receive email and other modern features like a new ring tune. Artie discover her and is appalled. It is about then the Farnswoth makes strange sounds and a general alarm goes off for a disturbance in town.

Then follows a series of entertaining B movie events with marines, cowboys, gangsters, gladiators and tigers. Artie of course accuse Claudia for causing all the problems with her tweaking. Claudia goes to the hardware store to get some parts and meets Tod the clerk, looks like she might have found an interest outside work. I started to think it all had to do with Pete’s movie collection in the post office and it did sort of. They track down a projector artifact to the retired postmaster just as it is about to start a doomsday movie. I like the way Pete knows about all the geeky details in the movie. The end becomes a race as they try to get the camera for the projector to work so they can show something harmless.

All in all a good episode with all the antics we come to love with Warehouse 13. The big plan has me mystified, wonder what we learn next.

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