Weekly Journal April 4-10 2011


I have been preoccupied with gastronomy this week since I was responsible for a formal three dish dinner at the local Druid Lodge this Friday. I didn’t want to leave anything to chance so I made dishes a couple of times during the week and even tested it on my unsuspecting coworkers (who liked it). It went down well with the brothers on Friday and then I slept for most of Saturday.

The menu was:

  1. Starter: Roulades made of flatbread with horse-radish creme and smoked ham decorated by a Spinach leaf
  2. Main course: Spicy minute beef roulades with apple and mayonnaise, Hasselbacks Potatoes (Sliced with butter, Parmesan cheese and  breadcrumb topping) and a salty Spinach salad with cucumber and sun-dried tomatoes served with red wine.
  3. Desert: coffee and a glass with lightly burned crushed hazelnuts at the bottom as a surprise under an olive-oil lemon digestive mix topped with lemon curd, layers of a lemon Creme Fraishe sauce mixed with raspberries and some chocolate chips on the very top.

My culinary English is not quite up to my science fiction one so I hope you excuse any mistakes (please point them out so I don’t make them again though).

I did manage to read one book though. Edit: and another one later. Allan Campbell is new to me and it was great to make his acquaintance with Sea of Ghosts a gritty sort of retro futuristic fantasy that sat well with me. This is the first book in The Gravedigger Chronicles trilogy. A review will be up this week or the next.

I will bring you my pick of May’s books on Friday and it looks promising.

Kind regards and remember I am always open to suggestions.


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  1. The Inferior (The Bone world trilogy 1) by Peadar Ó Guilín (Corgi 2008, 1st 2007)
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  2. Sea of Ghosts (The Gravedigger Chronicles book 1) by Alan Campbell (Tor UK 2011)