Warehouse 13 pilot

Arti Nielsen (Saul Rubinek), Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock)

Ok, it starts off with a creepy Mayan blood stone incident at a museum then it’s off to the outbacks in South Dakota. I love Artie. Pete and Myka feels like goofy meets airhead. Love the ferret. Love Leena too. Sorry that the main characters are the least interesting.

In the werehouse Pete acquire a kettle that grant wishes, before Arti can neutralize it, Myka wishes for a transfer out. The kettle produce s ferret, as Arti explains – instead of impossible wishes!

Houdini’s wallet sneaks out together with Myka to Leena’s establishment. Myka gets a ghost riding with her as a result.

Now they get their first case. Arti suspect something weird with a young man, Cody that hit his girlfriend. While being interviewed he starts to talk Italian as if he is possessed and he break his chains and turn over the table. They can’t get anyone to answer if Cody contacted any artifact. It ends up a Machiavellian mystery about the Borgia’s.

I have trouble with the main characters report. I like goofy. Airhead not so much. She looks gorgeous but she doesn’t come off as an especially good actor.

Steam punk is kind of describing of the tech here. Tesla’s stun gun definite looks like Steam punk.There will be some Indiana Jones like pyrotechnics there at the end.

All in all, it is watchable.