Weekly Journal 6 – 12 February 2012

Autogenisis is my book of the week. It takes place in 2048 among students that play with forbidden AI research and it mixes tropes from singularity and cyberpunk with Scandinavian social criticism. One of the better books in that genre I have read in a long time. A bit surprising too since it is David Sikter‘s debut.  And sorry folks it is only available in Swedish so far.

Control Point gets a honorary mentioning as near future military fantasy. Not much done in that particular sub genre before. This is about a military man discovering his latent magic in a world where his particular brand is prohibited.

Fringe continues being awesome. That ending with Olivia was great. This weeks episode reminded me of the Philadelphia Experiment. It felt they where on some kind of Möbius strip. I have not seen The River, this weeks premiere yet. Was it any good?

My books per week ratio is down because I play with RESTful web services and have a need for a new planning tool. Eg javascript, php and mysql programming. I am contemplating a separate blog about those endeavors.


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  1. Autogenesis by David Sikter (Wela 2012) – review copy
  2. Control Point (Shadow Ops 1) by Myke Cole (Recorded Books 2011) – uk us audible
  3. Theme Planet (A Novel of The Anarchy 1) by Andy Remic (Solaris 2011) – uk us

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  1. Control Point (Shadow Ops 1) by Myke Cole (Recorded Books 2011) – uk us audible