WE by John Dickinson

What’s chilly about WE is the future it paints. The Story:

We are the only Humans left…

In the furthest, coldest, darkest reaches of our solar system, Paul Munro is on a mission from which he can never return. A desolate ice-covered moon will be his home for the rest of his life. And only from here can he see what humanity has become.

A thriller to freeze your blood. To absolute zero.

I bought this after reading Mark Chitty’s excellent review (link below) and it lived up to my expectations. This is one of the best science fiction books i have read in a  long time.

Earth is a world where everyone is online, all the time, with brain implants that assist them in everything they do. Every decision they make is habitually done by asking the net for advise. And no one living in the wired society reflects over the situation. They never knew anything else.

It takes an eight year trip to an icy moon around Jupiter and four humans alone, cut off from Earth to rediscover what it  means to be human. This is a recurring theme of our times (not for the first time in history),  what it  means to be human, there is even a British TV show called “Being human” from a  fantasy perspective. There are many issues with technologies and life sciences today and in the near future that can hold a Damocles’ Sword of Change over our heads, but I never suspected Social Media of being one of them. I understand now that I was wrong, it do have the potential.

But there is more than one terrifying secret lurking for our protagonist.

Masterful world building and characters that are lifelike, with motivations you understand and can relate to. There is a scene, when Paul the main character cry for the first time and he can’t  understand what  it is, that is really moving.

WE is a masterful story of discovery and revelation on so many levels that you have to read it, it relates to everything we are today.

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