Warehouse 13 2.06 – Around the Bend [Short Review]

Last Week

Last week was the crossover event with Eureka where Fargo first visited the Warehouse to upgrade the computer system and they made a lightsaber together. Then Claudia visited a time challenged Eureka where minefields materialized around them and there was kissing. Great cross by the way, I loved it.

This Week

This week is mostly about Pete and the Regents. Mrs Frederic seeks out Pete and give him an undercover mission he can’t tell the others about because it involves treason on the highest level. It all becomes real when he sees Benedict meeting with an artifact thief. But the whole thing is induced by an artifact that creates delusion and paranoia. Pete is not good at keeping secrets so Myka soon becomes suspicious, she even stage an intervention thinking he started drinking again. Pete’s delusion includes an old contact Kate Logan played by Tia Carrere from the original Relic Hunter tv show where she played globe-hunting, black-belted archeology professor Sydney Fox. I remember it fondly, it was cheesy but entertaining. Back to the story. I understand why the waitress gives him such a weird look when he makes out with Kate. He is the only one who can see her. The surveillance video is comic. In the end Myka and Artie sort it out.

On a side story Claudia discovers the protocols for dealing with her in case she becomes a threat to the Warehouse and has a go at Artie about it. That was the most entertaining part of this episode.

I think this was a decent episode but not spectacular but thats just me. I am also a bit surprised there isn’t anything yet about H. G. Wells and her sinister plan.

News about Christmas Episode

Syfy announced there will be both an Eureka and a Warehouse 13 Christmas special this year. I am happy they join Dr. Who, the Closer and other shows in this fine tradition. Here is an excerpt from their press release.

On Warehouse 13, as the Warehouse team prepares to celebrate the holidays in snowy South Dakota, Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) are called upon to hunt down a malevolent Santa Claus. Meanwhile, in time for Hanukkah, Artie and his estranged father, Isadore Weisfelt reunite after 30 years. Award-winning actor Judd Hirsch returns to television guest starring as Artie’s father. Paul Blackthorne also guest stars as a harried work-a-holic who becomes terrorized by a strange series of robberies committed by a thief dressed as “jolly old Saint Nick!”

Next Week

Warehouse 13 2.07 – For the team (Syfy)
An old foe helps Myka and Claudia investigate strange deaths on a college wrestling team, and Peter has to seek medical assistance from an unwilling source when Artie falls ill.

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