Weekly Journal July 25-31 2011

It is shameful how few female authors I have covered this year so I decided to try to rectify this. It is hard to find science fiction written by women, there is an abundance of fantasy though. In the end I picked some at random.

None of the books was excellent but The Long Tomorrow was my favorite. It is a post nuclear war story from the fifties so some of it is dated but I enjoyed the characters and the down-to-earth every-day kind of approach of it. In a way it reminded me of Nathan Lowell’s science fiction.

I am in the middle of the Shola Allaince books at the moment and I still like them though they are a bit long and tedious at times. This is fuzzies’ heaven with human and cat aliens having sex.

Otherwise this week has been relaxing.

Next week is the last week before I start working again but that feels quite okay. I look forward to it. It is good to work with something you like to do. You will have a report on July this week too.


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Read this week

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  1. Dark Nadir (Shola Alliance 5) by Lisanne Norman (DAW 1999)
  2. Razor’s Edge (Shola Alliance 4) by Lisanne Norman (DAW 1997)
  3. Fire Margins (Shola Alliance 3) by Lisanne Norman (DAW 1996)
  4. Fortune’s Wheel (Shola Alliance 2) by Lisanne Norman (DAW 1995)
  5. Turning Point (Shola Alliance 1) by Lisanne Norman (DAW 1993)
  6. Out of the Dark (Blackbird  3) by Barbara Karmazin (Liquid Silver 2004)
  7. Down Came a Blackbird (Blackbird  2) by Barbara Karmazin (Atlantic Bridge 2001)
  8. The Long Tomorrow by Leigh Brackett (ACE 1962, 1st 1955)
  9. A Woman of the Iron People by Eleanor Arnason (William Morrow 1991)

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  1. Rule 34 (Halting State book 2) by Charles Stross (Ace 2011)

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  1. Heart of Iron by Ekaterina Seida (Prime 2011)
  2. The Stars Blue Yonder (The Outback Stars 3) by Sandra McDonald (Tor 2009)
  3. The Stars Down Under (The Outback Stars 2) by Sandra McDonald (Tor 2008)
  4. The Outback Stars (The Outback Stars 1) by Sandra McDonald (Tor 2007)