Weekly Journal August 2-8

All of a sudden you don’t have all time in the world to read and write. That’s back to work for you. I am not so happy with the quality of my blogging this week but I expect things to pick up as soon as I get a hold on the project coordination and hire the personnel we are going to need.

Concerning reading: Terminal World was a pleasant surprise and the rest of the week I spent reading fantasy, Aliette de Bodard is impressive I have to order book 2 of Obsidian and Blood. The Innocent Mage and The Awakened Mage was also quite good.

Notable posts this week

I am planing to have a look at the upcoming Fall season the coming weeks. The Event [New This Fall] is first out but you can count on posts about all new genre shows or seasons.

Development wise I expect it to pick up the pace now after Comic Con so you can read about the state for SFF Pilot Watch August 3.

You might also want to Watch the SGU Season Two Trailer that is a series I expect much of when it returns September 28.

I keep When is my favorite show coming back? updated with premieres and finales for all my favorite shows.

Formidable Female Protagonists in Science Fiction this week

I prefer female protagonists and this series of posts is homage to some of the most formidable female main characters in science fiction novels or series. This is the first post where all the protagonists are unknown to me.

  1. Nicole Shea – Not so perfect Hero (Chris Claremont)
  2. Anyanwu – Two Immortals (Octavia Butler)
  3. Rissa Kerguelen – Underground Poster Child (F. M. Busby)
  4. Laura Webster – Improve the World (Bruce Sterling)
  5. Pricilla Delacroiz y Mendoza – Exiled Spacer (Steve Miller & Sharon Lee)

This weeks Female Protagonist on SF TV

Samantha ‘Sam’ Carter on Stargate SG-1 is a fan dom legend.

New SF Books in August

New Science Fiction Books in August 2010 Revisited is definitely worth a look

Books Read this week

  1. Awakened Mage (Kingmaker Kingbreaker book 2) by Karen Miller (Orbit)
  2. Innocent Mage (Kingmaker Kingbreaker book 1) by Karen Miller (Orbit)
  3. Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds (Tantor Media)
  4. Servants of the Underworld (Obsidian & Blood book 1) by Aliette de Bodard (Angry Robot)

Backlog of books

  1. Survival Kit by Frederik Pohl (Granada)
  2. Palimpsest by Catherynne M Valente (Bantam Spectra) [Review soon]
  3. Retribution Falls (Tale of the Kity Jay 1) by Chris Wooding (Gollancz)
  4. Julian Comstock by Robert Charles Wilson (Tor) [Review soon]
  5. Absorption (Ragnarok book 1) by John Meaney (Gollancz)
  6. The City and the City by China Miéville (MacMillan) [Review soon]
  7. Vishnu at the Cat Circus by Ian McDonald (Pyr/Gollancz) – a novella [Review soon]
  8. Boneshaker (Clockwork Century book 1) by Cherie Priest (Tor) [Review soon]
  9. Ashes and Stars (Omega Point Trilogy book 1) by George Zebrowski

Books bought by me this month

I got some good news this week Clementine is finally on it’s way and I allready started reading The Black Lung Captain.

  1. The Unincorporated War (The Unincorporated Man book 2) Dani & Eytan Kollin (Tor)
  2. The Black Lung Captain (Tale of the Ketty Jay 2) by Chris Wooding (Gollancz)

Progress rapport after the break

I have a hefty plan for reading this summer. Reading 46 books in two months. That might be though. This is my progress rapport.

Read so far

Left to read