Warehouse 13 2.07 – For the Team [Short Review]

Last week

In episode 2.06 Around the Bend Peter went on an undercover mission for Mrs Frederic or so he thought while affected by a paranoia creating telegraph. Myka got a little worried and staged and intervention because she thought he was drinking again. Tia Carrere from the original Relic Hunter guested as a former colleague and love interest.

Syfy also announced a Warehouse 13 Christmas Special  this year.

This Week

I have been complaining for a while of the lack of a season arc and that they left H. G. Well’s story out to dry. I love this season, don’t get me wrong. But I would love some longer thrills than one per week. My prayers have been heard.

In this episode Pete is grounded because of his mental breakdown last episode and Myka goes hunting for an artifact that is killing off wrestlers on a team that win every competition. And as an added spice she gets Claudia as her apprentice agent.

Claudia gets a bit winded especially when they go into the wrestler’s locker room. But Myka and Claudia have a good report and after calming down and being herself she is doing pretty well.

The real story here is about seizing the day. Artie and Pete are by themselves at the warehouse today while the women are doing the field work. Both of them make progress with life outside work. Artie with the Doctor, a woman he lures to the warehouse once per year to remove his appendix that always grows back. This year she is called away before she can remove it and it grows to fast that he must seek help. The only help in town is the veterinarian that seemed so agitated with Pete. That’s where Pete takes the chance to ask her out, like we didn’t see that coming. It is cute in a goofy way. Luckily for Pete that is a lady with some skin on her nose, but she has been burned before and I am afraid that she will get burned again.

Let me explain, you all know H. G. Wells is a woman since the season premiere. She used to work in Warehouse 12 before they cast her in the bronze prison. Pete kissed her seven episodes back and now she is back. Just in time when he is in a real fragile early stage with the veterinarian. Wells is not really subtle so there might be trouble there.

Wells might not show up in the warehouse this episode but she will sooner or later. Today she helped Myka out of the blue with the case, but she also got Myka to take one of her artifacts back to the Warehouse. She says she wants to return and work for the warehouse again but there is a trust issue and no one has explained why Wells was sentenced in the first place.

The wrestling team was drinking an energy drink that had been infected with an artifact that made them stronger but then turned them into the human Torch without the flame resistance.

H. G. Wells saved Claudia when she fell into one of the vats and almost burned up. All is well in the world again but Miss Wells disappears.

Artifacts don’t talk – People talk (Myka)

Next Week

Warehouse 13 2.08 – Merge with Caution (Syfy)
Myka attends her high-school reunion while Pete enjoys some time with his girlfriend, but an artifact upsets their plans to enjoy a normal weekend, and Artie and Claudia take on a mission of their own.

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