Weekly Journal July 18-24 2011

While I have enjoyed another carefree week relentless reality intruded with the horrible events in Norway. My thoughts go to the families and friends of the victims. It is almost too horrible to describe the havoc a single disturbed person can do. I read an eye-opener in the news. We often discuss terrorism threats from Muslim extremists while more than 90% of all terror attacks in the Europe are associated with right-wing extremists as seems to be the case here. Food for thought…

Halting State was best read of the week. It takes place in a world of cyber crimes and gaming. A world I recognize, World of Warcraft tried to eat my life a few years ago. Rule 34 doesn’t quite reach the same heights while still being entertaining.

KG Johansson has written a delightful little post-apocalyptic YA scifi novel about The Glass Towers that also went down well. Only available in Swedish though.

Been watching Being Human Series three and the US season one. I love the UK version, it still the best but they didn’t botch the US version either. BH should return in the beginning of 2012.

Next week I will continue writing about the forthcoming Fall season. It looks rather interesting but is  space-challenged and more magic and supernatural than science fiction. You can start by checking out the shows below.


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  1. Glastornen [The Glass Towers] (Glastornen 1) by KG Johansson (Wela 2011, 1st 2005)
  2. Rule 34 (Halting State book 2) by Charles Stross (Ace 2011)
  3. Halting State (Halting State book 1) by Charles Stross (Ace 2008, 1st 2007)

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  1. The Pandoran Age Chronicles (Omnibus The Rise of the Taloned Sire, The Pandoran War) by Dante D’Anthony (Chronos Production 2010) – review copy from author
  2. Hell Ship by Philip Palmer (Orbit 2011)

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  1. The Stars Down Under (The Outback Stars 2) by Sandra McDonald (Tor 2008)