Weekly Journal June 14-20 2010

In retrospect this has been a productive week with some tv news, the return of True Blood and some good reading.

I expect a busy four days this week but then it’s off to holiday for five weeks, last day is Thursday. I hope to give you at least a post per day up until then.

TV news have dried up now with summer time and reruns. there was some new castings on Walking Dead and a new series called Shadows in development with ABC.

In an almost unprecedented move AMC put the whole first episode of their new conspiracy series Rubicon online (you might want to watch it, it looks promising), it premiere August 1.

ABC’s new Series The Gates premieres later tonight, expect a review on Tuesday June 22. You can watch the first 17-18 minutes here.

HBO also showed the first video (short) for their upcoming fantasy series Games of Thrones and a the first poster of Ned Stark.

This week’s Female Protagonists on SF TV was Æon Flux on Æon Flux. I am one of the few people I know that liked the movie. The cartoons on MTV was great too.

True Blood a Review of the 3rd Season Premiere might also interest.

New Series by David Weber – Out of the Dark – Cover Art & Blurb I still can’t decide if I should be appalled that David Weber jumped on the Vampire bandwagon or delighted with another new series from an author I love.

This week’s Formidable Female Protagonists in Science Fiction. Fifty!

  1. Friday Jones – the Sometimes Single Cyborg
  2. Esmay Suiza – Landsbride Officer
  3. Gloria VanDeen – Glorious Bureaucrat
  4. Molly Millions – The Original Razor Girl
  5. Cassandra Blaine – Cyber Star
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I posted my recommendations for New Science Fiction Books in July on Tuesday June 15.

Books read this week:

  1. Burning Skies by David J. Williams (autumn Rain 2) [Review June 24]
  2. Machinery of Light by David J. Williams (autumn Rain 3) [Review June 28]
  3. Boneshaker by Cherie Priest (Clockwork Century) [Review coming up]
Reviews of earlier reads:
  1. The January Dancer by Michael Flynn (Firestar Future 1)
  2. Watch by Robert J. Sawyer (WWW 2) – Review on TLR
  3. Overthrowing Heaven by Mark L. van Name (Jon & Lobo 3)
My backlog of books to review
  1. Up Jim River by Michael Flynn (Firestar Future 2) [Review June 21]
No books arrived this week.