Weekly Journal June 27-July 3 2011

This has been an exhausting week. I think the Americans have the right idea with AC in every room. Too hot weather to do anything coherent for any extended period this week. I haven’t read any books at all which is unusual. I don’t think it has happened once since I started this blog.

I have done some TV and started trimming the to-watch pile. No Ordinary Family was not as bad as everyone said it was in the end but I can see why the network canceled it. I would have liked to see what a second season would have taken them with the government knowing and all though.

This summer’s new shows has so far been a surprise. I felt almost like mocking Teen Wolf as yet another supernatural show about angsty teenagers but it surprised me. It is indeed quite entertaining even if it doesn’t blow my socks off. The other new show on ABC The Nine Lives of Chloe King isn’t quite as good but the show is finding it’s way. There are some bad acting that I have trouble with there and it is already starting to diverge in major ways from the books. It is still one of the episodes I watch first every week.

Next week is going to be my first holiday week so I have not planned anything. I will take the days as they come and do whatever I feel like.

Torchwood: Miracle Day is something I am looking forward to on Friday though. One day nobody dies. Torchwood is dead or so everybody thinks but Jack and Gwen are back to save the day. This is a cross-Atlantic venture both in the real world and on the small screen. I am looking forward to see how they handle the new American additions to the show named Oswald and Esther. It is an interesting clash of cultures as British shows tend to take a different path than their American counterparts. British shows are shorter and more deadly to the main characters and they are in my opinion more realistic from a social perspective. I recommend that you tune in for some intelligent entertainment I will.


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New SFF Books in June

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I think this is the first week in a long time I have not read any books.

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